by Tony Harrington I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to new technology used to detect the presence of paranormal energies. The Frank's Box was one that cycles through random frequencies and allegedly allows spirits to manipulate said frequencies so that certain broadcasted words can be used to respond to questions.  We covered … Continue reading NEW TECH ALERT: GHOST RADAR


Some Fort Morgan Goodies

by Tony Harrington It has been almost a week since we investigated Fort Morgan.  Evidence review is slow but steady due to the sheer volume of photos, EVP audio and video we collected. As I look over my personal evidence I am finding one or two things of interest.  I personally have found a lot … Continue reading Some Fort Morgan Goodies


  Fort Morgan sits at 30°13′41″N 88°1′23″W at the mouth of Mobile Bay, AL. Prior to Fort Morgan, the land at the above coordinates belonged to a smaller redoubt fort made of earth and wood. That particular fort was known as Fort Bowyer taking its name from the colonel John Bowyer who completed construction of … Continue reading HISTORICAL HAUNTS: FORT MORGAN, AL