Has the Paranormal Bubble Finally Burst?

As of today, the number of cases organizations are getting has dwindled considerably, often weeks or months separate inquiries and actually landing an investigation has become burdensome. So what caused the sudden decline in paranormal popularity?

Affordable Full Spectrum Camcorder/Still Camera

by Tony Harrington "Ghost Hunters" seems to set the trend for the must have gadgets in the paranormal investigations field. So, when they introduced the "Full Spectrum" camera/camcorder, it was only a matter of time before the market became flooded with high-priced variations on the technology.  The saddest part of all was the price-tag on … Continue reading Affordable Full Spectrum Camcorder/Still Camera


You Can’t Outrun Crazy

by Tony Harrington When a person contacts our group, most of the time they do so with trepidation and concern that the voice on the other end is silently judging them or laughing at them. I think that is a huge factor as to why most groups don't get that many calls in the grand … Continue reading You Can’t Outrun Crazy

Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

by Cindy Riley Parker In this day and age, thanks to the popularity of paranormal programming such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Paranormal State", mainstream America has become obsessed with the spirit world around us. In keeping the finger on the pulse of the paranormal bubble most shows offer multimedia tie-ins ranging from magazines, books, DVD … Continue reading Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

Which Time is Witch (The Witching Hour Myth)

by Tony Harrington At a recent Spirit Seekers meeting, one of the team members mentioned something to the effect of "The later in the night an investigation takes place the more active it will be based on the fact that the witching hour is at 3:00 a.m." This sort of gave me pause, mostly because … Continue reading Which Time is Witch (The Witching Hour Myth)

The Well Equipped Hunter

by Tony Harrington During our recent monthly meeting we discussed the importance of being well-equipped for your ghost hunt. This is not to say that you need to own every piece of equipment on the market, doing so is a sure-fire way to break the bank. Unless you are an absolute tech-junkie, you can typically … Continue reading The Well Equipped Hunter

Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)

The SPIRIT Seekers Investigation Report Investigator: Tony Harrington Case Number: 01212011 Date of Investigation: January 21, 2011 Time of Investigation: 7:30 p.m. Investigation Location: Private Residence Wye Mountain/Bigelow, Arkansas Investigation Team: Tony Harrington & Alan Lowe __________________________________________ EVIDENCE OVERVIEW Total Digital Photos Collected: 21 Total Positive Digital Photos: 0 Total EVP Collected: 18m:25s Total Positive … Continue reading Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)