How to Unsubscribe From a WordPress.Com Blog

by Tony Harrington

unsubscribe-button1I recently received a comment on a blog article that I wrote from a known troll of this site that demanded I remove them from the mailing list that announces when a new post is made to this blog.

This particular person, as stated previously, is what is known as a troll. They pop on here occasionally to start trouble, their recent profanity-laden outburst is no exception. I have this particular person set up so that any comment they make gets moved immediately to the trash.

I saw that I had one item in my trash bin and when I read it I just started laughing. You can check out the outburst yourself in the comments section of this entry:

The funniest part about this outburst is the fact that the particular user has no concept of how a public blog works. Though they are inarticulate, profane, and clearly incapable of acting like a grown adult, they do raise a solid point. Perhaps I need to provide instructions to people on how to unsubscribe from a public blog.

The key word here is “Public”. This means anyone with an internet connection can view the blog and respond to articles. The comments are placed in moderation for an administrator to review. Once we approve the comment it will be visible for anyone who stumbles across this blog to see.

Additionally, since it is a public blog, that means that visitors have the option of signing up to receive notifications of when an author on this site posts a new entry to the blog. 

The Spirit Seekers blog administrators do  not have a way of adding people to the distribution list. Visitors to the blog can only do this themselves. They Enroll by entering their email address somewhere on the blog and clicking “submit. On our blog, that enrollment box is to the right of every blog entry as depicted in the screen capture below:


Once they sign up, WordPress.Com adds your email address to a notification distribution list and sends you a confirmation email asking if you are sure you wish to receive notifcations from this blog. It looks like this:


You then had to click “Confirm Follow”.

Bloggers (Site owners and admins) DO NOT have access to this list. This means that even if you ask nicely, or act like a fool and curse us out, we simply have no way of honoring your request.

That is not to say that you can’t get off the list, it simply means you have to handle it yourself.

Just as none of the blog admins signed you up, they can’t remove you.


1) You are clearly receiving emails from The Spirit Seekers blog, hence your request to be removed. If you actually read the emails sent to you, you will notice that at the bottom of the email there is an “UNSUBSCRIBE” link. 


2) Click it and follow the instructions

3) You are now unsubscribed and will no longer receive emails.

Wash, rinse, repeat…

Hopefully that clears a few things up.

With that said, I am publicly issuing this apology to our resident troll:

SSI sincerely apologizes to you because you somehow accidentally filled out your email address on the subscribe form, accidentally clicked “Sign me up”, and accidentally clicked “Confirm Follow” in your welcome email. We understand; mistakes happen and we are saddened that the many steps leading to your successful enrollment into our distribution list did not clearly indicate to you that you were signing up to be placed on a mailing list.

We also regret that the emails in question use confusing verbiage such as “unsubscribe” to tell users how to…um…unsubscribe.

Now that I have posted this, I am deleting the ridiculous comment that prompted this entry, as this is a family-friendly site and not a place to talk like an uneducated idiot.


3 thoughts on “How to Unsubscribe From a WordPress.Com Blog

  1. Very well put Tony!
    I detest Trolls. What most annoys me is the saying things that we all know they would not say face-to-face, just the revelling in the anonimity of the net.

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