Fort Morgan sits at 30°13′41″N 88°1′23″W at the mouth of Mobile Bay, AL. Prior to Fort Morgan, the land at the above coordinates belonged to a smaller redoubt fort made of earth and wood. That particular fort was known as Fort Bowyer taking its name from the colonel John Bowyer who completed construction of … Continue reading HISTORICAL HAUNTS: FORT MORGAN, AL



by Tony Harrington     Lizzie Andrew Borden was born on July 19, 1860 to Andrew Jackson Borden and Sarah Anthony Morse in Fall River, Massachusetts, joining older sisters Emma Lenora and Alice Esther( who died at 2 years of age). By all accounts, growing up in the Borden household was not easy and things … Continue reading HISTORICAL HAUNTS: AXE AND YE SHALL RECEIVE

IS THE MOTHMAN HOMELESS? (The Curse of Chief Cornstalk)

by S.M. Belekurov The Mothman may be homeless. This celebrity monster was not a victim of the sub-prime housing market, but possibly of a much older concern. The Curse of Chief Cornstalk. On May 17th, 2010 around 1:13 am an explosion rocked the "TNT area" once thought to be the home of the creature. Witness Adam … Continue reading IS THE MOTHMAN HOMELESS? (The Curse of Chief Cornstalk)

NEW INVESTIGATION-Paragould, Arkansas Private Residence

The Spirit seekers have been asked to investigate a private residence in Paragould, AR. The homeowners report the following claims of paranormal activity: Items in the house moving Disembodied voices Threatening EVPs have been captured Children are present in the home and are scared to sleep in their bedroom. We will be tweeting live from … Continue reading NEW INVESTIGATION-Paragould, Arkansas Private Residence

The Infestation Period

By Tony Harrington Most hauntings do not begin overnight. Seldom to never are the times when a home or business goes from sedate to hyperactive with regard to paranormal activity.  There is always a time frame where things begin to escalate and often times the home/business owner overlooks these warning signs until they have a … Continue reading The Infestation Period


On the “Red River” trail near Adams, Tennessee in Robertson County there stands a farm house which in the mid-1800’s was the site of many horrific encounters with a spirit that terrorized the Bell family. The “Bell Witch” as it came to be known soon became the de-facto legend of the state and boasts some … Continue reading DOES THE “BELL” HAUNTING RING TRUE