About Us

Our Mission:

“If we become increasingly humble about how little we know,
we may be more eager to search.”
Sir John Templeton

Spirit Seekers is a Paranormal Research Team located in Arkansas, dedicated to investigating and documenting the spirit world around us.

Our Team is committed to the research, documentation, education, and investigation of ghostly phenomena recorded through EVP, digital, film and video photography.

Spirit Seekers consists of professional people who believe there is far more to the world around us than meets the eye.
We believe that our spirits enter into another plane of existence upon physical death.
For any number of reasons, some have elected to stay here or have been anchored here, unable to move on.
We, as a whole, desire the knowledge and understanding of life after death.

One of our main goals is to assist those who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon. We will look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted.
We do not charge a fee for our services. Please feel free to contact us if you need our assistance.


Alan Lowe (co-founder of Spirit Seekers) Alan handles the organization and scheduling

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have had ghostly phenomena happen in my presence. I used to write off such events as figments of my imagination. The events became so numerous, that I began to believe that I was either crazy or there were ghosts all about me. My interest in the paranormal peaked about the time I married my wife, Angie. Thanks to her and others, I have been shown that there is an existence after death. Ghosts are everywhere. I believe that spirits walk with us daily. They are our guides and protectors. However, we should accept their input with caution because not all sprits are good.

Angela Lowe, (co-founder of Spirit Seekers) is the information director and holds a myriad of other roles.


I believe that we are spirit beings,who are temporarily residing in a physical body as part of our eternal journey.I have been in touch the Spirit World for as long as I can remember. Those on the other side have connected with me through sight, sound, smell, and dreams. I am on a constant quest to learn all that I can about the Spirit World which surrounds us all.


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