DEAD LETTERS: Text Messages From The Dead


by Tony Harrington

The technology that powers our smart devices is one of the fastest advancing technologies ever. Many of us remember the days before text messaging when the only thing cellular phones could do was make and receive calls. 

Then came voicemail, text messaging, games (Snake anyone?), multimedia messaging, camera technology, and faster processors. Now, phones are mostly handheld computers that allow us to communicate with one another without ever having to make a call.

In fact, it is probably a safe assumption to assume that a majority of people prefer texting or interacting on social media sites versus actually having a vocal conversation.

It should come as no surprise then that, in this day and age, more and more people are reporting that their cell phones are being used as a means through which the dead can communicate.

I was not aware this was a thing until I had mentioned to someone at work that I am a paranormal investigator and that I maintain this blog. As is always the case, this opened up a line of dialogue, mostly filled with “what if” scenarios, until the person eventually feels comfortable enough to present me with a personal experience they have had and ask for my opinion on just what it is they are experiencing.

In my co-worker’s case, she had come into possession of her mother’s old iPhone when her mother died. Because she had no need for the phone, she allowed her young daughter to have it as a toy as the daughter was not yet old enough to be given an actual functioning phone.

One night, after my co-worker and her husband, had put their daughter to bed, the young girl came into their room and said that the phone was making weird noises.

The phone was not on a data plan, and there was no service. It did have wi-fi capabilities, but allegedly they had never connected the phone to the wireless router. According to my co-worker, the only thing the phone could do was play certain games that didn’t require an internet connection.

The father takes the girl back to bed and checks the phone. The noise the young girl had been hearing was a text alert. There were three messages on the phone.

  • “Still here”
  • “Love”
  • “Beautiful girl”

The messages came across with a three-minute pause between each message. The text message was received by a phone number made up of all nines.

Now, there are many reasons this could happen. The internet is filled with many sites that allow you to send an SMS message to someone’s phone as long as you know the number. But the phone technically requires the number to be active for the message to be received. According to my co-worker, the number had not been active for three months.

To test this theory, we dialed the phone number thought to be disconnected. While it did not ring, it did go straight to voicemail. After the voicemail picked up, the co-worker said, “That is strange”.

That evening, after work, my co-worker texted me to let me know the phone got another text message. This one said “Strange”.

Immediately I realized what was happening.

It seemed that calls to the disconnected phone number were being forwarded to voicemail, a separate number apparently, and callers were leaving messages. Those messages were transcribed by an app on the phone and delivered to the phone via an installed messenger service, like visual voicemail.

My co-worker called the voicemail and heard the four messages that were delivered by text. She recognized the last message as the one we left, but she swears that the three other messages sound like her mother, who passed before the messages were left.

There are some wildcard variables to take into consideration:
  • I can’t say for certain that the phone is not connected to some wi-fi connection. I was not personally there when these events happened.
  • I can’t authenticate the voice on the voicemail as belonging to the deceased woman
  • It is possible to spoof/mask numbers, so the calls could be coming from someone the family knows or from the family themselves to perpetuate this story.
  • As a fan of Android OS, I can say with certainty that I have no idea how the iPhone works or if what I suspected about how the texts were delivered is even possible using the iPhone.

It should also be noted that the young daughter is ten and tech-savvy, as most young kids have grown up with technology these days.

I share this story only as a way to introduce the topic of a modern paranormal phenomenon that I call “Texts From the Dead,”; an obvious homage to the old school “Phone Calls From the Dead”.

Classifying this phenomenon, if it is indeed real and happening, is somewhat difficult. It displays signs of an intelligent haunting, interacting with technology and those who use it. It also seems a modern twist on the “Electronic Voice Phenomenon”; the ability to catch disembodied voices responding to questions on an audio recording device.

Additionally, cell phones contain built-in dictionaries. How else do they know how to jack up your intended message with hilarious auto-correct fails? There are apps that have been developed based on the notion that the dead can manipulate the phone’s dictionary to pull words with which to respond to questions.  So, it is not uncommon for people to use their phones as a means by which to communicate with those who have passed on.

In researching this article, I was surprised to see that this phenomenon has stories dating back a few years, some as far back as the early 2000s. It would seem that since the advent of the ability to make and receive texts, the dead have been taking advantage of it.

It is still fascinating to see the rise of a new type of paranormal activity, though it remains to be seen if these cases are valid or simply wishful thinking.

There are many reasons weird text messages could show up on your phone. Pocket texts, the silent version of the pocket dial, can result in some creepy messages from potentially unknown numbers. The ability to compose messages using speech-to-text could cause weird messages to show up on your phone. Some random words could have significant meaning for you; hence, you draw a parallel between a random rogue message and a significant aspect of someone who has died.

Some instances of Texts From the Dead come about not from actually received messages but random notes left on a user’s phone. Notes they did not type but somehow occupy a text box.

These are easier to explain away, though, as the message originated on the user’s phone and could be a prank, a voice-to-text feature being unknowingly activated and capturing random bits of dialogue, a phone in a pocket, or a purse being jostled around enough to create a message of some sort.

Regardless of how the messages got on the phone, there is a certain subset of people, and that subset grows every day as people encounter this bizarre phenomenon, who believe that they are receiving texts from those who have passed on. I have always said that even if I don’t believe that ghosts are the culprit, it is very real to those who encounter something they deem paranormal, and I respect them enough to listen and try to determine just what is happening.

Are the living receiving messages from beyond the grave through modern technology? What do you think? Have you encountered texts from the dead? Please share your story in our comments section.


117 thoughts on “DEAD LETTERS: Text Messages From The Dead

  1. Absolutely ! Ghost can munipulate electronics . I was giving a reading via text and as I was typing I kept typing the number 12 and the number 11 kept showing up after the third time correcting it and it still showing up 11 ,
    I said ok I give and just left it .
    Well it turned out that the number 11 was much more of an impact with her and the rest of the message then the number 12 , which also meant something to her but not near as much as the 11.
    Spirit intervention ? I thought so ….

    1. Sandyi:

      It amazes me how crafty the spirit world can be at times! I wonder, if when we pass, we learn all there is to know about how things work. I can’t imagine older people who have passed before the advent of such technology would have familiarity enough with cell phones to manipulate them.

      1. I know this is extremely old comment. But, this was a “aha!” moment for me. As in I had always wondered if we..our spirits or ghosts gain some sort of knowledge unavailable to the living?. And I’ve also wondered if it’s possible to just will ones self to anywhere for instance the way a ghost can go home after being killed in another area. Oh btw, I love this blog.

      2. Hi Raven, thank you for responding and for the kind words. It’s been a while since I have updated the blog, but there will be some new content coming soon, including a new investigation report!

        As for your comment, I too have wondered the same things, and it is the not knowing that that truly makes experiences with the paranormal all the more exciting!

        I’m sure we will know all the answers eventually. 👻

        Tony Harrington
        Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

    2. Finally, I found a comparable story on the internet!!! A little bit more than a month ago, I experienced something quite similar. My name and the person is was writing an email to kept changing. The last letter of my name kept changing in a “u”. I am not sure but think there was also a “u” appearing next to the name of the person I was emailing.

      After about 5 times, I stopped trying to correct the names and wrote a new mail. The changing did not happen again. Then I tried to send this new mail and found out there wasn’t an internet connection… After this happened, I scanned for viruses on my Mac but didn’t find any. Something like this has never happened to me before or after.

  2. I have a small antique restoration and do all kinds of work. I was contracted to build a small box to hold the remains of a mans mother after she was cremated. This was going to be the box in which she would remain throughout eternaty. I forgot his name so I enterd it in my cell phone as cremation box followed by his phone number. I did this so I could call him when the work was done and I could arrange delivery. I am a little strange and felt honnered that he wanted me to build the box that would be seen by all at the service and his mothers ashes would stay in forever. Anyway, the work was complete and the box delivered and the service was attended well when out of the blue I get a call from “cremation box” on my cell phone. I thought maybe the box had turned out to have a flaw and was being rejected. I answered and all I got was static. “Oh well,” I thought, “Must have butt dialed me.” No problem, it happens. Two weeks later the same call comes through on my phone. Once again I answer and get nothing but static. Strange it happens again later. This time I decide maybe someone is trying to say thank you so I talk to the static and say, “You are welcome.” The phone calls stopped and I feel that all is well. This is not the only time I have recieved calls form beyond. Another story later perhaps.

    1. Thank you for sharing this story. It amazes me daily, the types of odd events people encounter with brushes with the paranormal.

      Perhaps you are correct, that someone was reaching out to you to thank you for the lovely box.

      Feel free to share any story you want! Spirit Seekers is your baby!

      For those not in the know, weparabolists is the username for Alan Lowe, co-founder of SPIRIT Seekers. He is one of my best friends and pretty much allows me to write any kind of article I want.

    2. That static your listening to is a condensed message! You need an Audio editor and slow it down, and listen.. You will be shocked!

  3. Alan’s story is weird. Not scary, not even conclusive but definitely thought provoking. But I do think this is an area where real, solid, conclusive proof is unlikely to come soon, if ever.

    1. Unless we see a cell phone bill from the other side, I am assuming that you are correct in your conclusion.

      Technology is a bit wonky to begin with, add to that the fact that some people’s comprehension of the technology isn’t always top notch, and we are left with a lot of gray area in which to fill in gaps with a lot of “what ifs”.

      I am intrigued by the idea of the dead using our modern technology to interact with us, but I am also, as always, very skeptical of it.


  4. Please help me understand.I Can’t believe what happened to me tonight! I was in my kitchen & my boyfriend were talking & doing dishes. His Cell phone was next to us on the counter & we heard the sound of the letters when you tap the letters to text & then the sound you have set for notification. We of course looked & it was a message for me & it was in the box where you write a text, not receiving a text. Some words were all jumbled & others clear. It dares start the message with my name Clear, the message try ing to tell me something about my dad that committed Suicide 5 years ago, it says he is sorry & somthing about episodes & asking me to change somthing, I have no idea what any of it means. Please is there anyone that has experienced this? Is there anyone who is able to help me??

    1. Wren:

      There are many people who have had these type of experiences, you are not alone.

      while I personally have not received such a message from the other side, there are multitudes out there who swear that it has happened to them.

      Messages from the dead are typically ones of peace and designed to help you move on. It can be to apologize for a wrong that was done or to let you know that they are okay.

      The means by which they choose to communicate is irrelevant. Some get weird phone calls or voicemails. Others get “visitation dreams” while some receive contact through psychic mediums.

      It can definitely be overwhelming, very emotional, and a little scary.

      It sounds like you most definitely received contact from the other side.

      If you have doubts, that is healthy. It is good to be skeptical. Ensure the phone was not in any place that the buttons could have been pressed accidentally. ensure the phone didn’t have a technical glitch. See if you can recreate it in anyway.

      If you are certain that you can rule out any natural explanation, then you are most likely left with a supernatural occurrence.

      If you have any questions, feel free to post them.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  5. Well I have text messaging on my phone but it is something I seldom use but the other morning I unlocked my phone and there was a message it said ” I miss you very much” and then the message was gone I never heard this message come in I looked everywhere in that phone for this message along with it’s phone number but absolutely nothing so where did it come from my wife died over 5 years ago,would be interested to know other peoples thoughts.

    1. Pete:

      Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry you lost your wife, but it is believed that those who have crossed over do indeed try to send us messages, and sometimes they succeed. That message may come in the form of a visitation dream, through technology such as phones and radios, or through messages from a psychic-medium.

      As shocking as it had to be to receive such a message, you should embrace tha it happened.

      1. Thanks for your reply It was strange to receive an unknown message it did not worry me at all I believe our loved one’s are around but in another dimension it is those that are living and breathing that we need to fear the most not those who have passed on.

  6. I had a much more profound experience with no question it really happened.
    In 2012 my boyfriends brother shot himself through the head and even tho the bullet went in & out he lived for 3 weeks albeit in a coma in intensive care. About 7 hours after shooting the dr had visited him and called a meeting of all family members for his diagnosis in the waiting room. I was busy texting my friend but put the cell off and 10 minutes later when I switched it back on therewas a complete text written in the box as if to my friend and not sent. Here is what it said… Keeping in mind this is an iPhone and there are different menus for the alphabet and brackets/full stops so you have to navigate back and forth between the onscreen menus. No ways I could have written this accidentally. Here goes….
    ‘How was the only solution is there tomorrow… (In the sun… Where are our lives and stop this sucks…’
    This honestly happened to me. The complete truth. Not the first time I have had some kind of message from the dead (or close to), but always on the day of death and completely different experiences. This one was via an iPhone. I cannot explain or make these things happen, they just do… Maybe I am receptive or something??
    Jacqueline Nicholson, Cape Town , South Africa

    1. Jacqueline,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I have no doubt that what you experienced actually happened to you and I thank you for sharing your story with us.

      You very well may be open to receiving messages of this sort, therefore you do indeed receive messages from beyond.

      Your story is incredibly unique in the sense that you received the message from someone who apparently was on the brink of transitioning from this plane to the next.

      Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your story!

  7. My name is Alyssa Williams from wellston Ohio. My phone has been sending a bizarre message over and over to my mother. It always starts out saying please help me! I’m in longitude and latitude help me please ! It started this afternoon and keeps sending every few hours but no one had touched the phone during the times it sent . I’m a mother of two young children it is very creepy ….. What is happening with my phone ? I’m super creeped out can you tell me whats going on ?

    1. Yes ! That can be creepy , but it sounds as though a spirit is reaching out . Ask out loud how can I help ?
      Or if you feel to overwhelmed then ask them to please leave you alone you can not help !
      You can visualize putting a white light around you this will give you a calm feeling .
      If possible please try to help this spirit , it takes a lot for a spirit to reach out . 😀
      I will help if I can you can email me

      1. I would like to piggyback on Sandyi’s post here and offer up a few suggestions.

        For starters, phones can be tricky.

        1) I would want to know if we are dealing with a landline phone or a cell phone. Which type of phone are the calls coming from?

        2) Are the calls coming at various times of the day or are they coming at the same time each day.

        3) It could be some kind of robo-dialer with a weird message playing that is spoofing your number.

        3) If your phone is a cellphone, check the outbound call logs to determine of the calls your mother is receiving were actually dialed from your device. If you don’t see a record of the outbound calls on your device (if a cellphone) then someone could be spoofing your number.

        4) See if you can get a recording of the messages coming through to your mother from your phone.

        5) Contact your carrier and let them know what you are experiencing and see if they can research the issue.

        It is possible that there is a paranormal explanation for what you are encountering, however, before jumping directly to that we should ensure we rule out any natural phenomenon.

        It will put your mind at ease knowing there is a logical explanation for this seeming creepy and odd phenomenon.

        Feel free to ask questions, I work in the telecom industry. 🙂

        Tony Harrington
        Editor, The Spirit Seekers Blog

      2. Yes Tony , your absolutely right with the follow up of my post . You have some great insight that is of great importance . Hopefully with information from both sides it will help this person with her situation !
        As usual it is always a pleasure reading your post !

      3. It is written that Gods name will protect us from unwanted sports , just say it out loud and ask Jahova God for production and surround you with his loving white light. I had some horrible dreams once with satin and I truly believe that , that’s what kept me safe.

  8. Last night my girlfriend sent me a text that on her end said one thing, but when it got to me it said something different halfway through the text. What was inserted into the text was something she had said to me over the phone about a week before. She had never text those words to anyone before. How does that happen? She knows she has a spirit at her father’s house, but it has never done anything before outside of the house. She didn’t live in that house for over 10 years and had no experiences. She recently moved back in. Typically it just turns on music and computers. This was a conversation she had with me outside of the house. Is their a technical explanation?

    1. Phil:

      I am not sure how technical of an explanation you are looking for. The only thing I can think of is that during the call where she spoke the words to you, her phone captured those words in a text message draft using the speech-to-text function of the phone. That snippet was then inserted into a text message she sent you.

      Is that a possibility? Sure. Likely? Sort of. Definite? Not particularly.

      When it comes to cell phones and what they are capable of doing, it becomes tricky to determine if what happens is natural or something more.

      Whenever I encounter a paranormal or supernatural phenomenon, I always skew toward a logical explanation first. If there is no logical explanation, then and only then do I lean toward the paranormal as an explanation.

      So, ultimately, it is up to you to decide for yourself if what you experienced was a spirit taking the spoken words of your girlfriend and transcribing them into a text message, or if it is simply the phone’s built in ability to do that very thing.

      Regardless, thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience. Whether natural or supernatural, the experience is very real and possibly frightening/fascinating to you. That is something we here at The Spirit Seekers will never judge or doubt.

      Thank you again!

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

      1. Thank you for the response. She never actually text me or anyone else those words before. They were from a spoken conversation we had over the phone nearly a week before. She has a known spirit in her home. It regularly turns on electronics, even plays music on her computer. I’m having a real hard time explaining how a text she sent to me got changed before it got me using words she’s only spoken and never text. Her phone does not have any call recording software. I agree with you, when logic doesn’t apply, keep an open mind.

    2. It is written that Gods name will protect us from unwanted sports , just say it out loud and ask Jahova God for production and surround you with his loving white light. I had some horrible dreams once with satin and I truly believe that , that’s what kept me safe.

      Be careful of those kinds of sports. I lived in a house for 10 years and I know I had a sport there, I could see it walking around it looked like heat waves . It use to hide things from me then started ony husband, it would throw things hard at me in our gorage . But the worst was it would put blood splatters all over my walls and floors. It wasn’t until my neighbor came in with me after shopping and my whole kitchen and hallway was full. All she said is don’t day a word. And we cleaned it up , but sometimes it would reaper as we wiped it off. But we moved and so far so good.

      1. Wow ! This story is a little unsettling but I have to say for the most part Of the stories on Dead letters it is from loved ones reaching out to say hello and let them know they are very much alive and still around .
        Thank you for sharing your story .

  9. Several days ago my daughter and I were talking about what “SOS” meant. Yesterday my husband and his sister received text messages stating “SOS” “I NEED HELP!”, random photos taken, and a voice record that was sent from my brother n laws phone. There was no evidence of such texts being sent from his phone. I am highly “sensitive” in all areas. My husband shows me the texts they recieved. When I took the phone to look at them I felt a nervous vibration, even caused my hands to shake. It got bad when I played the recording. What I heard was the same whooshing sound I hear (as I am clairaudient) and interference with the speaker but seemed like it was backwards. After clearing out my own personal thoughts about it I was able to get a somewhat clear message. My husband is a very big skeptic, but the words flowed anyway. It’s like I had no control. I told him he could listen and do what I said to be safe or he could brush it off, the choice was his. I was meant to see those texts. If anyone close to him, his sister or brother n law wasn’t doing well they had better check on them. As soon as I said this the nervous vibration I felt went away instantly.

  10. I just received a Facebook message from my Grandmother who passed in June 2014. It was a “thumbs up” emoji. I replied and seen that the message were received and “seen” by someone but no reply to my reply. I called the only two people I know have her password and both were as shocked as me. I have no idea what it is but it’s kinda creeping me out.

    1. Oh… ahaha… To creep you out was not the intent. To figure out what she’s trying to say, consider what’s going on in your life. Something she’s pleased with and supports you. She doesn’t have a physical body but that doesn’t make her love you any less. Just smile.

  11. Mother in law passed in jan and last text from her was early dec.
    Yesterday my text opened scrolled to her name and typed “53 bye” strange, didn’t think about it much. Today, happened again. “53 bye”

    I opened a blank text and hit the voice to text button and laid it in an empty room. I said “tell me anything, talk to me.” I came back a few minutes later to this. …

    Fern ended Ottawa you didn’t none of didn’t didn’t do too nude Vernor inform 3rd any Ernie in bomb mom tell dad dad dad s is an idiot e.t.a is a new nunzio’s seen uh uh uh uh air
    I dk what any of this means, but it is weird.

    1. I am curious is “53” significant to you ?
      Did she pass at 53 or would she have been 53
      Or maybe maybe May 3 rd ?( 5/3)
      It takes a lot
      Of energy for a spirit to munipulate and get messages out .
      I have had experienced before where a spirit will basically piggy back another spirit .
      What that means is a spirit coming through is stronger so another spirit will jump in at same time which can create confusing messages .

  12. I have had a few psychic events in my time. Enough to research why they happening (Jung the psychologist had good theories)
    So I woke up this Saturday and checked my phone. Much to my surprise the result of a match yet to be played was displayed there (2:2)
    Either I got rid of it or it disappeared- but it seemed right. I don’t bet much so I placed £30 on the result (25 on line and £5 in shop: I still have the ticket and the online is recorded)
    I told a couple of friends who looked askance but benignly at me prior to the match. They now say ‘it’s weird’ but amazing.
    I have won about £400. My question is -what the heck is going on? Who or what is sending me the results of matches before they happen?
    My Dad died last year so may have something to do with it, I nearly died as a very young baby which may account for the veil of afterlife being a bit thin sometimes. However, most of my past ‘feelings’ more related to bad things happening (see Jung and book by Michael Bentine one of the ex goons)
    I have had a few intuition wins on bets but never phone alerts before
    Science says energy is never lost so my belief is an energy is helping but I have sense not supposed to ‘milk it’ just accept as I accept other occurrences in life

  13. My sons father and I were going through a nasty custody battle in February 2015, 2 years after we got out of a 5 year relationship. He was an army and navy veteran and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan (before me) and had PTSD. We got along pretty good after we broke up for about a year ago a half. Suddenly out of nowhere he accused me of saying things that I didn’t say, doing things I didn’t do, being a horrible mother and a danger to our son. He wouldn’t let me see my son and refused to even talk to me about it. Then drug me into court and used all of these things to get my son from me with only supervised visits- wouldn’t compromise- period. I had to pay child support and they were really slow getting the only payment to him and that was the only reason he really called me after that (n not friendly calls, either). 4 days after that call, he committed suicide. I never stopped loving him and he knew that even though it had been almost 2 years, I still wasn’t over him n it really seemed to irritate him but I know now that he was sick because he never got so mean or hateful to me before. Anyway about 2 months after he passed away, I found a long, rambling text message in my inbox from the attorney general (child support office) landline! I broke that phone so I don’t have it unfortunately now to recall exactly what it said, but every word was a word of apology and remorse and comfort. It was something like “I’m sorry but I could not be but I did want trying to be good and didn’t want but tried to be the best…” I know that it was him and I convinced myself that I was crazy and just saw it how I wanted to n it was a mistake or something- until I had a visitation dream a month or so later… I know now that he’s with me and my son everyday and I have a lot of peace now!

    1. Tara:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I know how difficult things had to seem at the time, and how difficult it was to rationalize what happened with your ex-husband.

      The way things work in this world are completely different than how they work in the spirit world.

      Many psychics and spiritualists agree that the anger, confusion, grief, and sadness that is a part of our life does not exist when we transition to the afterlife.

      It is not uncommon for spirits to reachout to those they have wronged to ease the burden.

      If you are open to receiving such messages they can be monumental in helping you reach closure.

      Accepting the apology from those who have crossed on is as important as it is for the departed to seek your forgiveness.

      I hope that you continue to experience the peace you have gained from this encounter.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your encounter here at the Spirit Seekers Blog.

      Tony Harrington

      1. I recently lost my wife on April 25th. She passed in bed next to me. Once news hit the family her fathers girlfriend had told me she had awakened at 4:42am that morning and could not go back to sleep. Days had passed and the time really stuck with me cause I woke up at 5:45am. I have 8 night vision cameras set up to monitor the house and property. I decided to investigate the time. Every time I play that date and time of 4:44.18 secs different cameras go out, sometimes 2 at a time , sometimes 4,6 or all. 4 cameras are on separate power supply along with the other 4 and DVR all on seperates supply’s. No time lapses occurred , just ever time I play the recorder different cameras are going out(black)!! How can this be it is recorded. Since date of her loss I have disabled the overite, so it won’t ruin data. I struggled, very suicidal !! 2 weeks to date of my wife’s passing,on may 9th, my mother in law who stays with my grandmother and helps take care of her, as me and my wife Haden past. She gets a picture on her phone ,of my wife as a child. She said it only appeared long enough to see it, she tried to save it and it disappeared. She thought I had sent it and has asked me to resend it. I ignored her cause I didn’t know what she was talking about. Then she called me and asked me to send it and explained everything.Hours later my daughter calls me asking if I’m playing a joke. I said no why? She explains she got a text from her moms phone telling her to Call House. I was home that day in pretty bad shape. I told her it wasn’t me cause her moms phone was off in my top dresser drawer. So I’m shaken, I go to dresser turn on phone and sure enough a message was sent from phone at around 4:42pm to my daughters phone that’s said call house. Approximately 7:00 that night I’m texting with a friend and the message that came in was a message from my wife, it stated Chris I’m not dying; later that evening around 9:00pm my wife’s grandmother is watching the news and get a message on her 60 in big screen on the top that goes across and says Kate is ok . Katherine being my wife’s name. I’m so confused and don’t want to stay here anymore, especially knowing I could go be with my wife. We were soul mates and her being gone is literally killing me, looking for answers

      2. Chris, I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife. The spirits of our loved ones can be very creative with messages. I applaud you for recognizing them. It takes alot of effort on their part. No your wife didn’t die. Her physical body did but her spirit is alive and well. Everlasting life is real. While I do not like labels, I have abilities to recieve messages from spirit. All messages have the same purpose. Make peace. When it’s your time, she wants you to be at peace with life so you will have nothing to hold your spirit here and you both will be together again.

  14. Chris:

    First and foremost, I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the amount of pain losing your soulmate can cause. I don’t have any magical words to take away that pain. You need to allow yourself to grieve though, go through the stages, that will ultimately lead to acceptance.

    With that said, I do want to address some of the experiences you have encountered.

    Many psychics and spiritualists agree that that when we pass on, the energy that comprised our existence is released out into the world. Some believe that the energy is sentient, and contains the thoughts, memories, and emotions of the person whose earthly shell it resided in.

    Over time that energy will dissipate and move on. It is believed that during this initial time out in the ether, the energy, or spirit, of the departed can reach out to us and communicate with us. Be it through visitation dreams, manifestation as an apparition, or by using technology to reach out to those they have left behind, those who cross over most definitely want to let you know that they are okay and that they want you to be okay.

    It is believed that it takes a lot for a spirit to make its presence known. If they reach out to you, know that it is coming from a place of love and acceptance.

    I know plenty of psychics who state that time in the afterlife/hereafter is not at all like it is here. That it is but a blink of an eye. So, while it is cruel that time passes so slowly here, that in the spirit world it is just a blink of an eye when you will be rejoined with those who have crossed over.

    If your wife passed unexpectedly, you may feel like you didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. That is why she is reaching out to you now in any way possible. She wants you to know she is with you, and she knows you can feel her. She hears you when you talk to her, and she is providing you answers.

    None of what you and your family is experiencing is malicious or cruel. It is exactly what you hope for, proof that the spirit continues and that it is aware.

    Over time, these encounters will slowly go away, so while you are able, acknowledge them, let your wife know you have received her messages and that it is okay for her to move on. As much as you want to continue to interact with her, she needs to know that you are okay and that you will continue to live without her, as painful as it seems right now.

    You have work left to do here. You matter to people and your life is precious. You are stronger than you know and you have to fight through this darkness to emerge in the light.

    If you want to speak with a psychic, I can put you in touch with someone who will speak to you for free. Let me know if you need assistance in any way.

    Tony Harrington
    Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

  15. Chris ,
    There are never words that can replace the hurt and pain you are feeling at the moment .
    I am very sorry to hear about your wife .
    I don’t have all the answers but I have been a Spiritual counselor /Medium for over 20 years and what you are describing sounds like the classic senerio of things that take place after a loved one has departed .
    Tony’s comment to your post was quite good I hope you found a little peace with the information .
    I have helped others before and if you feel you want to reach out then please email me
    Put “Dead letters” in the Subject heading

  16. Chris:

    Sandyi is a long-time friend of this site and has helped many of our visitors in many different situations. You are perfectly safe reaching out to her and I hope she is able to help you out.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Tony Harrington
    Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

  17. Hi I was seeking answers about spirits texting and ran across this thread. If anything for Chris I can say I also lost my soul mate and that’s when the messages (texting and emails) began. Its been over 5 years and the messages have not stopped. Sometimes it is comforting as I can reply and get messages back of conscious clear conversations. Other times its more scary as you aren’t expecting it and you have to pretend to others around that you are okay and not talking to one that no longer has a physical body or is in this dimension. Sometimes its almost like riddles and you feel crazy trying to understand. But now its like my soul mate doesn’t want me to move on and date so I am struggling with how to handle the messages now.

    I am in a like minded Group I meet with weekly but this is beyond their knowledge and they think I’m dreaming it and/or don’t know how to help me. It’s hard to admit something so special can be this overwhelming. I have worked really hard on intuition and taken workshops with James Van Praagh and I felt good about everything but its become overwhelming again when the messages appear upset or hand written messages are left for the living guy I want to date. My “Group” says I manifest the letters myself but I feel there is free will involved in the spirit communication.

    I was reading the thread message from Tony saying that over time these encounters will slowly go away but its been over 5 years and its still strong encounters. Now they are not as frequent as the beginning but still very much clear texts that can be responded to but only for a matter of a few minutes as it does appear it takes a lot of energy for spirit contact.

    I have only seen his whole apparition twice but we have secret words no one knows about so I know its him and not random pranks of texting and emails for 5 years. Maybe I was wrong to reply to all the messages and I am keeping him here as we both miss each other but now I don’t know what to do.

    1. Jennifer:

      It sounds like you just need a good old-fashioned break-up. I am no expert on relationships, but ultimately, it can be unhealthy to continue carrying on conversations with someone who can’t let go. Even if they are no longer here and it is their spirit interacting with you.

      You both need closure. Close yourself to receiving messages. Delete them from your phone as they come in, and do yourself a favor and allow yourself to move on.

      Tell your former partner that he has to move on and find peace and that while you will always love him, you have to be able to live your life on this plane, a plane on which he no longer resides.

      Only when you are able to move on and no longer hold him here, will he be able to let you go.

      I am sure it will be sad, but it is something you have to do if you ever want to move on.

      I do want to address these “Hand-written letters” your potential dates are receiving.

      In order for them to receive these letters we have to assume that a spirit can physically obtain paper, a writing implement, put that implement to the paper and physically construct a sentence, then deliver the letter to the intended recipient, all without a physical body.

      The spirit world does’t work like that. If it did, there would be no doubt about the existence of the paranormal.

      Interacting with spirits is often confusing and convoluted and never as concise as the sudden appearance of a handwritten note.

      Either you are writing them in a type of catatonic state where you are unaware of what you are doing, or someone else is doing it and setting you up.

      Whatever is happening, you can ultimately end it by allowing your former partner to find peace and move on by giving them permission to do so and letting them know that you don’t need them anymore.

      Consider reaching out to a medium who can perhaps connect you to your loved one and facilitate the closure of your relationship. It sounds like you are ready emotionally, you just have to become ready spiritually.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us!

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, The SPIRIT Seekers Blog

      1. I have to completely agree with Tony on this matter .
        Letting go is one of the hardest things humans have to endure . You might have to be strong for both of you , and tell this loved one he needs to move on ,5 years of earth time is long . You need closure and so does this loved one . It was this loved ones time to go and move on . We as humans can only speculate what happens when we transition to the other side . But in all my years of working with people and spirits one of the most important lessons we learn is about letting go . If not then we
        Do not really live the life we are truly meant to live.
        Lessons we need to learn, people that will come into your life . All of this can be hampered by just being stuck . And this goes the same for spirits . Our Universe is Vast and so much is out there to encounter and experience , in our earth life and in spirit world . Our Ego is what keeps us from moving on . Let your spirit and the one of your loved one speak to each other and say your good byes .
        You two will again meet up one day . Don’t cheat your self out of this earth life . Letting go does not mean forgetting it is a step for you a growth for your spiritual progress . 😊

  18. When home alone a message appeared in spilt pepper on my counter saying HERE,I know it was my recently departed husband.

  19. Spirits can be very crafty with their communication with the living- most still have something to correct/do. Some even have a few things to say… which explains this almost perfectly. If it is a daemon or anger or even just a lonely spirit, let then enjoy the afterlife!!!!!!👻👻👻

  20. I’m hoping someone can give me some guidance or advice…im sorry this is long, I’m cutting some things out but here’s the gist…
    I used to own a stereo that I took to college with me and kept in my dorm room. One day after turning the stereo on, I walked away and the volume turned itself all the way up. I would walk back and turn it back down, as soon as I walked away the volume would go back up. This continued the rest of the time I owned this stereo. I tried to never use it because of obvious reasons. But when I graduated my mom kept my stereo. It worked fine for her, unless I came over and tried to use it and the same volume issue would happen again. We eventually got rid of it but now the volume phenomena had switched over to her brand new tv! When I would come home and watch with her the volume for the tv would turn all the way up. Eventually got rid of that tv too.
    Fast forward to now…I’ve been out of the house for couple of years and occasionally come to visit and have had very strange experiences at my new home (like my cat waking me up In the middle of the night howling and chasing air, some sleep paralysis, and other weird things) but things are even stranger at my moms home. On this particular trip I have a cable box in my room that I don’t use (I don’t watch tv anymore) but my mom keeps it plugged in just in case…the cable box keeps turning itself on at random times at night. I only know because the blue light comes on like someone just turned it on this usually happens between 12-3am but the time changes every night and some nights it never turns on. You can rule out the remote because it stays on a table by itself. Yesterday I unplugged it because of this. I was having a hard time sleeping, finally fell asleep at 3, woke up at 3:55 and immediately after I woke up i got a text from my boyfriend saying “oh lol did you have any dreams or visions?” Earlier in the day I was meditating and he sent me this text after I finished. I asked him why are you texting me that again at 4am? He texted back and said he was sleeping and that text doesn’t even come up on his phone.
    Now…maybe I’m reading too much into all of these things, but is it possible that someone is trying to communicate and used texts after I turned the cable box off? I also think the text that was sent was an extremely creepy one to send at the time, no?

    1. Michelle,

      This is a lot to process, and I am not sure I can answer to all the points you raise.

      I can say, with some certainty as I too seem to send electronics into chaos, that some people have some type of energy that just wreaks havoc on electronic devices.

      My friends will be watching Netflix or regular TV…everything is fine until I walk in the room, then everything freezes and has to be shut down and restarted.

      This also happens more frequently if I get mad.

      I think you just might be putting out strong electromagnetic energy that interferes with these devices.

      If you research this phenomenon it is usually associated with individuals who claim to possess psychic abilities such as pre-ignition or being able to communicate with the deceased.

      Which, could account for the strange text messages you received.

  21. Yes,Old fb messages I never erased from my boyfriend before he passed,that I regularly read were being marked as seen ,then when I would talk to my boyfriend in my mind ,answers would be tagged with a date from prior message ,multiple times ,I’d send good morning hugs and kisses and a previous message sometimes a few would be tagged with that date and time i sent the message good morning baby,hugs and kisses ,whatever he wants to say ,he taggs with the date of the word,I get many visits regularly and when he first passed he showed me a cell phone and I was sending him a TeX message ,I feel him touch me he always with me and has fun changing things around that I’m sending ,he has changed colors and sizes of things I TeX out ,changes the order I send out ,he protected me my whole life ,we havevloved each other since we were kids ,7 and 10 first loves at 12 and 17 for 5 yrs ,he found me in 2011 we loved each other our whole life but married other people . I know without a dought he always with me ,he also helps me in my life with my kids ,they experienced things too ,he never met them but they new all about him . he also tagged another phone my x had ,out of anger he threw it and was saying bad things about the one who passed and the next morning when he grabbed the cell to leave ,it had 08-22-2014 frozen on the screen all day ,took erasing everything to get it off ,that date was the date my boyfriend passed from a surprising illness pancreatitis in three days he passed. We always messaged by messenger and TeX since he found me and we were going to have a future ,I still sent messages after he passed,I do now daily ,he started this in Feb on the anniversary of when he found me thru fb and messaged me ,I feel him touch me I know he’s always listening. He working hard to learn and I’ve been learning since he passed too ,everyday reading to learn,its a miracle to me and a Blessing!

  22. I have a smart phone through boost mobile and i was texting my son the other day and when i got done the phone’s screen went black so i just put it back in my pocket and drove home. When i arrived back home i got the phone back out and was going to send my son another text, but when the screen lit back up it was still ready to send another text to my son but there was already a text message prepared for me and was ready to be sent but i don’t know how it typed out a text by it’s self. The text read ( it’s all about the money) my brother passed away 5 months ago and he was worried about money problems and was afraid the family wouldn’t be able to come up with enough to have him burried rather than creamated. We have also been having some paranormal activities going on inside my house and all though we have always had issues with some type of spirit,but this one seems to have a different personality, one that i feel pretty strong about it being that of my brother because it would do things that seemed to be things that my brother did when he was alive.

  23. Hi,
    Ive been searching online for ages to find experiences similar to my own so that I can share it. This seems like the best bet.

    2005, and a relationship with my girlfriend was in the last stages of a reluctant breakup. She was and still is a beautiful person with a great soul, bursting with spirituality.
    During her previous relationship she had 2 abortions (at the insistence of her dad) causing her great heartache.
    I”ll mention that the phone I was using was my mums old motorolla. A monster of a thing, about half of it was all battery, yellow screen, huge pixels. Only 4 lines of screen 12 characters across. The old style key pad where if you want, say the letter ‘L’ you gotta hit key 5, 3 times.
    This night, She was at her parents house, 2 hours away from me. We had been texting each other all night and was late so we said goodnight and went to sleep.
    In the morning she gave me a call, “what was that last text you sent all about?”
    me; “umm, that i love you and goodnight.”
    “Nah, I saw it this morning and it was half an hour after that”
    me; “I didnt send any other f&*kin message.” laughing at her
    “you DID! Hang up, LOOK at your phone, then call me back”
    So, chuckling smugly to myself, thinking she was losing it. Went to messages, oh ok there’s one there, I opened it and this is (as close as memory serves me) what it said…

    ‘think you are ready for happening changes
    always mum’

    We chatted about it briefly without coming to an agreed conclusion. I have always felt, very strongly that it was her Baby Spirit connecting with its Mum, through me before we left each other. That day was in fact when we went our separate ways.
    It will be hard for some people to believe, there will be ‘explanations’ banded about, but i feel it in my heart and soul. Writing the above message has me covered in goosebumps still. Thanks for letting me share my experience

  24. I have gotten several text notifications from my deceased father … It’s just the notification and then no message … He has been dead for 7 years this week … And I got another text notification from him last night . I’ll never delete his contact info from my phone because I love hearing from him! At first I thought it was a weird fluke … But now, I do think that it could be him 🙂

  25. I’ve had multiple experiences with texts from the other side, but I’m curious to know if anyone has had an ongoing conversation in texts? I’ve had the random messages, but also an hour long texting back & forth. It was very unnerving (to say the least) at the time, but in retrospect, it was a positive experience.

  26. I used to get text messages from a friend’s deceased mother who was trying to help him thru the process of dying. I never met his mom prior to our friendship, she had already passed, but they would come from his phone number to my phone while he was sleeping. Strangest thing was there was never any record of the messages being sent on his phone, only mine. For over a year, I received them and they stopped after he passed away. Then I got an hour long conversation in texts with the other side from someone else’s phone. I was able to ask questions & receive answers. Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out about an entire conversation. Again, I received them while the owner of the phone was sleeping and alone with no record of them being sent from their phone to mine. I questioned all of the incidences, because honestly, this is a lot to swallow, but there were consistencies in all the texts. No punctuation is used, the sentences ate incomplete & thoughts run together, so you have to figure out where to break in the messages to understand what they’re trying to convey. In both cases, a warning was issued. The first came to pass & happened, the second will not happen until January of 2017. I’ll keep you posted. I would have been hard pressed to believe any of this, until it happened to me.

  27. I believe that I’ve been receiving messages from a deceased loved one thru my wallpaper app.
    It started out as I would discuss particular things with coworkers, friends, etc and pics of those particular subjects discussed would appear in my wallpaper app the next day. Then I noticed unique pics in wallpaper app that resembled items in my house. I then would ask out loud or to myself for spirit to send me pics of something in particular, very specific and anywhere from an hour to a few days later pics of items asked would appear in wallpaper app.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Hi Deb:

      I’m not familiar with Wallpaper, so I can’t be of much assistance with your inquiry. I have approved your comment, so hopefully some of our readers can provide some insightful feedback.

  28. My mum just passed away and the night before her burial day,a message was sent to her favourite family friend’s daughter’s phone..
    The sender was my mum’s number…but the phone was not in use for some could we describe that?..

    1. The only way to describe it is
      Spirit intervention .
      Sorry to hear about your Mum .
      Love never dies nor does our Spirit .
      Death is a transition not the end .
      Thank you for sharing .😊

      1. Thanks,am recovering slowly from the shock and still cannot accept the fact yet…I think that’s true.I’ll cherish your words” love never dies,nor our spirit.Death is a transition not the end”..

  29. My mom passed away on November 18, 2016 that morning I received a text message at 6:30 am from my mom’s neighbor stating she was worried about my mom she had not heard her that morning. So I tried calling my mom no answer I rush out of my house to go to my mom’s house. When I got there I found her she was gone from the look of the body it had been hours. I finally spoke to my husband later that morning, and he said he received a text from my mom at 7:19am (that is the same time I was running out of my house to my mom’s house) I was already at her apartment at 7:22 am takes me about 1-2min drive to get to her apartment. When I found her she was in the bathroom and her phone was in her bedroom. When my husband told me this I said there is no way she texted you because she has been dead for a couple hrs. When I looked at her phone there was the message sent at 7:19am which read ” The first ij4eeeeeeee we q” than on the text bar it said my name “Jess”.

    I feel the text was from my mom’s spirit trying to get my husband to stop me from going to her apartment and finding her body she knew how traumatizing that would be for me.

    1. Jessica,

      My condolences and sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your mother.

      The spirit world is filled with amazing occurrences of those who have left us reaching out to us. I believe that your husband received a message from your mom.

      Keep an eye out for other messages, be it via text, dreams where she visits with you, or seemingly random occurrences such as seeing/hearing a nickname she called you, or her favorite song playing unexpectedly, or seeing her presence on the physical world.

      I thank you for sharing your personal experience with us and I am terribly sorry for your loss.

      Warmest Regards,
      Tony Harrington
      Editor-in-Chief, Spirit Seekers Blog

  30. I get messages that are in the composition part of the message. Meaning that it was written as if i was composing the message. Tonight iI was thinking of some I needed to cal that I had not dialed or looked up in a month. When I opened the phone to looked them up their name and phone number was qued up to call. Their name starts with an m and last name with a w, not exactly in the front of an alphabetical list.

    1. I believe this might be
      A first I have heard of what you are describing .
      It is fascinating the different stories people have of
      Various ways some sort
      Of communication is occurring .
      With you i am to understand that the person is still alive that you are referring too . So I wonder what type of intervention is coming from the spirit world ?or if this is some sort of psychic ability that has occurred . We live in an amazing and mysterious world 🌎 thank your for sharing your story !

  31. Ok so I had just finished texting my daughter .. left the iPhone open on text.. I was cuddling my partner as he was comforting me because it was a few days after my dad’s first anniversary of him passing.. I look over at my phone and saw a cheesy smiley face pop up right in front of my eyes, this one 😬.. classic signature of my dad the cheesy grin.. I couldn’t believe it .. I screenshot it and now I have it always.. plus he opens the lid of the kettle when it’s boiling when I’m sad or thinking about him.. it’s comforting 😊

  32. My very good friend died feb. 12 2017 this last Sunday we had his memorial and right after I sat down from speaking about him and his life. I received a text from him. I haven’t talk to him since a week before his death. So this has been driving me crazy.. it gets crazier.. I have the new text on my text boxes (where everyone’s names I text are on) and the new text I got is there. But when I press his name to open the new text and finish reading it.. it’s not there. It’s been mind boggling and I just need a little help understanding if it’s him talking to me from the other world.. can you help me? I will send pics

  33. My mother pasted away in the 8 th February 2017. And five days later my nephew spotted a voice mail on her house phone. When he listened to it he got unnerved by it and sent it to me. It’s been hard understanding it as it sounds very muffled. It is in my mothers voice saying something like it’s going to be before 12 o’clock. She died before 12. She sees ghosts. And I never go to bed before 12oclock. Can’t understand it. How can I have the message read to me as hard to understand all of it. And what does it mean. Even still is this possible. I would love to know if it’s a message to us.

    1. I am sorry for your loss .
      The message on the voice machine is an amazing
      Phenomenon that seems to be happening more and more . sometimes the message itself might be hard to decipher , with my experience with the paranormal and spirit world it seems loved ones main focus is just to let you know that they are still very much alive in spirit . If something important does need to be told then they will find away to get the message to you . Maybe for now just acknowledge the contact from a loved one ,
      Enjoy knowing that
      Death is only a transition not the end !🌺

  34. What about text that were sent from a phone left on a charger that was not touched with no explanation? The person was home alone, looked at his phone after about 2 hours and numerous texts were sent. Short sentences and one word text…. over 50 of them

  35. On an almost daily basis someone else communicated with me through my phone me sometimes through a bluetooth speaker.

    Often when I am intereacting by text with someone I have not yet met while texting them respondes I will get words pop up/ type themselves-that are out of place that I have learned are warnings or information about whomever is on the other end. Actually it has been incrediably Helpful to me. Kept me safe more then Once. They also turn the lights off, and many other things to make me aware, but I don’t always follow their direction. And it usually ends up badly, so I try to.

  36. Well, I’m not sure what to do or where to go or look. But, I’m very happy knowing my deceased wife is okay. She died of Cancer March 21st, 2017 of 4th stage cancer. But it wasn’t the cancer that killed her, it was the build up of fluids in her lungs and the morphine. Catherine, aka “Cat” was my soul mate on this Earth, always was and will be. I was updating her condition daily for 6 weeks so family members and friends could go to my site:
    After Cat passed, I started looking at old videos of her to remember her and noticed many ORBS. So, after seeing this I started using my metro android phone and started taking videos.. Wow! I have hundreds of them! So this was a good thing to me to know that Cat was still around me. In fact, When I went to get flowers for the wake, I tested to she if she was there with me and sure enough she was and she flew-by the flowers she wanted that happened to be the least expensive! Lol.. This is not where I’m going with this. Where I’m going is I received a voicemail from Cat April 8 at 11:11 am. I listened to it and nothing was there but some static. I thought it was strange but never did anything about it until a few days ago from my post here. My Metro phone doesn’t let me save voicemails, so I purchased a male to male adaptor to load directly to my laptop. I found a free Audio editor called WavPad and it’s got many ways to change the frequencies, the speed, the pitch etc etc… Anyways, the first thing I heard after slowing it down was: Hi Honey. and then something like, “What are you drinking?” and then, “I didn’t want to leave you honey.” but after that it sounded not so good.. Like a big scream, and then the word Devil.. but then it gets good again and says, “Good morning honey”
    And then we have her now, we are helping you.. We are with Blue.” Blue was an old friend of ours that passed away 10 years ago. So basically, I need some help in evaluating what exactly is on this message. I have no experience in Audio editors, but I know what I have is real.. I just want to hear exactly what is being said.. Because the screams…2 of them worry me. God Bless you all

    1. Hi Steve,

      My condolences on your loss, I can’t imagine losing a soul mate, someone so intricately connected to you.

      I am a firm believer that those who cross over can still find ways to reach out to us.

      As for your recordings, pay attention to only the messages that make sense to you. Anything else, like screaming or odd sounds, that’s not for you and is not from your wife.

      When you reach out to the spirit world, you invite EVERY spirit an opportunity to communicate.

      If your wife’s messages are cheerful and loving otherwise, then the scarier messages are not from her.

      I wouldn’t give it much thought nor would I entertain it further by trying to figure out what it is.

      I have used wavpad and Audacity and once you tweak filters enough you can compromise even the faintest background noise and turn it into something indecipherable.

      The less tweaking you do to a sound file, the better.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions!

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, The Spirit Seekers Blog

      Sent from my phone, please forgive any typos and auto-corrects.

  37. I received a text a few years ago ..the night my grandmother passed. 2 texts basically stating that she loved me and new I was there when she passed.akso stated sorry that the spelling is off but she didn’t have her glasses on.

    1. Mike:

      I LOVE the fact that she apologized for the typos! It sounds like she was a funny gal in life and in the afterlife.

      Thank you for visiting our blog and sharing your encounter with the other side.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor in Chief, The SPIRIT Seekers Blog

  38. I was visiting Missisauga, Ontario after my daughter gave birth to my grandson. At 515 am i recieved a text message that read @@. And then again at 515am same thing @@

  39. I recieved at text that just said @@ it looked like it came from me but if i text myaelf it mirrors and these two texts were not mirrored


    1. Richard,

      Death doesn’t have a design or a plan. It isn’t a being who searches for victims. Unless a person simply ages out, death is random. You never know when illness or accident will claim those close to us, or come for us directly. It’s what makes life so unpredictable.

      I am sorry for your loss and for the pain you continue to feel by not having Robert in your life.

      Not everyone who crosses over to the other side will communicate with those left behind. Even if they do, it is typically one time, in order to close out business here in the physical world.

      I know you miss Robert terribly, but our world is for the living and we have to find a way to let those who have passed move on from it.

      Just because you can’t contact Robert, or because he does not reach out, does not mean he didn’t care, it does not mean he doesn’t want to see or hear from you.

      Things are different on the other side, there isn’t the grief or sorrow we feel here.

      If you are unable to move on, or you are struggling with grief daily, try reaching out to a psychic medium. They might be able to help you make contact.

      Also, consider grief counseling or therapy to help you sort out the overwhelming sense of loss. There is no shame in that.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

  41. We have a “shadow man” in our house. He has a tendency to get a bit aggressive, especially with me. I can feel when spirits are around. I’ve chased him out several times, but he always comes back. Lately he’s been touching me again. I tell him to stop and that he doesn’t have permission to touch me. Tonight I was in the kitchen when my husbands cell phone received a random text from someone he doesn’t know. Something about a toilet, of all things. Here’s the weird part, someone typed a response. There are only two people in the house and neither of us did it. My husband was outside grilling and I didn’t touch his phone. The message said “I’m so angry”. It wasn’t sent. Just typed. Now who did that?! I know who. The shadow man. My husband and I are planning to move, we are tired of dealing with this shadow man. I guess this entity is angry we’re leaving. I really hope he doesn’t get aggressive again. That was very scary! Even the dogs were scared.

  42. I recently received 3 text messages on android from my 17 year old daughter who passed,in answer to questions i cried for how she is it says o.k., to if we still have some sort of familial connection it says we are still related,to let me know what you feel it says pleasure….i don’t believe but judge what I see.

  43. I received two texts few months back. These read like ‘A5ODCN12OKJLSSAA00………………………………….’. Very long messages with just random capitalized alphabets and numbers. The number looked like it belonged to the telecom company. But I never received such messages from the company before and after this incidence. My dear brother had passed few months prior to this incident and I have always wished him to contact me. But I am not sure what these messages are all about. May be just an error at the company’s end. My phone is basic model. We are not allowed to use android at work. I regret I deleted them.Can someone help?

  44. My boyfriend has a daughter who passed away before him and I got together. We talk about her often. A few days ago his phone text me while he was right beside me. His phone was on the night stand not in his hand I opened it up and it was a picture if him and his deceased daughter today it happen again it was the same picture while he was beside me on the phone to his mom it was sent. He watched me open it and the look on his face was if he seen a ghost We looked at each other in disbelief. Is she trying to tell us something? Its a bit confusing and upsetting. Hes struggling alot since she took her own life I feel so bad. We need to know what this means. Can someone please help??? 😐🤔

  45. Hi,

    I have a ghost story, one night my mum, my sister and my little niece were downstairs, I was flicking through my note pad and a message appeared saying “Hello I am Craig”, with some messy small circles in a line underneath.

    I told them and my sister and she thought it would be funny to draw on a page some joined up circles, when I saw this, again on the page it said “Hello, I’m Craig”, my sister said she never did that part.

    The next day at school I was telling the story, and then I looked at the back of my history book and there was the same message with the joined up circles underneath.

    The most significant thing about this writing was that it was very messy, like someone trying to write with their left hand with their eyes closed, but… each time, lets just say, it might as well been photocopied, it was the exact size, style, shape… Unfortunately I threw these messages away because it scared me too much to keep hold of them, they never happened again after that.

  46. My son.and I were sending text messages the other morning and when I picked up the phone and it said send ? But it said
    “Baby did you put that back?
    Sorry I Turned Away ,
    I didn’t press send cause it was not me that wrote the text message

  47. My name is Todd and I am a Paranormal Investigator in the US. I try to help people being tormented by spirits, especially those of the inhuman variety. I recently had a horrific experience when a woman contacted my group saying she feared a demon was attacking her and trying to possess her. It seems she had gotten involved with a group of demon worshipers in LA and when the Demonic infestation began she ran home to Boston but the Demon followed. Anyway the day we were to try and help her I woke up that morning feeling sick and as if someone really angry was following me around my home trying to intimidate me only I was the only one there. About two hours before we were to leave and investigate this woman’s claims and try to help her text messages began coming into my phone. These are the messages: 1. Demon was watching you earlier 2. Demon made you sick. Then a messages saying Demon is in Judy, that’s our clients name. Then as I walked around the store I began to feel angry and when a customer said something to upset me I began to feel enraged, a minute later a message comes in saying Demon made you mad. Then texts began to come in naming my children in a threatening manner. Every message had a different number attached and when I called the client she claimed to have no knowledge if this. My group even had a different investigation planned for a couple of days later and I got text saying Demon and see you at and it named the other location specifically. By then I was totally freaked out and after my children were threatened I was forced to cancel the investigation.

    1. That is some serious business right there!

      I think you made the right decision in calling off the investigation. Perhaps meeting with your team and coming up with an different approach would be the best for at this time.

      It sounds like Judy needs help, but at what cost?

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  48. My name is Jessica. I have been experiencing something strange. When I text a certain friend (and we text a lot), I receive strange texts that she didn’t send, but my phone says they’re from her number. The content of the messages sometimes goes along with our conversation and sometimes does not. Most of the time she can’t see these extra messages at all, but on a few occasions she has seen them, and been thoroughly confused as she is not typing them. The odd messages are coherent, and can be understood although the content is sometimes strange like; “today is the day of the eye”. Other times the odd messages make sense but I can tell they are not speaking or discussing things as my friend would, like; “the only way I will come back is if you get these movies…..” and it went on, in separate texts, listing movies that I was to get so we could watch them. It only happens when I am texting this specific friend. I even tried sending my own phone number a text, it of course worked, and I left that thread open to see if communication might happen that way instead, there has been no change however. This gets frustrating as it confuses my friend and I both frequently, for example; my friend messaged me saying she might leave early due to the weather. Due to the fact that my friend travels a lot, I asked, where the weather was bad? Just trying to make sure it wasn’t in my area. I received a response saying; ‘Thought Boston was supposed to be calm’. I replied, oh, ok. So where’s the bad weather?. To which my friend replied….”Boston”. She couldn’t see the message that said Boston was supposed to be calm. I have no idea what’s really going on here but it’s certainly bizarre.

  49. I have a friend who is plagued by supernatural activity. She has strong psychic tendencies and I have above average psychic tendencies. Weird things happen when we communicate with each other. I won’t list everything but text that we didn’t write is being inserted into our messages. Is it the dead? Doubtful. I don’t think most of what people think are the souls of the departed interacting with us is the source of ghost phenomena. My feeling is they are non-human entities who can mimic the dead if they choose to. It’s a way for humans to accept them and let them in. I don’t know what they want. Generally they cause chaos.

    But I can’t be sure about the source but I’ve experienced enough that can’t be explained away.

    To answer your question though, yes, disembodied intelligences appear to be able to insert themselves into electronic conversations. I’ve experienced it on my own and so has my friend and our experience gets amplified when we communicate with each other.

  50. After my husband passed in June of 2004, I received texts from a number with all zeros multiple times. Mostly it just left the message, “I’m home”. Since texting wasn’t a giant avenue for communication at that time, there were preset templates you could choose to send your text instead of pushing each letter a specified amount of times to slowly tap out your message. When I received that message from Jason, I knew it was him saying he’d made it to Heaven and was okay.
    This morning I found Facebook messages in my messenger to myself. I’ve never left messages to myself. Ever. It was a long string of one word. ALIVE. Sent in April 20, 2011- our 11th anniversary and again on May 31, 2011. I know it could only be him.
    On a side note, after my grandfather passed, the musical doorbell at his home would ring nearly constantly. He knew we loved that melody as children because it signified we had made it to Gma’s House- home. I’d like to think that was Grandpa’s way of saying he was home, too.

  51. I got a friend request from my friend’s dead brother and didn’t accept it. I don’t wanna die too.

  52. My son passed away at 24 six months ago. My phone typed an unsent text message reading RIPthe them and then his last name twice ending with 0000000. 5 minutes later my CD jumped two tracks ahead. The song was about God by bob Dylan

  53. My husband had a similar incident. He was hanging out with his friends. When his friend started telling him something weird is going around. He started receiving text message first saying Hi. He replied with ‘who is this?’ The sender sent, ‘I see you.’ The friend started freaking out and was like ‘what you mean?’ The ghost kept replying ‘I see you’ follow by his name. The friend kept going off saying it wasn’t funny, to stop playing prank(he thought it was someone trying to prank him). The ghost reply simply “i know everything”. My husband friend was now starting to freakout. He was the only one at the time in the house and didn’t know what to do. The ghost seem like it was assume in a way. Kept asking the friend why he scared? Eventually the spirit told him to leave the front door. Which the friend reply to No and why? The ghost insisted one more time come out to which he didn’t. So after a good few mins of no response. The friend felt sick and said he saw a man silhouette. Then his vision black out then regain. During his time telling this to my husband. He got a text message from the same ghost. It said Hi at first. To which my husband reply ‘fuck that.’ He reply same and got message back saying ‘I see you with your friend.’ My husband was getting a little scared and his friend replied normally with ‘What do you want?’ The ghost just reply saying come out but my husband refuse and kept shaking his head. The ghost ask him, ‘Marcos why you scared?’ (That is my husband name) my husband refused for a longtime till ghost replied “either you come out or I come in” to which he obey. He went out to front porch and saw his vision going black and seeing a silhouette by his friend driveway. He immediately went back inside and wasn’t bother since. He believe the neighborhood he and his friend live is haunted.

  54. About 6 mos after my mom passed away my son whom my mom loved him unconditionally received a text from an unknown number. It read “hi hunter it’s grandma. Goodbye” we called the number it was disconnected.

  55. I started seeing a shadow in the house n I would just ignore it. Till one day my boyfriend and I were talking about ghosts n I told him how I felt like it was trying to talk to me or make it’s presence known. We were cuddling in bed and boom I get a text from my boyfriends phone that was on the other side of the room that said,”I see you.” My boyfriend is really scared of ghost so he turned white n almost cried. I felt relieved cuz then I knew I wasn’t going crazy seeing things. The next day we were in bed cuddling again and we were making fun saying I see you to eachother. Then my boyfriend was saying I’m not scared of any ghost. F@ck that ghost. It better not f@ck with me. He was going on and on. We started falling asleep when we get a text that said. “Don’t f@ck with me.” Again his phone was on the other side of the room. 2 days later. My boyfriend was taking a shower n the light turned off n he was white and almost in tears. I check my phone n there was a text that said, “Lets play.” I was laughing cuz i told him u provoked it and mocked it. Plus let’s play seemed harmless. When he left to put his clothes on I told it. If ur messing with him cuz he’s not good for me keep doing it till he leaves. I don’t care. Save me from whatever I’m getting myself into. We ate lunch. Ran some errands. When we got back I had to pack to go on vacation. So my boyfriend offered to cook dinner while I packed. I started putting music on my phone when I get a text that said,”He is good for you.” I ran back to the kitchen where my boyfriend was busy cooking away. My heart was pounding n I asked him did u just text me. N he said no I don’t even have my phone. His phone was still in the car. I literally had just walked into my room from the kitchen it would have been impossible for him to get the phone, send the text, and put it back. Plus he didn’t hear me say anything about him being good for me. I was totally alone when I said it so I immediately started crying. I was thinking it was some kind of super stalker with a spoof app up untill this moment. Then I checked the phone again and it said,”Lets play,” again. This was yesterday n this morning I had a paralyzing dream where a child layed with me n put it’s arm around me. A small boy. I could only see the side of his face cuz I could barely move. N I told him, “I’m sorry baby but u have to go.” I told him several time crying but I can barely utter the words it was so hard. He disappeared and I woke up to staring at my blanket where he was laying. I’ve been up since 4am. I’m kinda scared to go back to bed. How do I get rid of it. My son is coming to stay with me this summer n I don’t want him to get scared.

  56. Okay so I don’t know how to start this and I really don’t know if it’s really paranormal or not but I’ll tell u this it’s quite odd in my opinion. My cousin passed away in 2012 and idk how long after but I start noticing on Facebook I keep getting a notification about checking my horoscope (kind of like trying to get me to play a Facebook game notification if u ever got one of those on Facebook). Well I just check my horoscope which most the time I never like that horoscope site I’ve seen a lot better ones so I alway let it pass me by but ofcorse feel some type of connection with him. Finally years later I here his brother on Facebook talking about this happening to him and I told him I’ve been having this experience for years too and we just kind of let it pass us by and never talked about it again. Now here comes where it gets even CRAZIER !!! I deleted my Facebook and I don’t have messenger no more and even when I did have them I never excepted to get notifications sent to my phone. So I’ve never have got a notification sent to my messages from anybody on Facebook. Untill now and I’ve been getting them ALOT from my cousin sharing me an updated to Facebook !!! I just don’t get it… I’m starting to wonder if it’s really coincidence or is he trying to reach out to me? What makes it so odd is … he’s the only one I get notifications from on something I don’t even have anymore, don’t get on, and never allowed notifications from Facebook to get sent directly to my phone. (Sorry if u can not understand my typing) Also I reckon I could add that his death was very odd too with what was going on my life right at that moment. If I told u that story it would make all this even weirder. If anybody is interested let me know and I’ll tell u my story. It really changed me and all this was right before the world was suppose to end in 2012 so we all know how weird of a time that was ! Hope I get some answers on here. Peace Love and Light.

  57. Yes I really do believe your comment as I myself have received a text from my dead mother on the date of her memorial .Also the night she died .the txt said. ( I’m on my way ) x

  58. I was going through some legal issues with my dads property so i started recording conversations with my lawyer and my fathers ex-wife aside from the legal term oil I was going tgrough, the love of my life passed away. It was a really hard year. My dad’s ex wife had called earlier this day so I figured she would be calling again. The phone rang and I thought I recognized the phone number.. I don’t know what made me but record before answering it, it wasn’t my lawyer or my dad’s ex but I did and it was static and I could hear what I thought was interference and hung up. The second call was the same thing but I could have swore I heard my love. I called his name and said is that you? Are you still there? The answer I got was so clear and i just knew it was his voice. The other end answered yes sweetheart. I about lost my blood flow. I have not went back to listen to it but I’ve allowed a few close friends of ours and they were shocked.

  59. I never in a million years thought I would Google information on deceased people sending texts. But here I am. A lifelong friend of mine died on December 1. He was also a good friend of my parents. As I was leaving for the funeral in a city 4 hours from where I live, I was texting with my Dad and stepmom. I sent them 3 or 4 photos of the deceased friend and I and my father pver 50 years ago. My stepmother wrote that they were dear photos. As I was driving I picked up the phone e yo respond to her and in MY SMS response field, there was a huge amount of text. I had no idea what it was and figured something that they had sent me had somehow replicated into my own text entry box. I tried to delete but it was extremely long so I just hit send to get a clear text box in which to compose my message. I couldn’t believe it when what I had sent was a farewell latter from a dying Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I had never seen this piece of writing before, nor had my parents. I have no idea how it got into this conversation of photos of the recently deceased friend. U have no idea how it appeared in my text entry field. I am more than a little baffled and don’t know what to think. I may have to revise my certainty that there is nothing after death. Then a few days later an unconnected Google home started making noises like a door opening and closing and rustling around. I feel like I am losing my mind!!

  60. My husband and I had a difficult event, and I’ve been getting all types of signs from the universe. He sent me a text saying that I should meet him in the lobby of our building and signed it, angel. He sent it at 7:39pm. I woke up the next day to a text from my husband from the middle of the night and it said “Bobby Angel. Love it.” It was sent at 239am. Exactly 7 hours later. My husband swears that he never sent the message. My grandfather’s name was Bobby and I’ve been asking him for signs. Could it have been him?!?

  61. 3 weeks after my mother passed I received a text message from her, only it came from the house land line. It said “I got your text”. I sent her a heartfelt text the day before she died in the hospital and 3 weeks later that is the message I received back one night when I was inconsolable. I had 2 numbers for her in my contacts and one was the land line and that’s where it came from. Very weird and no one can explain how that is possible. Needless to say I will never ever delete it.

  62. My brother died September 19th 2017. On May 23rd 2018 I received a text message from him (or from someone texting from his mobile number). I have him in my contacts with his mobile number, so when the text came in , it came in under his name from his number. The message was from a keyboard/app with a foreign alphabet. The message consisted of three letters: Yyh, the capital Y has two dots over it. It means nothing to me. I am doing research on what language it could be and also attempting to determine who cancelled his cellular account and when. I did determine that his mobile number has been re-assigned, and the name of the person who has it now. There is no way to determine when she was assigned his number. BTW, she has an Anglo name and unlikely to use a foreign keyboard. This is all very puzzling to me. If the text came from my brother’s phone, someone would have had to install the foreign letter keyboard. My brother used and spoke only English. If the message came from the person who now has his cell number, how would she know MY number. Only someone with my brother’s contacts would know my number. Very, very strange.

    1. Hi Lori,

      That accent over the letter Y, (Ÿ) is called an umlaut. It is featured heavily in German, though it does make an appearance in several other languages such as Spanish and French among others.

      Some phone keyboards allow accented letters to show up if the letter is long-pressed (pressed and held).

      The Ÿyh, doesn’t translate into anything in any documented language within Google Translate or Babel. I am assuming, whoever sent the message most likely did it in error.

      However, we are still left with the mystery of how it was sent to you from your brothers number if the new recipient of the number did not have access to you as a contact, as they person just inherited the number, not the phone or the contacts.

      The natural conclusion is that the message was sent well before the number was reassigned and was trapped in the SMS server used by the telecom company and showed up when the number was reassigned and purged. A push to clear data associated with that number could have resulted in you receiving the message, most likely a pocket text when originally drafted.

      OR—it is truly a message from the other side, as cryptic as it is.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, SpiritSeekers Blog

  63. Yes earlier this morning i turned on my other phone that can only connect to wifi it requires a sim card for service there is no actual phone number hooked up mind you. Anyway to make a long story short i turned on the phone like i normally do and was ready to put passcode in to get into the phone and on the screen in big letters i read the words “hey shit head” . well a couple days ago i texted my deceased stepfathers facebook account and wrote him just saying hello and that i love him. We didnt get along too much when he was alive before he passed. Even though he did care about me. But when i saw that on my screen it looked like a screensaver and someone used paint to write it themselves as it wasnt typed it was drawn. I searched through the gallery and there are no saved pictures of the words hey shit head. I froze when i saw it and i swiped it away when i swiped it away it went to the usual password unlock thing that usually comes on the screen. Also i have to say shortly after this took place my faucet in bathroom turned on by itself i heard the water running. I froze again. It did stop when it did i closed the door and got back in my bed. So weird and real. This is 100 percent real.

  64. I have received a text. I believe it was from my mother who had passed.
    My mother was a very strong soul. She was a fighter, a very determined woman who could do anything she set her mind to. She was reaching her elder years and was dealing with some health issues. She had an extreme health emergency and ended up in a hospital. Eventually we were told we were going to have to say goodbye to her. She would not depart in the hospital so we took her home. Once home, she did leave this world. After her soul was set free, that very afternoon, still in her presence, my phone stopped working.
    The next day I had to arrange to repair or replace my phone. Had to replace it and there was no explanation on how it stopped working but the phone was relatively new so it was replaced at no cost to me.
    Now about the text I received… It was basically a blank text message (it read “message not found”) but was received by my replacement phone 9 days after my mom’s passing and right after I had written in my journal as if speaking to my mom and telling her that I had missed her. I believe it was her soul trying to communicate with me. The time was just before 3a.m. not at any time that anyone would be texting me.
    Then again 10 months later I received the same message…again after I was feeling particularly sad about the loss of my mom…and again it was just before 3a.m. I still miss my mom very much. She was such a great mom. She was so smart and taught me so much. I believe her soul is still very strong. Some other experiences that I have had and information that was shared with me have led me to believe that our souls go on. Our loved ones are still there. With us and with love. So can they text us or communicate with us? I believe so. It isn’t easy but it can happen. 11:11

  65. I am one who believes ghosts can now text only because of the situation that happened this august 8th from about 11 the night of the 7 till 10am on the 8th of August. Some of the comments threatened my kids lives and my own but the weirdest part was how this phone number knew what me and everyone in my house was doing and stuff I was looking up on my phone that No one else knew I was looking at in the whole house. I have tried to brush it off cause it is now the 14th of august but with how creepy it all was it has been in the back of my head. Everyone in the house knows that if anyone made the threatening comments towards my kids they would have got their butts beat right then and there. So yes I am starting to believe in this shit.

  66. 2 days ago my Mom got a text from a jobsite that she is enrolled with, asking if she was still looking for a job. Nothing strange there, she has contact with this company all the time. She clicked the link as usual and started to fill out her info, which normally automatically populates her info. But instead it was my deceased father’s info. He has been dead 51 years! It freaked her out but she went ahead and typed in her first and last name. And here is where it gets creepy…after she hit enter, her screen turned completely black and my Dad’s first, middle and last name was the only thing on the screen. Then it just disappeared and went back to the previous page and it never happened again. She is pretty freaked out!

  67. Upon returning home from my late fathers funeral, the family sat while I charged his old iPhone 4 to see what was stored in it. I checked safari google type search and history and sure enough he had never used this function as he didn’t know it existed. Then the cat walks in and does his rare growl moan at a space above a chest of draws, my son bursts into tears as he knows our cat is seeing spirits, I check the iPhone which was back on charge. Midnight on the dot, safari has an Apple page open on select new screen angle then another page on angle with a local realestate close by dads old residence, it was a message to warn me about his estate and the court battle I subsequently found myself in against my remaining family members as they have simply turned evil and greedy!

  68. I have a few of them that won’t let me write an intelligent text at times… since I bought some very old antiques in June. I caught a picture of a lady in Victorian dress who was not in my bedroom, in the reflection of the mirror of one of these antiques. So clear if anyone wants to see! Then all these text that write themselves as we watch. Sometimes on 4 devises and 2 carriers. I have hours of recorded video of this that I can view here but can’t send for some weird reason. Lots of thumping in my room as if to say hi, I’m here.

  69. My mother died on November 30 2020, suddenly and shockingly. Her last email to us (her children and partner) the day before she went into very routine surgery, lamented that the hospital had no wifi so that she would not be able to use her “trusted IPad” to communicate with us and that we would have to call her through the hotel switchboard. She left behind a partner, a common-law widow, who inherited Mom’s iPad and eventually reluctantly deleted my mother’s Gmail account as she should, and has been using the iPad herself. She and I are close and talk on the phone often.

    On March 30 2021 (last Tuesday)I was feeling very sad about trying to break free from an emotionally abusive relationship. To distract myself I engaged in a flurry of friendly emails with my siblings. One of them was my eldest sister who is my Mom’s executor. She had just gotten Mom’s death certificate and we were poring over it by email, as there was missing information, and my sister was a bit overwhelmed at the insanity of the process of dealing with her will and probate.

    At about 2:30 PM I fell asleep. I woke up to an email from my mother’s partner. The subject line was Peace of Mind and it was a link to a Youtube video of Loggins and Messina performing Peace of Mind at a live conference. Then the word “Still”

    Subject: Peace of Mind

    Sent from my iPad

    I watched the performance on Youtube and immediately felt better. My suffering lifted.

    I sent a reply to my mother’s partner thanking her for the video and telling her I really needed something like that at that moment.

    She called me a few hours later when she saw both emails (the one sent by her and my reply) and said, I didn’t send that email. I have never seen that performance.

    In fact she was also napping at that very same time as me, when the email was sent.. (two time zones ahead). She lives alone. She does not sleepwalk, or take mind-altering drugs that would make her send that email while she was asleep. The Ipad was in another room.

    We pored over the strangeness – maybe someone had her password? But the Loggins and Messina is very personal – my mother, and her partner, BOTH loved L&M and used to play it hen I was a kid, and in fact my mother’s partner used to play it on the guitar. I also love Loggins and Messina and identify it with both of them.

    She and I, after discussing it for an hour, gradually stopped trying to find non-paranormal explanations. The lyrics of the song are about walking away from an abusive situation and finding peace, which allowed me the courage to decide to leave my abusive boyfriend the next day. I feel like my mother had become an angel and managed to send the email to me through her “trusted iPad” which was the last thing she talked about in her last email before she went in to the hospital – wanting access to it to communicate with her children after her surgery, which she never came out of..

    Her own email account had been deleted. so she used her partner’s. It’s that simple.

    The word Still is interesting, (under the Youtube link) because does it mean she wants me to be still, and at peace, and tranquil, or does it mean that it is still where she is?

    Anyway so I got a pretty positive, clear, non-creepy and solid message from my mother from the other side. I am both amazed and yet totally not surprised.

    1. Or “Still” was validation that though she is gone, L&M are still a big part of her existence and that the message she wanted you to hear was in one of their songs.

      Who is to say, exactly? But it is fascinating and brings peace to those left behind to know that we somehow go on, that we continue to exist, and if needed, we can reach those still in the physical world.

      I am sorry for your loss, especially one so unexpected. I wouldn’t be surprised though if she has found other ways to communicate with you. Be open to receive her messages.

      Thank you for sharing.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, SPIRIT Blog

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