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If you have a healthy interest in the paranormal and are looking to join a group consisting of Arkansas’s most prominent ghost hunters, please contact us today.

Drop us an email introducing yourself and explaining your interest in the paranormal, or better yet, stop by one of our monthly meetings and see what we are all about.

Before considering joining our group, please understand that ghost hunting is not glamorous and entertaining. Television programs show a fictionalized version of our world. Investigations are long hours in sometimes deplorable and hazardous conditions. You will spend hours on your feet in various climates and weather patterns. You will be exhausted, frustrated at times, and more times than not it is all for nothing when no evidence of a haunting presents itself.

If you have a desire to learn from the best and understand and accept that this is real-life and nothing like the world of Hollywood then we want to hear from you. Please have an open mind with regard to the paranormal world and know that our group is just as diverse as the spirit world, so leave any prejudices at the door.

***You must be 18 years of age to join our group***

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