A Most Uncertain Feeling (An extensive breakdown of our recent investigation)

by Tony Harrington

A little over two years ago, I attended an investigation of a private residence in Mayflower, Arkansas. Little did I know at the time, that it would yield 2 significant personal experiences that would challenge my skepticism, but ultimately raise more questions than it answered.

You can review the archives for “The Mayflower Television Incident” for a full account of what transpired on that particular investigation. Basically, for those who prefer to just browse this article, the following things occurred:

  • The television turned itself on in the middle of an EVP session while in the master bedroom.
  • I, along with fellow investigator Christina South, witnessed a ball of light travel down a wall and across the floor of the attic room
  • Christina and I saw a crouched shadow figure scurry across the floor of the attic.
  • There was a sense of palpable dread and foreboding present in the house.

I am perhaps the most skeptical member of the team, constantly at odds with the director of investigations, Alan Lowe. And I can say with some authority that being at odds with the founder of the organization is not always the best place to be. But, I do so respectfully so I assume it is because I am so charming that he has not yet booted me from the team.

When these events occurred, they were equally terrifying and exhilarating. We were positive something paranormal was at play while it was happening. However, the skeptical side of me kept wondering if the television incident was not accidentally perpetrated by a member of our team accidentally hitting the remote.

As time passed and I reflected on this particular case I found myself better able to attribute logical explanations to the events as any good skeptic would.

  • The television had a glitch.
  • The television was turned on when an investigator accidentally depressed the power button on the remote.
  • The television’s power was triggered by an external IR source such as our IR lamps on our video cameras.
  • Another remote in the house triggered the power on the set.
  • In the attic, perhaps static in the room discharged creating a light anomaly.
  • It was near pitch dark in the attic room, our eyes played tricks on us allowing us to witness a shadow figure.
  • Perhaps an EMF spike made us feel uneasy, hence the palpable dread and paranoia.

Over time I was able to explain away almost everything. I am, after all, a fan of Occam’s Razor Theory. Like most anything else in paranormal investigations, the rules of Occam’s Razor are purely theoretical and not scientific. So, even in adhering to this philosophy there is, admittedly, a margin of error.

But, if a more logical explanation exists over “it was a ghost” I am going to discount the possibility of paranormal activity altogether. I realize in doing so I am going to determine 99% of the time that what we experience is not paranormal but has a logical explanation, even if I can’t ascertain a logical explanation at the moment. This is the very reason Alan and I butt heads as much as we do. I also believe this is what makes us a great team…we are truly balanced.

Recently, Spirit Seekers returned to the scene of the “Mayflower Television Incident”. Kim, the homeowner was kind enough to allow us to re-investigate her home as it had been a case that stuck with most of the crew that was part of the initial investigation.

We entered the home at approximately 8:00 P.M. and set about our normal routine. We made introductions, took baseline readings of the temperature and EMF (Electromagnetic Field). The kitchen had a large spike due to the fact that it bumps up directly to a utility closet containing the HVAC unit. Additionally the range, refrigerator, and microwave give off elevated EMF readings. Aside from that, every room seemed well grounded with no recordable spikes or abnormalities. The temps in the home were a little on the warm side, coming in at 78-80 degrees.

After the baseline readings were conducted, we went from room to room snapping photographs. I entered the master bedroom where the infamous television was. Kim followed me into the room where she was showing me some stones she was given by a spiritual friend, I forget what they are called, and she was pointing out that the remote control to the tv was on the night stand.

I was snapping pictures of her at this time, not for any specific reason other than to ensure I was getting a good number of photos to include in my evidence docket for review. I took a few pictures that were clear. The moment the neared the night stand though and reached for the remote, a dark shape began to manifest in the viewfinder. I couldn’t see it with my naked eye and thought it was just artifacting in the LCD viewer. I snapped the following pictures and you can see the shape manifest and hover over her.

normal manifesting descending

After the photographs were collected, we all settled into the bedroom and set up our camcorders. We decided that this time, unlike two years ago, the focal point of the videos would be the tv, that way we would be prepared should we be graced with another experience like last time. So we set up our equipment. Alan has a camcorder that films in complete darkness via the use of an IR lamp. I have a full spectrum camera that records with the aid of an IR/UV lamp, though the lamp does not need to be on in order for the camera to pick up these wavelengths. It just allows the camera to see in darkness.

We settled in and conducted an EVP session. I placed my K-II meter in front of the TV, and this time we had the foresight to take the remote control and place it in the nightstand so as to not accidentally press the power button on it.

We started an EVP session. I asked some baseline questions to establish if any spirit that was present was aware of its own existence and if it is aware of the passage of time. The baseline questions range from:

  • Is there someone here who wishes to communicate with us?
  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your gender?
  • What year is it?
  • Who is the president of the United States?
  • How did you die?
  • Can you give us a sign of your presence?

About 7 minutes into the EVP session I asked anything present to give us a sign it was there. I instructed it to light up the lights on my K-II, speak into my digital voice recorder, or go as far as turning on the television.

I then asked if anyone in the group wanted to ask questions and while we were talking amongst ourselves, the TV flickered to life and lit up the room. Just like last time we were taken by surprise, because while we HOPED for a repeat performance, we actually did not expect it.

This experience is documented in abridged format here:

After that we ascended to the attic room where two years prior, Christina and I encountered the mysterious moving light and the crouching shadow figure. While there we conducted an EVP session where we had a K-II meter present. Several times there were EMF spikes that seemed to correspond to our yes/no questions and a few times the blips seemed asynchronous with our requests/questions.

However, more times than not the spikes seemed completely random and due to the fact that I was attempting to tweet from the investigation, my cell phone could have interfered with the device. Social media be damned, this is a good reason why cell phones should be turned off during an investigation. I possibly contaminated the evidence. Though I did hold the K-II meter to my phone which resulted in a minimal increase in EMF. But, since there was a marked increase I have to assume that I contaminated this portion of the investigation and discount the K-II responses altogether.

While in the attic there was a temperature drop of three degrees over the course of the EVP session while the thermometer was pointed at the K-II. The rest of the attic temperature remained unchanged.

During this EVP session, Alan Lowe, director of investigations, used dowsing rods in an attempt to determine what, if anyone/anything, we were in contact with. It was at this time that the line of questioning seemed to indicate that the presence with whom we were in contact actually knew the homeowners. We asked if it was a relative and it confirmed the question both with the rods and with the K-II meter. Kim, the homeowner, implied that she thought the presence might be a man by the name of “Bucky”, her deceased brother-in-law.

When asked, the dowsing rods indicated that we were indeed in touch with Bucky. I will add here, that I am not a fan of the dowsing rods because they rely on a human being in contact with them to make them work,the results are subject to human error. But, Alan is a fan, and as the director and founder of the group, it is his show and I respect that. 

We asked some clarifying questions about Bucky. When we found out he had been married we asked how many times. The number 5 immediately popped into my head. I blurted out 5. Alan asked if this was indeed the number of times and the rods confirmed. Kim was able to verify that this was indeed the number of marriages Bucky had been through.

We were able to confirm a few more pieces of information. Again, this is not scientific and the entire experience is completely subjective as you, the reader of this entry, were not there to experience it yourself.

After about 30 minutes in the attic, being subjected to random knocks, pops, and other assorted noises we decided to return to the master bedroom.

Alan decided to stay in the attic to see if he could connect with anything that might be there. Christina, Cayley–our newest investigator, and I settled in to the master bedroom and talked amongst ourselves. I had positioned my camera at the TV, again, just in case. We sat around discussing the investigation so far, the things we thought were interesting, our personal opinions on various equipment and tactics and how we hoped the TV would turn on again, though we doubted it would.

Color us surprised when after a few minutes of discussion, the television came to life. 


I grabbed the remote from the drawer and turned the tv off. I did this for several reasons. One, I wanted to see if we could get the tv to turn itself back on, I wanted to ensure the power button on the remote was not stuck, and I knew that I was recording and I wanted to see if my full spectrum camcorder could pick up IR light emitted from the remote control.

The power button was not depressed or stuck in any way. That is not to say there was no other fault with the device that could cause the television to turn itself on. But I did rule out a stuck button. This coupled with the fact that the homeowner reported that the TV had not acted strangely since our last visit 2 years ago. Surely, if a button was stuck, the problem would have emerged sooner.

An interesting note: The full spectrum camera did indeed pick up what a remote control IR beam looks like. It shows up as a stutter-flash of white light. It is pretty bright. So I knew that if I was going to try to figure out what was happening, I would have to look for a stutter-flash in my evidence review to see if there was an outside source responsible for the televisions odd behavior.

As we worked to try to figure out how the television turned itself on, it suddenly turned itself off. Never before had this event occurred. It was escalation in the truest sense of the word. I looked around the room to see if anyone had a remote. We opened the door, looked into the hallway, Alan came down and walked the perimeter and checked on John, the male homeowner who wanted little or nothing to do with our investigation.

While we were scurrying about our business, the tv lit up again.

At some point we asked whatever was present to turn the tv off an on at our command. It took a minute or two, but slowly, our commands were satisfied. We asked it to do a few other things like change channels, manipulate the volume to certain levels, and when we asked the presence if it had anything to say, the volume died and the word “Mute” appeared on the screen.

This went on for about a half hour. We would command the tv to do certain things and it would obey for the most part. We learned that whatever was manipulating the tv was capable of doing only simple commands.

Herein lies the rub: In my review of the video footage, (It is being edited as of the writing of this entry, I will update this entry with the video footage once I get it posted), several times as the television cycles channels or powers off and on, off to my left, there is a faint stutter flash. Now, the remote to the television is on the bed to the right. To the left of the camera, and from where the light emits, is the door leading to the hallway. No one was in the hallway, yet from just left of the television there is the unmistakable stutter flash that accompanied the use of the remote control.

This really raises some red flags for me, personally. It implies that there is an outside source interfering with our investigation. That somehow, there was indeed an IR source causing what we were experiencing.

Now, things get a bit complicated with this theory, because we were all present in the room. The four investigators: Alan Lowe, Christina South, Cayley Shields, and Tony Harrington. Additionally, the female homeowner, Kim, was present. The only person unaccounted for was Kim’s husband, John. John was across the house in a room sound asleep. Alan and Kim checked on him as the tv was doing its thing. This means one of two things: 1) The source was coming from outside the house, hence it being so weak and not nearly as bright as the remote control beam, or 2) The tv was being controlled by someone in the room with us, which would mean either the homeowner or someone in our very group.

full spectrumAdmittedly, there is one other explanation: 

We use full spectrum cameras/video cameras on investigations because the theory accepted by paranormal investigators is that spirits tend to reside outside of the light spectrum visible to the human eye. What our eyes pick up and process is what is known as the “visible spectrum”. That would be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Just outside the visible spectrum is infrared to the left, and ultraviolet to the right. 

The accepted theory is that spirits, if present, may reside in the invisible light fields; Infrared, ultraviolet, and beyond.

If that is indeed the case, and that is strictly theory and not a proven fact mind you, then perhaps the actual stutter of light captured on film is what a spirit looks like as it interacts with its environment. Perhaps what we are seeing on the video footage is not  from a universal remote or other source of power, but in fact a spirit caught on film. As a skeptic, I find that hard to believe, but I do toss the notion out there for those inclined to believe so.

The bottom line is that in our search for outside sources, we did not find any. That is not to say they did not exist and that we were not being played. If we were indeed the victims of a hoax, it is an elaborate one and one in which I personally do not feel the homeowners were privy to or part of. I am not sure if anyone outside of those present inside the house knew of the investigation and had time to set up the hoax. That is a wildcard variable, but one we have to consider if we are going to consider supernatural forces as a viable option.

At one point during the event, I was ripped from my awe by a decidedly “human” twist. As the TV went about responding to us, it suddenly turned to channel 666. This of course caused quite a stir with those present in the room. To me it was the exact moment that I felt we were being played for fools. It seemed like a high-schoolers version of what they think would be scary. It was so out of the moment and cliché that I, along with Christina wondered, and she actually said it out loud: “What is with this 6-6-6 crap?”

Until that moment I was comfortable with thinking something paranormal could finally be happening. Something that wasn’t as easily explained away. I felt cheated and manipulated.

In reviewing the evidence though, it doesn’t make sense that 6-6-6 would even come up on the TV. No one asked  the presence to identify itself. We did ask for it to go to a random channel that was not incrementally up or down the dial. At one point it selected channel 7. Logically, it could have been an overzealous attempt to load channel 6. The number 6-6-6 could be inconsequential, it could have easily been 000, 888, 333, or any other number entered more than once. We as people automatically assumed it was someone implying it was satanic. We may be over-analyzing the appearance of the number when there was nothing implicit about it other than it was a random channel a presence was trying to load.

For example: on U-verse, channel 666 is a multiview channel option while on Direct TV it is a channel guide. So, channel 666 does exist and in neither of these cases does going to the channel open a portal to hell or load FOX News as one would suspect.

In reviewing and editing the video footage though, I did come across one very freaky coincidence…or is it a coincidence at all?

At one point the channel jumped back and forth between a cooking show and a show on AETN public television. For about 10 seconds, while on AETN, there was a female narrating a program. She said something about a town and then mentioned a “character” by the name of…Bucky. Right after the name Bucky was mentioned, the channel changed.

While this was happening none of us picked up on what the TV program was saying as we were too occupied with how the set was functioning. As I listened to the name “Bucky” be spoken from the tv, it gave me a chill. It was either one freaky coincidence that could only happen once in a lifetime, or the presence was somehow validating that Bucky is still in the house or that it is at least “aware” of our discussion of him just an hour prior while in the attic which would lend credence to the idea of an intelligent haunting.

We closed up shop as the television began to simmer down, eventually turning off and failing to respond to us anymore. Christina left the room and returned moments later claiming to have seen a full body apparition in the kitchen. It was a solid black mass about 6 feet tall that moved quickly and disappeared down the hall. She reported this as a personal experience knowing there is no evidence to support her claim.

As we wrapped up the investigation, giddy with excitement at the turn of events, perplexed by many facets of it, and having more questions than answers, Christina South felt the hair on her head move. Cayley Shield and Alan Lowe looked up to see a rather large portion of hair lift up and stick straight out. Christina went to smooth her hair back into place and only then realized that there was no way that much hair could lift off of her head without outside manipulation. Again, though we have two investigators who witnessed this event and one who it happened to, it is not supported by evidence and therefore is a personal experience but we can not enter it into the evidence category.

Individually, the events can easily be explained away  as happenstance, coincidence, or easily debunked natural phenomena. Collectively, the events paint a picture of a rather haunted home.

I am still not sure what happened in the home in Mayflower, Arkansas on January 18, 2014. I can’t simply say it was 100 percent paranormal without considering natural explanations. But we all know what we experienced, we know what we did to attempt to debunk, and even as analytical and skeptical as we are toward the events, there is the lingering notion that twice now we have encountered something in the home.

The sad part is:  with the video evidence, EVP, photographs and more, we are still unable to prove without a doubt that the house is haunted. Skeptics will never believe that a ghost was responsible for manipulating the television because as long as there is an alternate “logical” explanation, they will always go to that first.

Ultimately, what we are left with is the personal experiences, the weird coincidences, and the strong personal feelings that what we encountered that night and 2 years ago could very well be true paranormal phenomenon.



Spirit Seekers Investigator Report

(Not the official “final” report)

Investigator: Tony Harrington

Investigation #: 10152011

Location: Private Residence De Queen, Arkansas

Date of Investigation: October 15, 2011

Time of Investigation: 20:30 hrs – 01:00 hrs (4.5 hrs total)

Team: Colyn Bowman (Team Lead), Lorne Jones, & Tony Harrington

Evidence Docket:

Total Digital Photos Collected: 80

Total Positive Photos: 0

Total EVP Collected: Approx. 80 Minutes

Total Positive EVP: 2

EVP 1: While conducting the session we ask the spirit to make its presence known by moving something, or showing itself. It is then we hear a knocking and feel a vibration in the room. This is caught on video as well.

EVP 2: In the same session as EVP 1, just moments later we can actually hear a vocal response, sounds like “Hello” or upon closer examination it could be “help” as it has more of a one-syllable sound. This is louder and clearer on the video.

Total Video Collected: 1 Hour

Total Positive Video: 2

Video: Same description as EVP evidence. Camera was running simultaneously and caught what we captured during the EVP session.

In this video, we hear a voice say “hello” or possibly “help”. Only two of the three investigators heard it and it seemed to have come from within the room. Oddly, it seemed to have come from behind the one investigator who did not hear the voice. We initially thought it was the homeowner, but he was asleep on the couch a good distance away from us separated by a closed door.

In this video, the team of investigators gets a response when we ask any spirit present to make itself knows. We asked it to show itself and it very well may have. Or, it was some random knocking, but it happened twice, both while asking for it to make a noise or show itself.

Psychic Evidence: The team psychic on this investigation didn’t pick up the presence of any spirits that may have been present;  couldn’t feel any imprint of things that may pass through the house. They did connect with an older man who had passed and when doing the reading the homeowner felt that the psychic could be connecting with his father. Psychic cut the reading short because of the reaction of the homeowner, a mix of upset, anger, and disbelief. The spirit of the older male was connected to the homeowner though and not the cause of what the family claimed they were experiencing.

Synopsis of Evening:

We arrived in De Queen around 8:30 p.m. and met the family.

We met with the homeowners and explained to them the plan for the evening. We set about immediately obtaining baseline readings for temperature and electromagnetic fields.

Baseline Temps: The house was quite warm with temps ranging from 76 to 79 degrees due to them not running the air, as they did not want the sound interfering with the investigation.

Baseline EMF Readings: The house was well-grounded; there were no abnormal emissions throughout the house aside from the master bedroom where a lights witch, when in the “on” position, sent the EMF readings off the charts. We explained this to the homeowners and let them know the possible side-effects of prolonged exposure to such high-levels of EMF. They indicated that they had felt uneasy in the bedroom and that this most likely explained that.

After we conducted the baseline readings, the family gathered in the kitchen for a psychic/medium reading.  (See evidence docket above)

We then set about taking photographs of the house, this continued throughout the night. The homeowner showed us a photo taken on the iPhone. The picture was of the youngest son and had slight anomalies that gave the appearance of the son having claws or another hand holding his. We tried replicating this using our cameras and cell phones in the same seated position as the child and we were unable to replicate the results.

At this time the wife left with the two children and the man of the house stayed with us. He was quiet for the remainder of the night aside from walking around at one point. Each time he made a noise he admitted it was him, this helped us out greatly.

Homeowner Claims:

 Claim: A shadow figure has come through the daughter’s room window, crosses the bedroom and heads out the door into the hallway where it has entered the son’s room and into his closet.

Our Findings: We did not encounter any shadow figures, but it should be pointed that in the daughter’s room we experienced random bursts of EMF activity that lasted only a short second. This happened twice on two different meters. We were unable to locate a source or get it to happen again.

The daughter’s room did seem most active. It was in the room during a video recorded EVP session that we heard knocking, felt vibrations, and heard a disembodied voice (voice phenomena) say either “hello”, “help” or some short word. The homeowner was asleep on the couch while we were in the bedroom seated on the floor.

Claim: Objects have been thrown across the room.  Homeowner states that an ornate cross flew from the top of a stereo while she was vacuuming.

Our Findings:  I placed a cross on top of the stereo cabinet as well as some lightweight plastic golf balls and asked anything that may be present to move the cross or the balls. I kept the camcorder focused on the cross and balls during an EVP session where I repeatedly asked for it to move one of the items. There was no movement.

Claim: Homeowner claims that a bible fell off the table and the pages were flipped through as if being manipulated.

Our Findings: As with the cross mentioned above, one of the other investigators kept his camcorder focused on a bible and asked anything present to flip the pages. There was no manipulation of the bible’s pages during our investigation/recording session.

Claim: The homeowner claims the lady of the house has been burned, children have been scratched and other signs of physical/bodily manipulation.

Our Findings: We asked anything present to touch, burn, and scratch one of us. No one present reported feeling anything.

The male homeowner made it clear that he has never experienced anything and there are no signs of paranormal activity when he is home. The reports of activity come from his wife and daughter while he is on the road travelling   Activity increases when it is just the wife and kids.


Is the home haunted? Based on our experiences in the home there does appear to be some minimal type of activity, but we could not substantiate some of the more ambitious claims. We experienced voice phenomenon and knocking/vibrations in the room.  Aside from that, our experiences were limited but there was a definite sensation that there was something in the daughter’s room.

I would say that it rates low on the scale, but there very well may be something there.

Investigation Final Report: Case# 02192011 “The Friendly Spirit House”

Investigation Number 02192011

Shirley, Arkansas

Number of digital photos taken: 153

Minutes of Audio used: 47

Minutes of Video taken: 120 minutes (30 seconds of positive footage)

About the Video Footage:

Our investigators are gathered in a room. Co-Founder of SPIRIT Alan Lowe speaks that they are gathered in the room with the camcorder. Some type of stick enters the scene nearly hitting one investigator causing her to sit up.

No one in the room saw the stick, it wasn’t until video playback that it was noticed.

Some possible real world reasons for the stick figure could be dowsing rods entering the scene, though the only person using the rods was seated on the floor below the level of the camera. The rods come in and down indicating the stick was above camera level. We are researching the video and will determine in the near future whether this is natural or supernatural in nature.

Number of Positive Photos: 4

This unique anomaly shows what appears to be some type of orb vortex with a dark shadow encompassing half of the frame. Click the picture to view full size photo.

Number of EVP recorded: 1 by three different investigators


After the investigator asks “Have you always been here,” there is about fifteen seconds of silence followed by what sounds like the voice of a child responding.

Phenomena captured on film: During this investigation we found the house to be clean and in order. The weather was perfect for an investigation. We always come into an investigation whether it is a house or a business with an open mind knowing that spirits are everywhere. We do things a little differently than what may be expected, in that we bring to bear all tools and disciplines available to the study of the supernatural. By that I mean we use Psychics to help point the way. We go into all cases with an open mind. We go there to neither prove nor disprove a haunting.

That being said we cannot rule out the facts concerning this case. Our scientific approach netted us a fair amount of evidence. The evidence was not in abundance like we had hoped but still there was some. The evidence gathered was done via still photography, video and audio. We did run into psychic energy in the house. This energy can be labeled as what appears to be residual in nature. More than one investigator said they felt that an entity was present and they though it was that of an elderly male. It was mentioned that they believed there to be a spirit of a young girl also. Other than the short burst of activity at the start of the investigation the house was calm and peaceful.

During this investigation we found some scientific signs of a haunting. We photographed three orbs in motion in the living area. At one point one of the investigators ask if the entity could show us a sign of its presence. That is when we heard a knocking noise. It was not recorded. We also captured a very good electronic voice phenomena or EVP. It would appear to be a class A type, meaning it was mostly clear without needing any translations.

Summation: Due to the fact that this investigation was a private residence we used a small group of investigators. There were four trained investigators on this case. The team psychic was John. He was inserted into the house at about 8 pm. He was allowed to do his walk through while the others set up equipment. Upon completion of his psychic evaluation he was extracted to be interviewed by me separately. While he was being interviewed the others went around the house taking pictures and various climatic readings. During the interview John revealed that he felt that an elderly male entity was in the house. He felt that the man belonged to the land and not the house. We were told by the owners that an old farm-house had stood on the spot where the new house now sits. John finished his interview by saying that the house has void of any negative feelings.

Conclusion: Is the house in Shirley, Arkansas haunted? We have a grading system that helps us to answer such questions. We graded the evidence as follows; scientific evidence is photos, video, EMF readings, Temperature readings and EVP. On a scale of 0 – 50 we gave the scientific evidence gathered a 35. The evidence was there and was fairly strong. Sensory evidence is that of the human five senses. It is based on what we as humans can see, hear, taste, smell or feel and on a scale of 0 – 25 we gave the sensory evidence a 13. The extra sensory evidence is the feelings of the psychic and sensitive. On a scale of 0 – 25 we gave the extra sensory evidence a 12. The psychic had a very strong mental image of the spirit and what it was up to. The extra sensory evidence was not very strong but none the less it was there and the feelings were verified both psychics. The grand total for this project is 60. The grading system of all evidence gathered tells us that it appears that there is some sort of paranormal activity happening in the dark recesses of the private residence in Shirley, Arkansas.

Investigators signature:    

Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)

The SPIRIT Seekers Investigation Report

Investigator: Tony Harrington

Case Number: 01212011

Date of Investigation: January 21, 2011

Time of Investigation: 7:30 p.m.

Investigation Location: Private Residence Wye Mountain/Bigelow, Arkansas

Investigation Team: Tony Harrington & Alan Lowe



Total Digital Photos Collected: 21

Total Positive Digital Photos: 0

Total EVP Collected: 18m:25s

Total Positive EVP: 2

Total Video Collected: 0m:0s

Total Positive Video: N/A

Personal Experiences: 1. I felt someone touch my left side at approximately 8:01 p.m. The homeowners both said this is something they experience regularly.  This could have been a muscle spasm or clothes shifting which caused the sensation of being touched.


Homeowner Claims:

The homeowner contacted SSI to report claims of paranormal activity. Among the claims, they have seen full body apparitions of children, they have reported hearing disembodied voices and sounds such as scratching and footsteps. They have felt something touch them and keys and other personal items have been moved/hidden from their original place and have shown up in odd places in the house such as in closets an under pillows in other rooms.

Additionally, the female homeowner reports that she feels that a spirit of a young man whom she is connected to by way of a tragic event continues to hang around the house. He was an Air Force officer who had died on the mountain in a tragic motorcycle accident. The female homeowner has since become close with the family of the deceased. She states that she feels that he is around.


Synopsis of Evening:

Upon arrival at the house we sat down with the homeowners and listened to their claims of paranormal activity so that we could get a good feel of what they were experiencing.  The homeowners did not seem scared of their situation, they just wanted to verify that what they were experiencing was actually happening.

The team psychic did a walk-through of the house and came up with only a few things.

1) The number 8 was very prevalent. It could be a date, age or time. The homeowner acknowledged that it made a lot of sense in more ways than one. She understood the connection therefore validating the message.

2) The psychic saw a country-style church with a steeple and a cemetery attached. It was very clear that the cemetery belonged to the church and was not a public burial site. The homeowner acknowledged that I was describing the church and cemetery where the Air Force soldier was buried. This was out-of-state and not local. The homeowner had actually been there.

We then walked around and collect EMF readings in the home, all were very low to none, the home seemed well grounded. Only the circuit breaker gave off high readings. After we collected the EMF readings we set about taking photographs of the home. Aside from a few orbs in sporadic pictures, we did not find any evidence of paranormal activity.  Since some people in the SPIRIT Seekers group view orbs as paranormal evidence, I have included the photos here for your review. Click each picture to enlarge for a better view.

Depending upon your personal views orbs may or may not be deemed evidence of the paranormal. In this photo there are two orbs present. Paranormal or not? Click this picture to enlarge.

The orb in this photo is on the right side of the photo floating just above the basket on the floor. Since this is in front of a fireplace the orb could very well be ash or dust from the functional fireplace. Click picture to enlarge for more detail.

After we concluded the photo session we gathered in the kitchen and conducted an EVP session.  We asked questions to determine who, from a spiritual standpoint, was present in the house. We asked about cause of death, specific dates, inquired of the name and age of the spirits if they existed in the home.

While conducting the session we would periodically hear scratching noises coming from the doorway leading into the master bedroom which was off to our side.

Click Here to listen to the entire 18m:25s EVP session

After we conducted the EVP session we decided to focus on the prospect that there may be the ghosts of children in the home according to reports from the homeowners. Catering to children and their sense of play we placed a tennis ball on the ground and asked any children present to move the tennis ball.  There was no movement of the tennis ball during the experiment.

After we attempted to make contact with the children we broadened our scope and attempted to make contact with anyone present utilizing the unproven application “Ghost Radar” and we got some surprising hits that seemed very relevant to the homeowners.

Information about Ghost Radar: Ghost Radar is a cell phone application that allegedly works using quantum flux readings that can be manipulated into words by any spirits that may be present. Included in the application is a radar that shows the approximate location of ghostly presence. In this session we had two radars going at once and the radars displayed two different readings despite sitting side by side. For more information on Ghost Radar please visit the official website of the application.


Total Words Spoken During Session: 21

Words That Seemed Appropriate: 4 This is difficult to say, there were two shocking words (Plane and Jet) that were very appropriate considering the homeowner’s life changing encounter with a dying Air Force soldier one day on the mountain. Other words (Shop and Vegetable) seemed significant to the homeowners in that they were just discussing that day making a vegetable garden in the spring and building a workshop where the man of the house could work on projects.

Other than those 4 words, the rest of the hits seemed random at best but sometimes with a lot of work, other words could have tenuous meaning. Still on the fence about the application as an effective tool for paranormal investigations.

After the Ghost Radar session we sat around and discussed the experiences in general and whether they homeowners want the house cleansed or what their ultimate goal is. The did not seem to want anything done other than to come up with some evidence supporting their claims and experiences.  Which leads to…

Is This Location Haunted: We base our decision on claiming a place haunted or not on a rating scale which covers many areas. This is just a preliminary report pending the final report from co-founder Alan Lowe.  Based on MY PERSONAL experiences as well as the evidence that I have gathered I feel comfortable in saying that there seems to be some paranormal activity going on. Whether it is tied to the land or is based on the spirit of a deceased Air Force soldier hanging around the last person to see him prior to his passing from this world, the house definitely has something in it, albeit subtle.

Further investigation into this location would be needed to determine that the place is definitely haunted.

The final report is pending and will be posted when it becomes available.

Sherwood, Arkansas Private Residence Investigator Report

by Tony Harrington

Investigator Report: Tony Harrington

Date of Investigation: Saturday November 27, 2010

Time of Investigation: 8:00 p.m.-1030 p.m. CST

Team: Alan Lowe, Christina South, Tony Harrington


Evidence Log:

  1. Photos Taken: 35         Total Photo Positives: 0 (View photos, maybe you will see something I missed)
  2. EVP Taken: 27m:56s    Total Positive EVP: 1 (click here to listen)
  3. Video Taken: 0m:00s  Total Video Positives: N/A

Evidence Explained:

Listen closely to the EVP by clicking on the link above. This was taken as SPIRIT Seekers co-founder Alan Lowe explained to the homeowners what dowsing/divining rods do. As he is talking about the rods crossing and uncrossing you will hear what sounds like a whisper followed by a clang.  I am not going to say what it is I hear whispered but I will say that it sounds like a suggestion or a request/demand.  At whom it was directed I am not sure. I am not even sure if I am hearing what I think I am hearing.  It has been attached for your review.

ESP Data Collected:

Female Psychic picked up an older male spirit, perhaps a pipe or cigar smoker whose name started with E. Could be a grandfather or father figure. The homes male resident said his grandfather was named Ernie or Ernest. When asked if he smoked he claimed the man smoked cigarettes, not cigars or a pipe that he knew of.

The male psychic present felt a connection to an older male with a connection to Texas and felt this applied to the actual owner of the home who is the residents’ landlady, Ms. June. The occupants said they would ask the landlady/owner about this connection to see if it makes sense.

Synopsis of Evening:

Alan had received correspondence from a young couple in Sherwood, AR who claimed that their young son was interacting with a spirit in the house and that there have been instances of strange noises, sensations of being watched and followed and the female homeowner recorded strange sounds in her kitchen.

When we arrived the team psychics walked through the house. Neither picked up on anything on the walk-through. The kids were up and walking about and there was too much activity going on to concentrate. The psychics decided to just bring stuff up as they felt it.

At this point we did a baseline reading of the house to determine the naturally occurring levels of electromagnetic fields in the house. That way if there was a spike as a result of paranormal activity we would be able to recognize it. EMF is measured in Milli-Gauss or mG units. A safe average is roughly 2.5 mG, though television sets and computers can produce extremely high units of electromagnetic energy when turned on. We discovered that there was consistently a high level of EMF in the house in excess of 200mG, coming from televisions, lamps and electrical sockets and surprisingly the light switches.  Everything in the home was putting out EMF and creating a giant “fear-cage” effect where the EMF has nowhere to go and ends up hitting the occupants from all sides.

Constant exposure at such high levels can cause paranoia, dizziness, rash, nausea, vertigo and other side-effects in people who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields.  We feel that this explains a lot of what the homeowners are experiencing when they feel they are not alone, when the feel they are being watched, etc.

We then walked around and took pictures. many of our pictures had orbs in them that appear not to be supernatural. Possibly dust artifacts reflecting the light of the flash on the cameras. The orbs in my pictures did not meet the SPIRIT Seeker classifications for spirit orb identification. (must be round, show independent motion, self-illuminating) I am unsure at this point if the orbs captured by others can be classified as spirit orbs.

After taking pictures we met with the child who saw the ghosts and he was an adorable kid with a very active imagination. His stories were not consistent with what he had told his parents and he was thoroughly enjoying the attention. We are unsure if what the child is telling us is real or imagined or a mixture of both. At this time we will take them simply at face value, they didn’t have much bearing on the investigation anyhow.

We began the EVP session which was conducted simultaneously with Alan’s divining rod session. We asked the standard stock of questions. While we were conducting the session one Psychic said they felt that the spirit was native American and asked the homeowner if they had native blood. The homeowners stated they did not. The dowsing rods crossed “yes” indicating that the spirit was indeed Native American. Further questioning revealed that the spirit was on the land as a part of the “Trail of Tears” and was angry at what he/she experienced then. The spirit said it was mad but not at the family that lived there currently.

Dowsing rods are not evidence unless the information received can be corroborated with other evidence. In this case I do not know that we have any evidence to support the claims of a native American spirit, so the information gathered during this session was simply that: information.

It was during the EVP/Dowsing rod session that I captured the EVP (or what I believe to be an EVP) cataloged above.

Note: During the EVP session and the “Ghost Radar” session, all but one person present felt a drastic drop in temperature. The person unaffected by the temperature drop measured the temperature of the air around him and then around the people experiencing cold spots. There was no difference in temperature. The air was 72.6 degrees around everyone.

We then used the experimental phone application “Ghost Radar” It spoke the following words:

Element-spoken at 9:36 p.m

whispered-spoken at 9:36 p.m.

neighborhood-spoken at 9:39 p.m.

familiar– spoken at 9:39 p.m. (could it be that the “neighborhood” is “familiar” to the presence?)

interior-spoken at 9:40 p.m. (We were discussing if the blips on the ghost radar were coming from outside or inside the house when the word “interior” was spoken.)

June-spoken at 9:41 p.m.(I had asked earlier for something specific. When this word came up I asked if the month of June meant anything to anyone and the residents stated that June was the name of their landlady.)

next-spoken at 9:46 p.m.

allow-spoken at 9:46 p.m.

part-spoken at 9:48 p.m.

carefully-spoken at 9:55 p.m.

guard-spoken at 9:56 p.m.

giant-spoken at 9:56 p.m.

actually-spoken at 9:58 p.m.

As you can see, this application is hit or miss and I am still not certain how effective a ghost hunting tool it is. Some of the words, just like our investigation at Fort Morgan, were pertinent and others were as cryptic or nonsense as ever.  The jury is still out on this method of investigation.

Lastly, one psychic picked up a connection to Texas and said that it seemed to apply to the homeowner and not them. They were asked to inquire of June their landlady if she has any connections to Texas. It was an older male, like a father figure.

We closed out the night by informing the home’s occupants that there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the home that can’t be explained. High EMF’s contributed greatly to what they are experiencing. As for the recorded sound the woman captured on her voice recorder, it was the sound of a dog barking outside. We actually heard the very dog bark while we were there.  We told them we would review the evidence and get back with them.

Are They Haunted: You have to wait until the final report to see what the SPIRIT Seekers have to say about that.

Sherwood, AR Investigation Debriefing

by Tony Harrington

Location: Sherwood, Arkansas

Date: Saturday, November 27, 2010 Time: 8:00 PM CST

Investigators: Alan Lowe, Christina South, Tony Harrington

Claims: Adult Female resident feels like she is not alone, being watched, and hears things like a chair sliding across the floor and knocking noises. 1 young male child claims that he sees ghosts in his room, and that spirits want to play with him when he is trying to sleep. Adult male does not believe in ghosts and has heard normal house settling kind of noises but nothing out of the ordinary.

ESP: This is not evidence and not factored into deciding if a place is haunted or not. It is simply information that was picked up by team psychics if present. On this investigation two team psychics were present. One felt someone come through with an attachment to the state of Texas. Felt this had to do with the actual homeowner/landlord from whom the residents were renting. The other psychic picked up an older grandfather figure with the letter “E” in their name. This was confirmed by the adult male in the house.  Then the psychic seemed to feel that there was a Native American presence attached to the home.

Dowsing Rod Session: Alan used the dowsing rods to make contact with whatever could be in the home. The energy responded in the positive that it was Native American, was just “passing through” and was not necessarily tied to anyone in the home but attached to the land on which the house sat. No proof to support these statements though.

EVP Session: To be reviewed and included in the final report.

Ghost Radar: This is an experimental application that we are working with to see how accurate spoken word responses are.  Tonight Alan was discussing the blips on the radar and said that they could be outside the house as there is no way to determine the range or depth of the radar screen. The radar immediately spoke the word “Interior” which seemed a response to Alan’s comment that the spirit activity could be outside.  I then asked for it to say something we would understand or something that was pertinent. It said “June” and I asked if the month of “June” mean anything and the residents said their landlady’s name is June. A couple other words were spoken that we couldn’t attribute to anything. I will include these words in the final report.

EMF: The baseline EMF readings were off the chart.  The home seems to have abnormally high electromagnetic fields coursing through the walls and emanating from the light switches which was up in the 100’s. Also, the garage was a fear cage resulting from 100+ EMF readings from the garage door opener. The narrow hallway separating the kitchen and the family room from the bedroom areas had the same abnormally high levels of EMF coming from alarm system circuitry.This could explain a lot of the feelings of dread and paranoia the family is feeling on a daily basis.

Over the next few days we will review our evidence and post any findings as well as post our final report.

Some Fort Morgan Goodies

by Tony Harrington

It has been almost a week since we investigated Fort Morgan.  Evidence review is slow but steady due to the sheer volume of photos, EVP audio and video we collected.

As I look over my personal evidence I am finding one or two things of interest.  I personally have found a lot of “Orb” photos but we know how I feel about orbs based on my “Totally Orbitrary” newsletter article a few months back.  If you haven’t read that opinion piece you can find it here.  I will post the photos of the “orbs” only because some people seem to feel they are genuine manifestations of supernatural energy.  I am aware that my personal belief goes against that of the very group to which I belong.  Still The SPIRIT Seekers keep me around. Whether because they believe that conflicting viewpoints are healthy or because I am just so damn awesome at paranormal investigating, they just won’t get rid of me.

But, I digress. You came here to see what we have found.  Keep in mind, this is from 1/4th of the evidence collected and doesn’t include any EVPs as I have yet to listen to our sessions.

The first bit of evidence I am going to share is video footage filmed after I saw what looked like a dark mass, about four feet tall and hunched over dart down a narrow corridor.  After my heart resumed a normal pace I followed the path the shape took and it led us to a room where we started doing an EVP session.  While conducting this session I kept hearing what sounded like footsteps.  No one else in my group was responding and I thought it was because it was one of them moving about the room.  I even, at one point, pointed the camera at their feet to see if I could catch them moving to tell them to stop it.  They were all pretty much still as we huddled in a corner listening for a response.

The noises continued, faint but present. Finally I had to ask if anyone else was hearing something.  We asked if anything present would make a noise then finally others heard it. It happened twice more and Alan Lowe wandered off to the doorway leading back into the corridor where I originally saw the shadow figure.  While he was looking down the corridor he thought something turned his camcorder off as there was a change in the lighting on the wall like something had turned off his viewfinder. When we got to the camera it was still on and recording.  Perhaps something walked between the wall and the viewfinder cutting the light off monetarily. Still, we were unable to conclusively deduce what we experienced and as a result we simply have to present this as evidence without explanation. (For Now.)

The only other bit of evidence I have come across is a light anomaly. In my experience, this type of anomaly is becoming more frequent.  The first time I encountered a weird shifting light was at a private residence investigation in Cabot, AR. I posted that video evidence on this site.  The second encounter was at the Mayflower investigation, where the television turned on by itself.  During that investigation, a co-investigator and myself both witnessed a moving light form travel up and down the wall before it disappeared.

These are not “Orbs” that I have seen, but appear to be something altogether different. And I am beginning to see them with more frequency. I would be curious to know if anyone else in the field has experienced this kind of phenomena. In the picture below I was trying to take a picture of the far side of the fort where there was an area roped off for construction.  The light is between me and the fort and appears to be approximately six feet off the ground.  When I took this picture the rest of the team was behind me.  There were no reflective surfaces on the fort itself. I am not sure what it is, unlike Mayflower I did not see this light before taking a picture of it. I was trying to see how far into the blackness of night my flash would penetrate. Turns out not that far, but I caught this odd light shape.  It could be natural or an illuminated bug, I will keep an open mind that a natural possibility is more likely than a supernatural one. Still, I am sharing it just because I personally find it interesting.

As promised, here are some “Orb” photos.  I am not an expert on “Orbs” and can’t really tell how you can tell if they are dust or insects caught in the flash of your camera.  I will say that any “orb” captured on film in this investigation is automatically suspect because of the amount of mosquito and other flying insects that were present in abundance.With that said though, those with a keen eye and those who believe in the “Orb” phenomenon just might find something of value in the following pictures.

More information to come about our evidence from Fort Morgan, so stay tuned.