Has the Paranormal Bubble Finally Burst?

As of today, the number of cases organizations are getting has dwindled considerably, often weeks or months separate inquiries and actually landing an investigation has become burdensome. So what caused the sudden decline in paranormal popularity?

Haunted House Experiences

THE WHO CHILDREN by Alan Lowe I wrote a story a while back called the Who Children of Orange Beach. It was a fiction story about all of the children that drown at sea and how on stormy nights they come to visit looking for other children to join them. It was told on a … Continue reading Haunted House Experiences


Investigation Final Report: Case# 02192011 “The Friendly Spirit House”

Investigation Number 02192011 Shirley, Arkansas Number of digital photos taken: 153 Minutes of Audio used: 47 Minutes of Video taken: 120 minutes (30 seconds of positive footage) About the Video Footage: Our investigators are gathered in a room. Co-Founder of SPIRIT Alan Lowe speaks that they are gathered in the room with the camcorder. Some … Continue reading Investigation Final Report: Case# 02192011 “The Friendly Spirit House”


What Is Up With Doors Anyway? by Alan Lowe Lately my doors have been acting up or maybe the spirits in my house have discovered a new toy. The other day I was working in my study, I was home alone and I heard a door slam. It was a nice day and I had all … Continue reading HAUNTED HOUSE EXPERIENCES

Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)

The SPIRIT Seekers Investigation Report Investigator: Tony Harrington Case Number: 01212011 Date of Investigation: January 21, 2011 Time of Investigation: 7:30 p.m. Investigation Location: Private Residence Wye Mountain/Bigelow, Arkansas Investigation Team: Tony Harrington & Alan Lowe __________________________________________ EVIDENCE OVERVIEW Total Digital Photos Collected: 21 Total Positive Digital Photos: 0 Total EVP Collected: 18m:25s Total Positive … Continue reading Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)

New Book About The Paranormal in Arkansas Announced

Alan Lowe and Jason Hall, the duo who brought you "The Ghosts of Little Rock: Tales of the City's Most Haunted Places" are back and this time they have expanded their repertoire to include haunts, monsters and the unexplained for the entire state of Arkansas. The manuscript for "Supernatural State: Arkansas' Ghosts, Monsters, and the … Continue reading New Book About The Paranormal in Arkansas Announced

Some Fort Morgan Goodies

by Tony Harrington It has been almost a week since we investigated Fort Morgan.  Evidence review is slow but steady due to the sheer volume of photos, EVP audio and video we collected. As I look over my personal evidence I am finding one or two things of interest.  I personally have found a lot … Continue reading Some Fort Morgan Goodies