Divine Intervention: Using Divining Rods to Communicate with the Dead

By Tony Harrington As with most paranormal tech, divining rods, commonly known as dowsing rods, have their beginnings outside the realm of paranormal investigations. Prior to being adapted and implemented by ghost hunters within their investigations, dowsing rods were simply a means by which individuals once searched for elements buried within the ground. These elements … Continue reading Divine Intervention: Using Divining Rods to Communicate with the Dead


Affordable Full Spectrum Camcorder/Still Camera

by Tony Harrington "Ghost Hunters" seems to set the trend for the must have gadgets in the paranormal investigations field. So, when they introduced the "Full Spectrum" camera/camcorder, it was only a matter of time before the market became flooded with high-priced variations on the technology.  The saddest part of all was the price-tag on … Continue reading Affordable Full Spectrum Camcorder/Still Camera

Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

by Cindy Riley Parker In this day and age, thanks to the popularity of paranormal programming such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Paranormal State", mainstream America has become obsessed with the spirit world around us. In keeping the finger on the pulse of the paranormal bubble most shows offer multimedia tie-ins ranging from magazines, books, DVD … Continue reading Tech Review: Paranormal State EMF Detector iPhone App

The Well Equipped Hunter

by Tony Harrington During our recent monthly meeting we discussed the importance of being well-equipped for your ghost hunt. This is not to say that you need to own every piece of equipment on the market, doing so is a sure-fire way to break the bank. Unless you are an absolute tech-junkie, you can typically … Continue reading The Well Equipped Hunter


by Tony Harrington I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to new technology used to detect the presence of paranormal energies. The Frank's Box was one that cycles through random frequencies and allegedly allows spirits to manipulate said frequencies so that certain broadcasted words can be used to respond to questions.  We covered … Continue reading NEW TECH ALERT: GHOST RADAR


Over the past few years, and due largely in part to the success of shows like “Ghost Hunters” and other paranormal themed entertainment programs, the use of conventional electronics for unconventional means has become the norm. When electricians first started using K2 meters to discover spikes in electromagnetic fields, I am sure they never thought … Continue reading K-2 METER


Over the past couple of years a new device has taken the paranormal studies field by storm. The "Franks Box", or the more commonly accepted "Ghost Box" was created by Frank Sumption in the late 2000's after he became interested in the collection and analysis of EVP's, or "Electronic Voice Phenomenon". EVP is the process … Continue reading THE FRANKS BOX