Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

by Cindy Riley Parker

In this day and age, thanks to the popularity of paranormal programming such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal State”, mainstream America has become obsessed with the spirit world around us.

In keeping the finger on the pulse of the paranormal bubble most shows offer multimedia tie-ins ranging from magazines, books, DVD collections and more merchandise than you can shake a dowsing rod at. Included in the marketplace are the ever-increasing in popularity “iPhone Apps” which are cheap to make, cheap to buy and easy to use. It is into this market place that apps like the popular (and previously reviewed) Ghost Radar and the new “Paranormal State” branded EMF detector app for iPhone fall.

The main question on everyone’s mind is “Does it work?”

Well, the answer is not quite as simple as yes or no. Mostly because the meter does fluctuate and blip and beep accordingly and acts in a manner similar to EMF detectors found on the market today and implemented by many paranormal groups around the globe. So in that sense, it does seem to function the way an EMF meter should.

There is one caveat to this claim though…the actions of the meter are completely random and don’t seem to recognize EMF generating appliances.

I loaded up the meter on my phone and held it in one hand as I moved it over the surface of my computer tower which typically sends the needle on a traditional EMF through the roof. Here on the “Paranormal State” app, the needle barely registered any recognizable movement. As I moved it way from the computer and toward the monitor it went crazy, blipping and bleeping and the needle shot up to the 55 mark indicating a high level of EMF.  I then tested the monitor on a traditional detector and while there was a jump to about 22 it was nowhere near as high as the “Paranormal State” EMF meter indicated.

More interestingly, when I retested the same monitor with the app, seconds after testing it the first time, the needle didn’t budge.

It also didn’t move when I held it near an electrical outlet that is known to have a leak, but the physical meter jumped like a Mexican bean.

The app meter jumped sporadically and inconsistently.  Spots that spiked one moment were eerily quiet the next indicating that the meter is nothing more than a random noise generator designed for amusement rather than scientific evidence.

The validity of the app is brought into question with the ability to “Scare your friends” by switching to a manual mode where you can cause the meter to jump and beep simply by sliding your finger across a green bar on the screen.

More importantly, if the developers are so sure of their software and product, why is the app not in use by the very investigators who endorse the app by allowing their name to be associated with it? “Paranormal State” EMF Detector is a cute gimmick at best and a frustrating exercise in paranormal investigation evidence collection at worst. The app is free so it is unfair to say that it is a rip-off, but it is not worth the loss of hard drive space it takes up on your phone.

If you are a serious paranormal investigator, spend the 50-150 bucks required to equip yourself with real tools of the trade and stay away from gimmicks that are meant to amuse.


9 thoughts on “Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

  1. The app is a joke, it was obviously meant tongue in cheek. It’s not serious, nor does it pretend to be serious. That you take it as a serious application, scares me more than ghosts.

    1. We aren’t saying it is a serious App, but the makers of the app aren’t saying it is for entertainment purposes only. Many people have downloaded the app under the impression that it is fully functional and legitimate.

      The purpose of the review was to present an unbiased review of a product whether it is legit or not. We posted the article because someone asked about it and we felt it warranted an answer.

      The reviewer knew it was a joke app hence she never installed it on her phone until the day she wrote the article, to test it out.

      We do not use these tools to support our findings or use them as evidence. We simply are curious to see what people are developing. If they market their product as serious then they will get a serious review.

      In fact, I believe the last line of the article sums up the fact that we know it is a joke app rather clearly, “stay away from gimmicks that are meant to amuse.”

  2. I think there’s a ghost in my house and I’m trying to get it loaded in my Apps EVp an all that stuff that goes with it So I can try to catch the entitySo they Can pass on..

  3. iv got strange goings on in my house with things falling off walls, doors opening, my sons drawer opening and his t shirts all over the floor et,c the strangest one was a meerkat toy that fell off the unit and was out of its box as if someone or something was playing with it.
    my friend has the EMF app on her phone and when she tried it out in the house around the area where the unit is there was a high reading.
    Does this mean i have mischievous spirits in the house or something more creepy. ??

    1. That is tough to say. For the most part, in my hands-on time with the app, it failed to do much of anything other than random spikes at random intervals. It did not pick up any EMF readings in areas that are known to have high EMF levels. The app in question is for entertainment purposes only.

      As for what you may be encountering in your home, I would seek out the services of a paranormal investigation team. A legitimate team will conduct a thorough investigation using stand alone equipment, not a cell phone app, and they should do this for free.

      If an agency seeks out a fee, do not allow them to investigate.

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