A Haunting In Smackover

by tony harrington THE HISTORY OF SMACKOVER Smackover, Arkansas is located 120 miles south of Little Rock. In the mid 1700s, French trappers originally settled the area and named it Sumac Courvert, which translates to "covered in sumac". It wasn't until the arrival of early land grant settlers in 1833 that the name took on … Continue reading A Haunting In Smackover


Has the Paranormal Bubble Finally Burst?

As of today, the number of cases organizations are getting has dwindled considerably, often weeks or months separate inquiries and actually landing an investigation has become burdensome. So what caused the sudden decline in paranormal popularity?

A Meme to Kill For: The Slender Man Phenomenon

by Tony Harrington It was summer of 2009 when “Something Awful” forum member Eric Knudsen, going by the alias Victor Surge, first introduced web users to the frightening world of Slender Man. The Slender Man was created by Knudsen as part of the Something Awful photo contest by which users took ordinary photos and edited … Continue reading A Meme to Kill For: The Slender Man Phenomenon

Where There’s A Will: The “Forced Reality” Phenomenon

by Tony Harrington New age mystics have long believed in the ability to warp the world to their benefit by the simple act of meditating on a specific outcome. There are many different names by which the “phenomenon” is known such as “The Law of Attraction, but I will coin a phrase here; I call … Continue reading Where There’s A Will: The “Forced Reality” Phenomenon

Divine Intervention: Using Divining Rods to Communicate with the Dead

By Tony Harrington As with most paranormal tech, divining rods, commonly known as dowsing rods, have their beginnings outside the realm of paranormal investigations. Prior to being adapted and implemented by ghost hunters within their investigations, dowsing rods were simply a means by which individuals once searched for elements buried within the ground. These elements … Continue reading Divine Intervention: Using Divining Rods to Communicate with the Dead

A Spellbinding Primer on Modern Witchcraft

Tony Harrington In recent weeks I have received numerous requests for pieces on modern "Witchcraft", specifically, Wicca. Unfortunately, religion of any type is out of my area of expertise so I put a line out there asking anyone who may have information on the history of Wicca to respond should they be interested in providing … Continue reading A Spellbinding Primer on Modern Witchcraft

Angels Among Us

by Tony Harrington The belief in guardian angels is not something new.  In fact, guardian and tutelary angels and their hierarchy was introduced into Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. Since then, there has been a firm and unwavering belief among Christians that God assigns guardian angels to serve, protect, and provide … Continue reading Angels Among Us

Have You Heard Voices?

by Tony Harrington "Have you been half-asleep? And have you heard voices? I heard them calling my name" -Kermit the Frog The other night I posted the above quote from the Paul William's penned song which was featured prominently in the original "The Muppet Movie" as well as the new movie "The Muppets". I left … Continue reading Have You Heard Voices?

Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

by Cindy Riley Parker In this day and age, thanks to the popularity of paranormal programming such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Paranormal State", mainstream America has become obsessed with the spirit world around us. In keeping the finger on the pulse of the paranormal bubble most shows offer multimedia tie-ins ranging from magazines, books, DVD … Continue reading Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App