The Black Stick Man Phenomenon

by Tony Harrington

In the world of the paranormal, there is seldom anything new to write home about. Ghosts are ghosts after all, the tried and true staple of an investigator’s diet.

Rarely do we see an emergence of a new phenomenon. We might see an older type of entity experience resurgence in popularity due to a high-profile expose on shows like “Ghost Hunters” or “Destination Truth”, but that is not the same as a true emergence of a previously undocumented event.

That theory was flipped on its ear in 2009 when website featured “Black Stick Men” as one of their top 10 most bizarre modern paranormal phenomena.

The list; which included Black Eyed Kids, Dog-Head Man, and other cryptids immediately caught fire due to the inclusion of the Black Stick Men. As it turns out, there was something to be said of the recent phenomenon.

The black stick men are just that…walking stick figures, the kind you would draw as a child, or as an adult if you lacked any ability to draw whatsoever. The male gender is usually attached to the figures, though to be honest, they seem rather gender-neutral.

The figures have been described as unusually tall, black in appearance, lacking any facial or bodily features and very lean. Their appearances have been documented on message forums and websites since 2008 and unlike shadow people as a whole, do not coincide with a mention on Ghost Hunters or other paranormal program. Accounts of encountering the figures just started creeping up.

Could they be part of a viral marketing campaign, in similar fashion to an alien being caught on a game camera in Louisiana turned out to be viral marketing for the film Super-8 or could they be some part of a collective of urban legends?

The complete lack of photographic or video evidence quickly discounts the fact that these stories are part of a marketing campaign of any sort. They also do not appear to be centralized to one location such as the mysterious website which seemed to be more of a performance art piece rather than a fully-realized otherworldly phenomenon.

Also, there is no “A friend of a friend” accounts to tie these encounters to an urban legend. The details involved in the accounts are scant at best, mostly fleeting glimpses. So, unlike true urban legends, there is no moral or sense of irony.

The details, of what little there are, about these creatures/apparitions seem to be consistent from story to story.  The appearance usually takes place along a deserted road, or in an alley way, away from bright lights and prying eyes.  The person encountering the stick men more times than not report being tired. The figures move smoothly as if gliding, they do not make any sound although the air around them is reportedly charged with static.

The actual stick men themselves seem indifferent to us unless provoked or if they realize they have been spotted. Then they will flee quickly or in some rare instances will approach quickly in a frightening display of aggravation. However, there have been no reported incidents of anyone being touched or harmed by the mysterious beings.

The only indications of their intent have been reports of vague feelings of malevolence, though some feel this has to do with the disturbances in the atmospheric/barometric pressures that often accompany a sighting.

Are they paranormal? Who is to say? Most of the accounts are not associated with a known haunted spot and most sightings are not tied to any other ghostly phenomenon. They are simply things that exist outside of our realm of the normal. So in that sense, yes, they are paranormal…but not necessarily ghosts of any type.

The Black Stick Man phenomenon is fairly new, not enough research/evidence has been conducted on just what or who they are and why they are visiting us. They could be ghosts, yet they could be alien as well if you are inclined to believe that we are not alone in this world.

Either way, to those who have seen these things, they are very real and are among us. As to where they go and what they do once out of our line of sight can only be speculated.

Have you encountered one of these mysterious beings? If so, please share your story with us in the comments below.

About SPIRIT Seekers
Spirit Seekers is a Paranormal Research Team located in Arkansas, dedicated to investigating and documenting the spirit world around us. Our Team is committed to the research, documentation, education, and investigation of ghostly phenomena recorded through EVP, digital, film and video photography. Spirit Seekers consists of professional people who believe there is far more to the world around us than meets the eye. We believe that our spirits enter into another plane of existence upon physical death. For any number of reasons, some have elected to stay here or have been anchored here, unable to move on. We, as a whole, desire the knowledge and understanding of life after death. One of our main goals is to assist those who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon. We will look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted. We do not charge a fee for our services. Please feel free to contact us if you need our assistance.

321 Responses to The Black Stick Man Phenomenon

  1. Jeannineholesovsky says:

    When I was about 12 my brother and his friend were forced to take me with them to a movie. On the way back it was dark and something was coming across thwarting road. My brother had to stop the car so we wouldn’t hit it. It was a stickman and it looked right at us as it crossed the road. It wasn’t black. It was actual wood, about 1 by 2 inches. Not branches, like sawed wood that you would build something with. I’ve been telling this story ever since. Of course people don’t believe me. They believe I say something. I know what I saw. I wasn’t the only one who saw it. Also we were talking about it about 12 yrs. later and my oldest brother movie

    • People tend to find things they can not comprehend suspect. Because they can not imagine such a thing existing, then obviously what you experienced did not happen or it was just your imagination. That is the mentality we deal with day in and day out. It is good to hear from someone who had a legitimate experience with a stick-man.

      If I had seen it, that would have been the exact moment I cried like a school-girl!

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!!!

      • Sakura says:

        I saw one of these crawling down the fire exit stairs. OMG. I thought it was my imagination but after a few days, one of my classmates saw it too and again it’s crawling down the stairs. So creepy.

      • D says:

        People find it suspect because these stories are never backed up by anything other than “I’m serious…I saw it”. It’s always seen by one or two people and there are never recordings or images which aren’t doctored or easily explained.

      • D:

        I agree. I like to have proof as well. As I have said over an over, I have never seen or experienced any of these “stick figures”. While I would love to see proof to belive it 100%, i do believe that people sharing their stories, for the most part, saw something.

        Whatever they encountered is very real to them, so I am not one to call them liars or make demands of them beyond them sharing their story.

        I don’t require contributors to provide proof, because I am not scientifically documenting the existence of the Black Stick Men phenomenon. I am simply collecting personal experiences.

        Would I love proof? Absolutely. Do I believe everyone’s encounters are true or truly paranormal/supernatural? Nope.

    • secret says:

      I can’t believe i’m not the only one who saw this. Last night I was trying to get some sleep in my room and I heard someone knocking on my window. I fearfully looked up and decided to open my door. That’s when I first saw these so called “stick mans” The ones I saw were tall and incredibly lanky. They walked slowly and they all had medium length tin strands of hair. First I thought I was just tired but when I got up out of fear to open my door I could feel this powerful feeling of pressure. I swear on my life it was one of the most terrifying/paranormal feelings I’ve ever encountered. I’m so happy I’m not crazy. thanks for sharing your story!

    • chris.s says:

      i seen a black stick man go passed the windowe and it moved its head side to side
      then went dowen stairs but there was no dowen stairs

      • Kevin says:

        It’s happening when I wake up but it’s tall and stands in the corner of my room the moment my eyes focus it’s gone but I know it’s there

    • TheodenN says:

      That’s exatly what I saw too. The entity I saw looked as if it was made out of newly sawed bright and clean wood. Head and hands were just black spheres. It looked exactly as if it was made of gaint match sticks with every feature and color. The entity I saw was wearing some sort of hat by the way which is very wierd in my opinion.

    • Cassie says:

      I have seen one. April 16th 2014. My daughter is 3, shes special needs and doesnt talk that well. She starts screaming and crying and I go in there. She keeps saying I saw someone, I saw someone she DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING like that. She barely has 10 words that she even says. She draws on her etch a sketch and says here mommy. Again, special needs, cant draw that well. I have the pic and can send to anyone just leave their cell number, otherwise I cant upload or dont know how. SHE DREW A PIC of what SHE SAW, PERIOD. I am not lying, I am NOT playing with anyone at all I am telling the truth. She drew it. Next night, I see the same stick figure like thing trying to go RIGHT out my window, I am so terrified, and yet I have seen a LOT in my life, I am 26, so I have seen a LOT of spirits etc. This stick like figure was hanging over her bed, like it was going to take her, before I came in the room. It is now April 24th, I havent slept at night since then. I go to bed at 7 am. in the daylight, when my kids go to school I cant sleep at night anymore. If anyone can help me with this that wuold be great. I will give my cell number or heres my email just put subject title Stick Figure thanks

    • pang says:

      I saw something in my younger childhood similar to this. This is the only thing that comes close to a legitimate description. I was 10 or 11 at the time (now 30). Not a day goes by where it doesn’t cross my mind. I lived in the mountains throughout my childhood up until I was a teenager. The encounter happened while I was getting out of the shower. I heard some shuffling coming from outside the window, but we had a holographic, plastic, adhesive covering over the window so I wasn’t able to see anything. Once I peeled the plastic back from the window a little bit, I could see a long, black, slender creature laying down next to the swing set. The weird thing was, was that I wasn’t really scared. More in shock than anything, so I called my sister into the bathroom to come see it, but it was already gone. Little did we know, it was going to make another appearance. The next day in the late evening, we invited a friend to come stay the night with us and we were all sitting in front of the massive window (no curtain) in our living room on the couch. We were just hanging out talking when my sister (brought to our attention) an extremely tall (9-10 ft), dark, skinny figure with gold glowing eyes watching us from a couple hundred feet from the window outside. We freaked out and bolted to the bedroom where we looked out the window again to see that it had disappeared exactly as it did the night before. I don’t know what we saw, why or how we saw it. Dunno what it wanted. For the longest time, I thought it was an alien or something, but by the description (from everyone), this sounds the closest. I’ve told a couple people about it, but they act like I’m crazy. Good to know I’m not alone.

    • Christina says:

      This looks exactly like the thing that was grabbing and pulling my boyfriend’s legs and feet and my legs and feet one night. it woke us both up and were shocked we had the same experience. He didn’t see the “thing” but I got a good look at it. Very frightening and confusing. Don’t know what the hell it is. This is only one example of many incidents around this house.

      • Christina:

        that sounds absolutely terrifying and i thank you for sharing this encounter. For the most part, from what I can gather, not having experienced an encounter personally, the BSMs don’t seem to intend to hurt anyone. They seem to be curious about us. In your encounter, though scary, did you get the feeling that you were in danger or that they meant you harm?

      • Susan E. says:

        It was this year (2015) when I had the experience of seeing a black stick figure. It was Easter, April 5, and my husband and I were driving north on a highway to our daughter’s house at 9:30 in the morning. It was pouring rain, unusual in Northern CA, since we’ve had mainly drought conditions. All of a sudden I saw dimly through the rain-battered windshield a thin, black figure about 12 feet tall, sprinting across the roadway, from left to right (east to west), several car lengths in front of us, seeming to dodge the cars, yet lifting up off the road. It disappeared down an embankment and I didn’t see it after that. Very strange. My husband did not see it, since he was concentrating on driving. Now, this was in broad daylight, not in the dark shadows down a lonesome road. Therefore, it did not strike me as “spooky” or ominous. The impression I had was that this was a reflection or embodiment of nature and energy. As it moved so quickly, it seemed to have some purpose or destination, or just an intent of getting out of the way of traffic.

      • Susan:

        thank you for sharing your experience. It is always interesting to get an experience that differs from the other contributions.

        I am not sure how I would have interpreted seeing a 12 foot stick figure bound across the highway and down an embankment in the middle of the day. I would hope that i would handle it with the poise and dignity that you did, and not scream and flail my arms erratically! Which is my knee-jerk reaction to almost anything I don’t understand. Sadly.

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your personal experience!

        -Tony Harrington

      • Susan says:

        Thanks, Tony, for your response. I’m remembering I was more startled than afraid at what I saw, even though it was fleeting and subtle. Since I was in a moving car, there was no reason for fear, yet I still have questions. Someone I know who is a native healer may have some input on stick men, so I’ll post what I find out from her. -Susan

      • Susan Evind says:

        Tony, I wrote my experience about seeing a black stick man sprint across the road in NorCal last year, and since then I’ve not seen anything similar. However, a few months ago after dropping off my car to be serviced, and getting a lift back home by their office employee, I saw in the corner of my eye a figure like a huge black jaguar or panther standing in the middle of a grassy field as we drove by. This was about a mile from my house.  I’m not prone to visions like these, and I felt uncomfortable asking the driver to turn around and go back to make sure the figure was actually there. So I didn’t tell her what I saw. I know what I saw was real, but it was like an animal, not a stick or 2 dimensional figure like I saw last Easter. So I’m wondering if others have seen animals like that. I am aware that spirit animals can appear physically to people, as well as shape-shifters (or cupachabras). So this may not surprise people, but when you actually experience something like this, it is a surprise and can be unsettling.

      • Susan,

        I approved the comment so it is now visible to other readers. we shall see if anyone else has experienced these “animal-like” apparitions.

        Thank you, as always, for your feedback!

      • Drake says:

        I think my brother might have had a similar experience to this, I was at our father’s apartment so I can’t confirm anything, but my brother and I tend to be serious with each other when it comes to supernatural things. He encountered what I now believe to be a stick man on Aug. 22, 2015, he went home (form our dad’s apartment) early to work on a school project, he told me that sometime between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. he had heard something outside our left window, he went to investigate but couldn’t get the best look because we have a slab of wall material in front of that window so he had to look through a crack between the window and slab, from what he could see he describe a tall, black figure crawling up the side of our house onto our roof. The only thing about his story inconsistent with other”Stickmen” sightings is that the creature made scratching noises on our roof until it left at 5:00 a.m. (according to him.

      • EcoRose says:

        Whoa that is the experience my friend had when she met the black and the white stick figures in her home as a teen. The white stick figure did that to her legs until she yelled for them to leave and not come back. Trippy.

    • Jeremy says:

      Omfg I’m not the only one… night I was walking home I was 19 yrs old I’m now 25 I often walk at night anyways it was foggy but not so thick couldn’t see a distance I passed my friends house and I decided turn back too see if he was up when I turned around I seen a big stick like figure it wasn’t black but brown even seemed kinda shiney there is no chance it could be human anyway it’s strides were huge it walked across the street about 100 ft away I was not scared which was odd this thing crossed the street too my amazement I heard someone say something after it was out of view asking if I in fact seen a stick like figure I at first couldn’t answer I thought maybe my eyes played trickon me deep down I know they hadn’t it was 7 to 8 foot tall I will NVR forget this I thought I was only one ppl don’t have believe but if anyone knew me they know I don’t make up stories this been in my head for yrs I too this day NVR encountered this creature again I even went too nearby wooded area too search no dice idk wat it was but was stick thin and absolutely couldn’t have been a human I custom….I offer have bizzare dreams about this thing but in my dreams it’s presence is aggressive by nature…I can’t believe others have seen this omg.

    • Jeremy says:

      That is so creepy I had similar encounter and wasn’t only see either around 3:00 am it wasn’t black like some reports indicate it was brown 7 to 8 feet tall I wasn’t scared but your encounter gave me goosebumps it’s been yrs since was 19 now I’m 25 this will be with me forever I nvr knew others seen this as well omg

      • Hey Jeremy. I just approved both of your comments but realized that you posted similar things twice because you thought the first one didn’t go through. If you want me to delete one, let me know.

        Thank you for sharing your encounter. One of our users is documenting encounters with a virtual push pin map, so if you don’t mind sharing the location of your encounter (city, state/province, country) that would be awesome.

        Your encounter with a stick man is very similar to what others have experienced and by adding your encounter you are helping others come forward who may feel they are the only ones.

        Thanks again for sharing!

        Tony Harrington
        Spirit Seekers Blog

  2. Karen says:

    Approx 3 -5 years ago I was very I’ll with the When I was very ill with the flu. I saw a black stickman out of the corner of my eye in the passageway. Interestingly some days later I asked a clairvoyant if she knew anything about black stickman and she told me she had a friend ring her in the last few days and said look out for the black stick man. She was wondering what it was all about. I can’t recall whether she saw the figure. The figure I saw was very tall much taller than a human I guess approx 8-10 feet. It moved very fast in a gliding motion. I felt it was a good energy. Maybe a nature spirit. I did wonder if it had anything to do with Aboriginal Stick figures.

    • Karen says:

      I have been thinking through time frame and it was more like 5-7 years ago not 3-5.

    • I have personally never seen one of these figures, and I am glad I haven’t. They sound downright creepy. I wish there was more information on them. they seem to be a relatively modern phenomenon which makes me wonder…are they truly new and why show up now or have they been around a long time and are just now showing themselves. Ah, sweet mysteries of the paranormal world. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

      • i think they are not new at all.. it is possible those cave paintings from ancient times are depictions of these figures… just a thought

      • That is actually a very good thought. Cave paintings do depict tall, slender figures, sometimes interacting with “regular” sized people. Perhaps these things have been around a lot longer than we think.

        Thank you for stopping by and contributing to our discussion!

      • Daniel says:

        Their not that scary. get a prism and a halogen flash light, shine the light through the prism at the creature and it will Dissapate. if you gotta deal with a bunch of them, don’t! That static field they discharge gets really powerful when they are in groups.

  3. darkangel says:

    I cant believe I actually found sites about stickmen! My daughter who is 8 swears on her life that she sees stickmen and have been saying this for years now and ive been just a bit skeptical cause i didnt know really what to think because ive had my own paranormal experiences where i thought i was crazy. So i never really said anything to her, but when i finally looked it up i couldnt believe there are other ppl who have seen them! Then something clicked, this must be the same thing she was seeing when she was 1-3 years old, she could barely talk but she would be looking down the hallway or in a room and hug me with fright and say “Man, dark Man!”

    • Thank you for reading our blog and sharing your story.

      One of the reasons we open comments up from our readers is so that people can share their experiences so that they don’t feel alone. It is a way for those who have experienced something unexplainable to reach out to others who have shared this experience.

      While I personally have not seen a stick man, the number of people who have continues to grow. It is a relatively new phenomenon in the grand picture of the paranormal field, so the entities are either new or have just started showing themselves more frequently.

      Hopefully other people who have experienced these manifestations are able to read your experiences and take some comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

      Thank you again for sharing your story.

      The Spirit Seekers

      • Angellss says:

        I saw a stick man a few days ago, I was walking down the street and a car was driving past and as it did I saw this long tall figure that looked like…I don’t know…a really weird drawing, and I was like ‘It looks like some sort of stick man’ and the second it seemed to notice me it was gone, it was weird.

  4. margalita holladay says:

    I’ve see stick men in the last year after a difficult move to another town. They come when something is going to happen to me that makes my life extremely difficult, like a fall and a long healing process, costly damage to apartment, robbery, stressful human interactions, etc. They are absolutely unforgettable and I am glad I am finding web sites about them. They come when you are very tired, worried and fretful and when it’s dark. Or when you are overconfident, like at dawn. I’ve always just woken up and am standing. They run up to you and tell you bad things are coming with no sympathy or hug – they just say it – but those things DO happen and in a way I am thankful for their frank warnings although I do not want to see them ever again. I call mine pipe cleaner men. They are just like any moving stick figures a child would draw but mine are a little fuzzy everywhere like black pipe cleaners, and their faces are oval with no hint of playfulness or friendliness. They seem to be fast moving harbingers of bad news but they are helpful. Mine have features but they are not exactly features like ours but they do have a mouth and piercing eyes with some color maybe, they seem to be male, no hair or ears, and their emotions seem strung out and a bit stressed and they move like they are in a hurry, quickly addressing you face to face and disappearing. I think they are creatures that are very upset about certain things and they know about the future and they must tell you. They do not stick around long, thank goodness. They do not sit down or stand at the end of the bed or just show up night after night, thank goodness. Each time I’ve seen them (3 times) it had been less than 10 seconds. I thought at first I was dreaming. My counselor says they are consistent with the stress I am under but I’ve been under lots of stress before and have never had such visitors. A friend of mine says they may be sent by loved ones who are very concerned about us.

  5. Ben says:

    I really hope I’m not stepping into a nice, storytelling goo of terrific imagination: simplicity with curiosity. But in any case, I wanted to express the need for characteristic information.. people need to add their specific environments, what kind of home is it, what kind of geography surrounds them (mountains, plains, city, etc), and even more specifically what kind of Governing system surrounds them (Southern States, Industrial areas, Commercial districts, nearby Military/Intelligence installations, etc.). These characteristics are absolutely essential at developing a database that puts these phenomenon into definable trends. Until this is met I can only continuing reading for the sake of personal enjoyment as these are mind-bobblingly terrific stories.. I prefer non-fiction as it is more exciting because of the truth behind it.. so I can see why, with fiction, it would be terrific to add the artificial aspect of reality. But even without individual credibility, if individuals report characteristics we can start gathering data. We are an information society now, we know how to manage this stuff. “Investigation” requires data… and data comes from source. If the sources are unreliable then the lack of data should not be trusted.
    P.S. has anyone ever watched the movie: Ink (2009) ?

    • Ben:

      I am aware you wrote this almost 3 months ago, and I apologize for just now seeing it. Our blog gets hundreds of readers a day and in filtering out the ridiculous amount of spam I get in addition to real responses, I somehow overlooked approving your comment.

      I am truly sorry for this as your reply is truly sound and the call for more information is truly needed, lest we are just left with speculation.

      Could there be similarities that we are overlooking? Perhaps, and it is imperative that we do our due diligence when reporting phenomenon. That is a truly valid point.

      As for “INK”, I have not yet seen it, it is on Netflix streaming and I pass it over every time Netflix suggests it. If it is worth it, I will check it out.

      Thank you for contributing to the blog and again I apologize for the long delay in approving your comment.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor/Contributor of The Spirit Seekers blog

    • Matt says:

      You should read my entry below, for one.
      Time: August 3, 2015, 9:30 PM.
      Location: On the beach, North end of Folly Beach, SC.
      Weather: storm fronts coming and going, high 70’s at night (see meteorological records)
      Description: 10 ft. tall, elongated arms, black with light-colored waist and upper legs (as if wearing board shorts), seemed to float along beach, arms waving like tree branches in wind; did not acknowledge my presence.

      The most frightened I’ve ever been in my life.

      • art says:


  6. EmmaLol says:

    As soon as I heard about these stickmen, I instantly thought about that short story by Shaun Tan called ‘Stick Figures’ about strange wooden stick figures who are constantly found around a town and how the locals interact with them, in the book Tales From Outer Suburbia (by Shaun Tan, obviously). Ironic, huh?

  7. bobshocker says:

    I was 5 or so, you ever open your eyes after you’ve been asleep and the room is so dark, that it’s oppresive, and not like dark at all?

    That’s when I saw the Stickmen, (or that’s the only way I can describe them) and it scared me up big time,

    They were not black, as I wouldn’t have been able to see. They were 2 dimensional, I recall seeing 4 or 6 in the room, but it wasn’t like I was looking in the room, my room was never that dark. Hovering they were, not touching the ground, glowing, but not bright, like a very dark red,

    Maybe it was just my mind adding visions and depth where none existed, or some kind of manifestation of illness.

    I think that the reason I was scared was because as a five year old little tough guy, I new that this was not a natural thing. This did not fit into my understanding of the world, I got out of bed, shut my eyes as I could not see, and blindly ran for the door, with this awful sick feeling in my stomach.

    Of course I had to have the door ajar with the light on after that.

    Even now, nearly 40 years later I still remember it very vividly, and I have no appetite to ever see anything like it again.

  8. Kristina says:

    I was searching for something about stickmen because my 14 yr old nephew was just telling my husband that he had seen one of these at his mother’s funeral at the cemetery. He said it had a white face with eyes and red lips. The arms were long like tentacles. He showed my husband a picture on his phone. I’m assuming one he found online. My sister died from her battle with cancer over a year ago. I know that my nephew had also seen and spoken to the spirit of his older sister. My sister had a mis carriage about 2 yrs. Before she had my nephew.He said the stickman made him feel uncomfortable.

  9. Alex says:

    My little sister keeps waking up screaming and pointing to nothing. She describes them as lanky black stick figures that scream in agony as if they were dying or dead. I believe her as I’ve heard the screams as well, but have not been able to see them. She says that after they scream for around 12 seconds, they speak normally in a deep voice. Most recently she says that one of them asked her to “End the pain and bring him to life” It’s odd because nobody believes her or say that it’s a dream. She’s seen a hypnotist who’s “looked into her mind” and saw them as well, he told us that it wasn’t a dream and that she had seen them for real. Our family see’s things like this quite often, my brother spotted a horse headed man, I have seen and communicated with multiple ghosts, thinking they were real people I talked to them, later to learn they were either dead or just not there. Does it mean anything to be able to see these things?

    • Thank you for visiting our blog and for commenting on the article.

      You asked whether seeing things that don’t exist for others means anything specific.

      Here at SPIRIT Seekers, we believe in psychic phenomenon, the evidence, though not specifically scientific, does point to the possibility that certain people are more in tune with the environment around them.

      Let’s face it, NOBODY can prove the existence of ghosts and other paranormal creatures, but they cannot disprove it either.

      With that said, if your family has a long history of communicating with the dead, then it is very real for you, but more importantly, it shouldn’t be your job to prove that ability to people. If you encounter people who do not believe that you can do what you say you can do, nothing you do can convince them.

      Overall, being able to see and communicate with spirit beings simply means that your mind is not closed off to the things that we cannot see, and because your mind is open, sometimes, things unseen to others will present themselves to you. This can be scary for those just beginning to realize their abilities and at times it may seem difficult to rationalize what you are encountering.

      If you feel a presence means you harm, sever communication with it, close your mind to it. If you feel they are benevolent, then communicate with them and perhaps help them move on or achieve whatever objective holds them here.

      I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.

  10. Nicola anne Kovacs says:

    When I was around 6 or 7 years of age 1969 I had my Nan come visit us from England to Australia . I was sleeping in the spare room with my nan on the opposite side of the room , it was dark it was night time . Opposite me there was a single window , a very old and heavy window that worked on a heavy cord to lift it ,and then 2 stick figures i would say men lifted the window from the outside and crept into the bedroom making no sound at all ! I mean they lifted the window but there was no sound ! W ell i was terrified ! I could see that these figures were not human but resembled 2 very tall stick figure men ! They stood there for a few seconds and seemed to be talking to each other though they made no noise , my nan was fast asleep and she was snoring loudly , I called out to her Nan ! Nan! but she kept snoring , then the 2 stick men walked over to her slowly and peered over her ! Looking at her and talking to each other but making no sound ! I was so frightened I couldnt move and was praying they would not see me or hurt me , I was staring at them and then they walked past my nan then past me then opened that window again without making any noise and slowly climbed out the window one at a time and closed the window on the way out ! I would describe them as very tall between 6 and 7 feet , they were black , blacker than the room and night as there was no light , they both had black hats on . like a rounded shape , they had no faces , they made no noise , they moved slowly and strangly ! Till this day no one has believed me but now i have found this site I will show it to everyone ! I did not feel that they were evil or trying to hurt someone , more just like curious travellers that decided to climb into that room at night and have a look around ! This is the truth and I remember the experience as if it were yesterday . Nicola .

    • Nicola:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. This particular entry has garnered a lot of attention and a lot of comments.

      It is continually in the top results for internet searches on the topic.

      For the most part, as you can see, people who have encountered these entities all experienced similar things. And they have clearly been around a lot longer than we initially thought if your encounter dates back to the late sixties.

      I imagine the experience was horrifying and unsettling to have stayed with you so long. I know it isn’t easy to talk about without thinking people are judging you, so that makes me appreciate you sharing the story all the more.

      Thank you for stopping by and feel free to look around the site at some of the other blog entries.

    • TheodenN says:

      Oh man, the entity I saw was wearing a hat too. I am getting chills down my spine. I was doubting myself for all these years and now I see that I am not the only one that saw this thing.

  11. Nicola anne Kovacs says:

    Thank you for your reply . Yes it is an experience I will never forget , I would also like to add that the home this happened in was quite isolated . We were living on Bulli Pass Thirroul a small suburb near Wollongong in N.S.W . It was very old and run down home , im guessing around 100yrs old, and the homes around us were also very old,the surrounding towns all very run down,not what it is today is now very established . Yes remote and rundown certainly not a lot of people lived there . Also the history of the area were coalminers . I dont no if this has any revelance but it gives you a picture of the surroundings of where this event happened .I would also like to add how strangely these Stick Men moved . They moved in a very slow fashion like slow motion and made not one sound ! Till this day i cannot fathom how they opened that window and closed it without any noise ! Very eerie ! Thanks again Nicola .

  12. Lauren says:

    In 2006, on the day I moved into a new apartment in an inner-city suburb of an Australian city, I saw a black stick figure. He was 7 to 8 feet tall, and as soon as I entered the loungeroom and saw him, he looked across the room at me, seemed startled, ran around quickly and then ran out of the room, After that encounter, I saw him 6 or 7 times and sometimes I would encounter him walking quickly in the opposite direction in the corridor of my apartment. The sightings occurred either at night or the late afternoon/early evening and I was never under the influence of any substance (being a non-drinker and non-drug taker). He instantly seemed male to me though I cannot say why. I did not sense that he was malevolent, on the contrary he seemed a bit frightened to see me. He had no facial features, was black, had an oval for a head and thick-ish sticks for limbs. My partner, with whom I lived at the time, never saw the stick man. I was 40 years old when I saw him and those sightings were the only inexplicable experiences I have had. Those experiences changed the way in which I see the world. Today, I know that the universe is much stranger than I could ever imagine. Thank you everyone for your posts. While I have no doubt that what I saw was real, it’s so great to discover that others have also seen stick men.

    • Lauren, thank you for sharing your experience with us. This article is quickly becoming our most commented upon proving that this fairly recent type of paranormal encounter is far more common than expected.

    • TheodenN says:

      I saw a stickman only once. It was as you stated late afternoon/early evening. It was in the hallway of my apartment. I saw it through the hole on the door. Its body looked as if it was made of large matchsticks, head and hands were black spheres with no features and weirdest of all was that it was wearing some sort of old fashioned hat.

    • Lauren says:

      I should add they the stick man was two-dimensional.

  13. SammyB says:

    My senior year of high school, I went for a run at around 5:00. Of course everything was dark and there wasnt much people up at the time. As I was running past my old elementary school I saw this black figure walking on the street across from me. It was this tall creature, moved kind of slow, lanky, but it also looked as if it had horns on its head and it was walking on all fours (so it wasn’t really a black stickman, but it was similar to one). I slowed down to a stop and just stared at it. It was just walking, until I saw it stop and its head slowly turn towards me like it was contemplating on coming to me. I got scared and just sprinted away. Have never seen it since. Even to this day, I have no idea what it was. I’ve mentioned it to other people, and nobody else has ever encountered something like it before.

    • Sammy,

      Thank you for visiting our site and for sharing your story. Your experience validates what many people encounter with regard to the black stick man phenomenon.

      While I have never personally seen one of these creatures, the rate at which people report experiencing their presence seems to steadily increase as this modern paranormal phenomenon becomes more widely accepted.

      Thank you again for sharing your story, hopefully others will come forward and share their experiences as well.

  14. veronica says:

    Omg. I seen on of these black Stick men when I was ut 28 18 so 11 yrs ago I was driving in the car with my mom and it was walking in and out if trees and through an empty parking lot it looked just like described here. It frighten me . My mother wanted to follow it I didnt weird i

  15. John says:

    I am on this webpage because I just had this experience not more than 45 minutes ago, and I came here while researching “black figure sightings” at the urging of my dad and brother who listen to coast to coast radio with George Nory. I live in a small town in northern Minnesota, and I was just out walking my dog Wilson at about 9:15pm. Our normal walking route is right on the edge of town and we normally walk over Long’s bridge over the river, then turn around and head back toward home. To get to the bridge we take a right turn at a “T” intersection with rural mailboxes on the far side of the road, and some street lights behind us. Anyway, as we were approaching the intersection a tall figure walked very quickly across the intersection that appeared to be dressed entirely in black and wearing what looked in silhouette like a cowboy type duster coat. With the street lights behind me I should have been able to make out some details on the person’s face, but it was like he was in silhouette and there was absolutely no detail at all. He (I say “he” because the figure seemed to be male) seemed to have an easy stride, but was moving unnaturally quickly as he made his way toward the bridge. At this point Wilson seemed to take no notice of the figure at all…until we crossed the street to the mailboxes where he habitually stops to pee. Suddenly Wilson started to get very agitated and clingy. And as I looked up the figure had reached the bridge and it seemed to turn and “look” at us, but I can’t be entirely sure. I was only aware at how incredibly fast the figure had actually reached the bridge, and that it had stopped on the bridge. The figure was dimly silhouetted from the house lights and few street lights on the far side of the river. I was also now keenly aware that it was “aware” of us, and furthermore that it had made absolutely NO SOUND! As we had approached the intersection we were perhaps no more than 30 feet from the figure at the closest point. Being that it is a relatively quiet night (with an unseasonably late, light snow flurries falling) and that this is a quiet area I should have heard footsteps at least on the wet pavement. I would also mention that until the figure reached the bridge it never turned to look in our direction. In rural Minnesota people greet or at least acknowledge each other on the street when they encounter each other walking. At this point I was telling myself that this was all just my imagination, yet as I was trying to walk toward the bridge and the figure now standing still in the middle of it all I had were alarm bells going off in my head! Now I need to mention that I am a college instructor and I teach defensive tactics (fighting techniques) to criminal justice students and that I have been training in martial arts for the past 36 years. I don’t consider myself a coward or overly superstitious, however my training has taught me that if something “feels” wrong it IS. So trusting my alarm bells I heeled Wilson and turned 180 degrees and started walking the other direction. I swear I could feel the weight of the this figure’s stare on my back as we walked away so intensely that I couldn’t help but look over my should 7 or 8 times making sure that this fast moving figure wasn’t moving up behind us quickly and quietly! However it did not follow us, and the last couple times I looked over my shoulder I could no longer make out anything on the bridge at all. I have to admit that I am still a bit uneasy about this situation, and I’m not really certain what I just saw and encountered….but I do NOT like it. I thought I’d share this experience after reading a few of the others above.

    • John,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us here. The rate at which this article has grown in comments leads me to believe that sightings of this type are reaching pandemic levels.

      Stick Men are being reported all over the United States, and as previous comments indicate, the phenomenon has been experienced globally.

      Your story confirms many of the details others report including the manner and speed at which these things move, their featureless faces, their uncanny speed and long gait.

      Did you get any sense from this thing that it may have been ghostly or alien?

      Thank you again for replying and of course for stopping by our blog.

      • John says:

        I really didn’t feel that this was a ghost, it sure seemed real enough. As for it feeling “alien”, well not in the traditional Hollywood “little green men” sense of the word. It did however feel other worldly. Having had a couple days now to process this situation, it seems like it initially ignored me until it realized that I had seen it- almost as if it was used to being unseen moving through the world. I would add that once it did become aware of me, it was definitely malevolent and I did not like it’s attention focused on me! I had a flashlight in my jacket pocket at the time, and in hindsight I really wish I would have had the presence of mind to shine a light on this being.

      • Thank you for the follow up and the additional details. My apologies for taking do long to reply, work has been busy and the last thing I gave been doing is working on the blog.

        I wonder how similar your experience is to others who gave experienced the stick man phenomenon.

  16. Taryn says:

    I have had a very close encounter with what you call a stick man, it was on a deserted road, but it was in my passenger seat of my car, it put it’s hand on my arm it is cold and feels like petrified wood,it hurts but I don’t think it is intentional, there were several things that happened before this, and it did not want to leave me alone, the sence I get it it is alien or interdimensional, almost lost. Please contact me on, this is not the only entity I have seen, there is also another one that disturbs me, i cannot see it but it feels like a spider and it hurts me around my lower back…..please help PS I live in cape town

  17. Taryn says:

    This is Taryn again, I have looked into what everyone else calls a stick man and what I saw was very different, firstly it wasn’t wearing clothes, was pitch black and not as thin as the pictures I have seen of the stick man, rather slender humanoid and very tall, what could this be?

    • Hey Taryn:

      I have not had a lot of time to look at the blog or the responses in the past few weeks, I am just now getting around to reviewing the responses.

      Your addition to the comments is intriguing, and I am not quite sure what it is you have experienced/encountered. It seems to share a similar design to what others are calling the Stick Man, but your encounter varies. Is it possible more than one type exists? I suppose anything is possible, or perhaps you are simply encountering something that completely different and not yet documented.

      Because this may very well be the case, I will be happy to leave your encounter listed here so that others can stumble across it and add their experiences if they indeed have a similar encounter. It is always nice to know that we are not alone in our experiences no matter what they be.

  18. dania611 says:

    I know this post is old – I moved to a little town called Altamonte Springs, FL in 2007. From my bedroom, on the 3rd floor, was a bay window I could look out of, past the parking lot and into the street. One day, simply looking out the window I see an incredibly tall solid black flat figure walking along the street. Other passerbyers didn’t seem to notice them. They had an odd walk, kinda laid back, but just kept walking. I stared at it, surely I was just not seeing clearly, I grabbed my binoculars – I didn’t know what to think – in the binoculars I saw the same thing – a very very tall flat black creature just walking along, no features, just flat black. I watched him until he was passed out of my view. I can’t explain what it was.

    • Dania611:

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, the post is old, but it still remains the most popular post on the entire site.

      I never imagined how many people would have experiences to share when I wrote it. Considering that I have only heard of the phenomenon but never experienced it myself.

      I am glad that I have not encountered one of these things, they sound terrifying to witness, though they seem rather benevolent, or not interested in us at the very least.

      Thank you for sharing your encounter, I still have no idea what these things could be, they seem to be a fairly modern phenomenon. Maybe one day we will be able to figure out why they are here, but more importantly, just what they are.

    • Beverly says:

      Dania, This was around the same time I saw a black stick man in my home in Osteen Fl just outside of Sanford. He (it ?) was standing in the doorway of my kitchen where the light was on but behind him (it ?) was my “unlit” dining room. I saw him from another room in my home as I was sitting and talking with my husband and an old friend from Ohio. I stopped mid sentence as we were talking to go and investigate and as I got up the figure disappeared. I went to where the figure was and of course, there was nothing. Very weird ! My husband and friend did not see it as they had their backs to the site where it appeared. They thought I was seeing things when I explained why I had gotten up and gone into the other room. The figure was about 5-6 ft tall and was black with no facial features at all. I felt it was surprised that I saw it. I have never seen one since but have had an uneasy feeling from time to time in my home here out in the country. I live on ten acres off of a dirt road in a private community with security gates and everything including a dog who never even barked or acted strangely that night but has acted strangely every once in a while since the sighting like she sees something behind me that I can’t see. This occurs day or night. I am so curious about what we are all seeing.

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  21. Ryan says:

    Hi, im from Germany and i came accross this website while beeing boored at work and finding strange youtube videos (as ususal) and there was a reply of one single person in the comment section that immediately reminded me on my childhood experience with this, indeed quite astonishing paranormal phenomenon called “The Black Stick Men”. The video i was watching was about random “paranormal” creatues, and the comment post mentionened a part in the video where 3 pictures have been taken at night on a regular street where a very tall stickman like creature was walking along the street and immediately climbing up a 9 floors high building.

    And now i came accross this website and i want to share my experience with the Black Stickman:

    I can still remember really precicely, while i was a child probbably about 7 years old (and im 24 now) about my first and so far only sighting of this strange creature at where i as living with my family years ago:

    Me and my family, we lived in an old military home complex from the US-Army wich back then and now has ben transformed into normal homes with appartmends for rent. So there where quite a lot of other familys and kids back in the day and a loot of traffic from people walking around with there kids and stuff.

    One day, i was outside playing with some kids on the block, but it was at DAYTIME. We played hide and seek and random stuff. After we sort of seperated and stopped to play i went inside. Shortly after i was going outside again and i felt like i wanted to go to the big deep-level garage where the people can park there cars from the block we where living at. The garage was relly long probably about 500m more or less as i remember and even at daytime pretty dark.

    So i was running at the garage entrance where the cars usually drive in and out. The garage had about 4 entrances about the same size and at the far end, only an exit for pedestrians. (there is a small metal door, it leeds into the garage with a few steps). When i entered the entrance for the cars (wich was number 3, so about in the center of the garage complex) i looked arround, but even there i was feeling kind of frightened and bad beeing there for myself. When i was seeing that nobody was nearby, i started to shout into the garage for fun, hearing my own echo, echoing along the garage walls -> All of a sudden, as i was looking to the right of me, THERE i saw it:

    I immediately felt a chilling and cold air sorrounding me, the fear was building up immense in me as i stared at the black stickman on the far end of the garage. The metal door was opened before, you coud see the sunlight shining in, but the stickman was, without making ANY SOUND at ALL! Walking slowly down the few stairs and for some reason, it immediately stopped! And looked at me! I felt like it was staring at me the whole time! I coud feel the presence immense and the feelings in me where telling me to leave this place, NOW!

    While i was frozen in place because of the immense fear i felt, i coud see it was completely BLACK with NO Facial details. It just looked like a Black Stickman without any clothes on, really slim in shape with long arms and legs, standing in place looking at me while holding the stairway grasp with its left arm. Arround it the air seemed like moving arround, the same effekt you have when the sun is really burning the ground and you can see the air kind of moving, the same effekt sorrounded the Black Stickman.

    THEN all of a sudden, the Stickman turned arround, and ran out of the door incredibly fast as if it was literally trying to flee from me! As if i wasnt supposed to see him there…. i was running out the same way i came and tried to look at the end of the garage to see it somwhere runing away….but there was nothing there…nothing as if it just completely disapeared after it left the garage thru the door that leads outside…i was so afraid of it that i was running back at home.

    I did not came back outside this day and i was afraid of telling my family or any one because i thought no one woud believe my story.

    All in all an interesting, but really frightening experience with this phenomenon..i had never seen it again since then but i can remember it that well because it feared me so much!!

    • Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your story with us. It goes to show that this type of phenomena is occurring globally.

      I am sure the experience was indeed very frightening! Having never personally experienced seeing one of these things, I rely on readers just like you to share their stories.

      Sorry that it took a few days to get this approved, I have been very busy with work. Thank you again for sharing your encounter with the Black Stick Man!

  22. TheodenN says:

    I have encountered this entity when I was a kid.

    The incident took place when I was about the age of 8 or 9 (I am 28 now). It was a nice and sunny afternoon and I was at home with my mom. She was in the livingroom watching TV and I was in my study room playing games on my PC (I can even remember the game I was playing. It was Robocop 3 for DOS if anyone wonders). I thought I should call my friend from school and tell him to come over so we can play some two player games together. He was living just on the next street and said he will be coming shortly. I resumed playing the game and after a while I noticed that he was late than usual but I didn’t worry much about it at that moment. After a while I heard the apartment door being opened and then closed. I thought that should be my friend and got to the door to check. I looked through the door hole and I still can’t explain what I saw infront of our neighbour’s door. I know this is going to sound very wierd but there was a stick figure man standing there in the apartment’s hallway. Very humanlike in general features expect it looked like it was made of very large matchsticks. The color and texture were also the same with a matchstick. There were pitch black big spheres where the hands and head supposed to be. Those looked like the tip of a matchstick too. The figure was wearing a hat which I believe was yellowish but I can’t really remember the exact color. I remember seeing some sort of black stripe across the hat’s top half. And there was a black net hanging from all sides of the hat that covered the figure’s spherical head. The position of the joints were like you would expect to see in a person and for a very brief moment I saw it moving its arms to a different position. Another wierd thing was that the apartment’s lights were switched on which at that time there were no motion sensors that turns the lights on. So someone must have switched them. By that time I was more than freaked out and rushed to the living room shouting that there’s something in front of our neighbour’s door. We opened the door and checked the apartment but there was nothing there and my mom said that I might have imagened things or just got blurry vision while looking through the lens in the door hole. I don’t have further memory of that particular day and I don’t even remember whether my friend evetually came or not which is wierd in my opinion. So that’s about it.

    • TheodenN,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story with us. It is yet another entry in a long line of responses that provides some validity to the existence of these creatures.

      The responses to this article have fascinated me in how similar everyone’s experiences are. For random people spread across the globe to search something like this only to find our site and see that their experiences are mirrored by those sometimes countries apart is intriguing.

      Perhaps a bigger study is in order, there has to be some logical explanation for the sightings.

      Thank you again for sharing your amazing story regarding your encounter with one of these “things”. And thank you for stopping by our site!

  23. TheodenN says:

    I want to give some more details about the place I saw the stick figure.

    I am from the western coast of Turkey and I am living in the city of Izmir. It’s just across the Greece and the city is at the shores of the Aegian sea. The region we were living is a quite peaceful and nice place, where mostly good people are living. It’s very close to the sea shore (about 3-5 minutes of walk). I believe I saw the figure at about 4’o clock in the afternoon and the sun was starting to come down but it was still pretty light outside. The weather was clear, warm and sunny (as it usually is in Aegian shores) and I believe it was spring (possibly April). We were living in an apartment flat on the second floor. The apartment itself was not very new but I can’t say it was an old building. I saw the stick figure standing in the hallway of the apartment in front of our neighbours door. As I stated before I was about 8 or 9 years old, I am not really sure about my exact age but I was going to elementary school. There are no millitary/goverment buildings around our building or around our region. That’s all the details I can think of at the moment.

    I am also really suprised by the similarities of these encounters around the world.
    From what I have read, the sightings seem to concentrate at late afternoons and nights, mostly kids around the ages of 6-10 see them and these figures are mostly seen indoors. I don’t think this is a new phenomenon, it’s just that the people aren’t talking about it. My encounter took place almost 10 years ago. I think the reason we didn’t hear many stickman reports is the fact that the phenomenon itself sounds absurdly unreal and ridicilous even to the person who witnessed it (even I can’t believe what I saw was real). So people like me prefer to keep these bizzare sounding stories to themselves and try to discard them as if it never happened. For long years the only people I talked about my encounter was my family. I have an open-minded family and they believe that I really saw something. My elder brother is also curious about these paranormal entities but he never witnessed anything paranormal to this day.
    I am really very curious about what lies beyond our perception of reality that surrounds us. I feel like there’s MUCH more to the universe than we know. Simply mind boggling.

    Thanks for making this blog about this phenomenon!

    • You are most welcome. I am glad people are comfortable enough to share their experiences with us.

      Thank you again for your very detailed encounter. I appreciate your time and candor.

    • TheodenN says:

      “My encounter took place almost 10 years ago. ”
      That’s was a wrong statement it should have been 20 years ago. I am 28 years old now.

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  25. Sandyi says:

    Hello, My names is Sandyi, I too have experienced the Black Stick man…
    April 2012 In Charleston SC, living on 4 ac. woods are on both sides of property right on the river.
    It was around 1;00 a.m. I was sitting on my porch with my dog , I was looking out the door into the yard . all of a sudden I saw movement in the yard and my dog even saw something , he made a light bark he was just as confused as I was, he made only one little noise then was just a mesmerized as I was. In front of us were three tall black stick figures gliding steadily across the yard I watched them and wanted so go out side but I was just frozen with amazement . saying
    ” am I really seeing this”, I watched them glide across yard and it lasted at least a good 15 seconds, then they just vanished into the tree line and night they were Tall my husband is 6’3 and they were at least another foot and a half taller then him, My dog and I sat there and I could tell he was puzzled like I was he just sat there was not agitated , I grabbed a flash light and went out side just to the first step, I was a little nervous but had to know what I saw. These tall Black stick figures were darker then the night there was no light on in the yard or house where I was sitting. I could see them no face just black stick figures long skinny arms and fingers and odd shaped heads. they looked all the same height and all same build exactly alike and glided so effortlessly across yard. I have mentioned to other people what I saw just a few others and no one else had encountered them. Well Yesterday in broad day light I was out on my porch oh! it was June 25 th 2013 time was 11;30 am I was on porch this is in Florida now .I am on my computer and when I shut off my computer, you know how the screen turns black? well over might right shoulder I saw One black stick figure it was maybe 2 seconds I made a light gasp sound and it was gone. that is when I decided I need to see what this is . Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would come upon a web site that others have had the same experience. .. it was the same exact black stick man but it was only one this time that I could tell, it was standing behind me right shoulder.
    I never did feel threatened or scared just amazed that I was seeing what I was seeing. I am in my 40’s a good head on my shoulders educated. enough said I know what I saw as well as all of you have expressed what you saw. so now I am on a mission to find out what it was. I have been doing some research into history and it seems that they have been in and out of history, Are they exactly the same that we saw? unsure, but there is something stirring out there , and what ever it is they are watching , I really felt like the one I encountered yesterday was just observing me. The ones last year I saw I really don’t think they were aware that I saw them. Thank you all of you for sharing your stories, I for one will continue researching…….. Sandyi

    • There we go Sandyi.

      My apologies, your story got captured by the spam filters for some reason.

      About your encounter, you sure handled it a lot better than I would have! I have never personally experienced an encounter with these “things”, but from what everyone is saying, the sensation, while scary, is more of confusion, as if you almost can’t believe what is happening.

      There needs to be a lot of research done to determine just what it is people all over the world, you included, are experiencing? Are they alien? Are they ghosts of some sort?

      One constant is that they have yet to cause harm and do seem to be curious about us up until the moment we return the curiosity, it is then that they flee.

      Thank you for sharing your story and adding to our long list of replies of shared experiences. My sincere apologies for it taking almost a week to approve.

      -Tony Harrington
      The Spirit Seekers

      • Sandyi says:

        Thank you Tony , I agree I think any fear from these particular beings are just that confusion .i have grown up in a family of mediums , so with that said I am familiar to the unusual ,
        Even though it still til this day can startle me at times . I try not to let that over come me . Yes much more research needs to be done and the more stories you gather the more Information we will have to try and understand what the beings purpose is . When I saw the one behind me . I do feel like I surprised it .I did take notice that I was not aware of it being behind me , but yet I a medium and aware when spirits are around especially right next to me . The curiosity continues …..
        Thank you again .

    • Matt says:

      Sandy, I saw one of these on the North end of Folly Beach, on the beach at 9:30 PM in August, 2015. Being from Charleston, you must know where I’m talking about. I found the experience horrifying, but no harm came of it. But I wonder if there’s any connection regarding the Charleston metro area.

  26. dana says:

    I’m so thankful I came across this blog! It is pretty common for me to have supernatural-like dreams and I’ve had several encounters in my life. I’ve seen my grandpa after he’s passed away; heard my very spiritual grandma’s voice while she was meditating 4 rooms away; felt “things” in people’s houses; and have dreams that my boyfriend says is disturbing but I know are harmless. I grew up in California but when i lived in Hawaii my strange dreams got very strong. I don’t talk about these things to really anyone. My dreams tend to be very detailed of buildings, rooms, sometimes clothes, often violent, several reoccurring, but rarely scary. But I have never been scared like I was last night. And before finding this post, I had never heard of these black stick figures.

    I was having another strange dream last night, when suddenly I was in my childhood bedroom but with the placement of the bed where mine currently is. It was night and in the doorway I saw a very lanky, elongated black but almost opaque figure. Immediately he ran/floated at me, his arms and legs moving strange and jerking-like but still smooth. It felt very bad. No face, no distinguishable marks, just dark. He came at me fast and in a frightening way. Right up to my face then disappeared. He was back at the doorway and began coming at me again. I am able to make myself scream to wake myself up, so it took me a few tries but I was able to yell before he got to my face again. I woke panting and shaking and it took awhile for me to calm down. I was really scared. I’ve never had anything like this happen before. It felt very bad. And I’m concerned what it may be.

    I’m concerned at the way the figure came at me, arms and legs flailing unnaturally. Fast and violently, head first, right to my face. I’m not sure what to do. I have a nightly mantra i try to say to only allow positive energy as at times i tend to feel a lot of negative things around. I’m questioning whether I interpreted it incorrectly. But I’ve never had something come at me like that.

    But it does give me some relief knowing this is something others have encountered. Thank you for letting me share.

    • And thank you for sharing, Dana! That sounds most disconcerting and horrifying, let us know if you encounter this strange phenomenon again.

      Thank you for stopping by our humble site! This article seems to have spoken to quite a few people. It is my sincere hope, that over time, we can analyze these stories to figure out just what it is people all over the world are seeing.

      • Sandyi says:

        Oh I see I am still awaiting moderation approval. Mmmm. Not sure what that is about I shared my story a week ago . Have had no reply .

      • I found it! It was in the spam folder for some reason. I am approving it now.

      • Sandyi says:

        Grrrr. That darn spam ! Hee hee thank you !

      • It has been posted and I replied. Thank you again for contributing such an amazing experience! Sorry for the spam filter, I don’t know why it grabbed your post, but at least I found it. I should check the folder to see if any other unfortunate soul has had a story gobbled up into the abyss of WordPress.

  27. Sandyi says:

    I left my story about my experience recently about the black stick man , I was Hoping to at least have a little feedback with the computer incident . . You did ask to share our stories .

    • Sandy I, apologize if your story was overlooked. I will look through the replies to the story and see if yours was overlooked.

      I have approved all replies I have received, so if yours has not been posted, then it did not make it to my inbox for some reason. Either a glitch on my end or yours, or somewhere in between.

      • Sandyi says:

        No worries ! I saw my story posted . And like I said . I was just Hoping for a little feedback .
        I would think everyone’s story plays an important part . Thank you for responding .

  28. Sami says:

    I am so excited to have discovered this site! Although, I was initially searching for a different subject, I stumbled upon the stick men article and wanted to share a story because I wonder if this has happened to others. I suffer from sleep paralysis and when I was younger (about 8 or 9) I would sometimes have a hard time determining whether I was really seeing something or if I was actually “dreaming”. When it first started I had a “dream” about such figures, I saw them standing in my room when the lights of a passing car shone threw my window. I couldn’t move and could barely muster a moan because the pressure in the air was so thick. One turned towards me, but there was no face although I heard it shriek. I don’t recall it looking as though it was made of wood texture wise, but I would say it resembled slightly blurry black branches. It would make sense to be wood as we lived off the highway with a thick forest behind our house. They disappeared with the passing of the cars, although I’m not sure how they left. I’ve always thought this dream was odd as I usually would have these dreams about normal things I already thought existed that terrified me. Having read this, I wonder if these figures were not a dream, but something I actually saw.

    • Sandyi says:

      Thanks for sharing that story Sami
      I think sometimes we all want to dismiss things we experience at night as a dream . I for one believe you experienced it . When we are in dream state our conscious is opened for unusual activity even astral travel .
      However it was experienced being awake or dream honor it . Again thank you for sharing . i experienced thenlack stick men but was wide a wake my story is on this website also .

      • Very excellent response Sandyi. You covered everything I was going to address.

        Sami, thank you so much for sharing your story and visiting the site.

      • Sandyi says:

        I am very sorry I did not mean to jump in there , I got so excited to see another brave soul add there story .
        I love this site and a big Hug to you for having it . I had made a posting a few weeks ago about an Incident that has occurred to me several times re spiders .I did not hear back anything . Just wondered if it got gobbled up by spam .
        Would be so kind to check ?

      • No need to apologize! We are a community here, it was awesome to see someone respond. I was very happy to see your response.

      • Sandyi says:

        Thy is why you and this community are awesome ! it is nice to share incidents that happen to a community of open minded people ! Bravo !!! 😄

      • Sandyi, I don’t see the spider post at all. I am on my phone browser though at the moment. I will check this evening when I get back to my hotel. I am away on business this week.

      • Sandyi says:

        Thank you Tony !
        Oh! And don’t work to hard ! Hee hee

      • Sandyi says:

        Thank you Tony!
        Don’t work too hard ! Hee hee
        Be safe on your travels . 😄

  29. Amalthea says:

    Thank you for this! When I was growing up I had a best friend who lived down the street. We lived in a quiet, small town where her dad was always working. I would walk to her house everyday after school and we would often take walks, walk to the liquor store to buy candy etc. I would often see a stick man following us, peeking out from behind her coach etc. He was all black and changed sizes. Sometimes the size of a small cat, other times taller than a normal size man. I felt very scared of him and felt he was mischievous at best, perhaps evil, I finally got the courage up to tell my best friend and she admitted to seeing him too. I always got the feeling he was the same one, not different stick figures. One time he appeared in the shape of a stick figure horse (like a bad child’s drawing.) I always believed him to be somehow following me and watching me. Until, when my best friend passed away suddenly our senior year of high school. She had a genetic heart condition that nobody (including herself) had known about. I’ve never seen what we called “stick man” ever since. I believe now perhaps he was some form of grim reaper awaiting his time to take my friend.

    • That is a very interesting theory, and for your specific circumstances, your friend’s rather, that may very well be the case.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is another entry in a long list of people who have encountered these…things.

  30. Sandyi says:

    I agree with Tony, that is an I interesting theory about the connection maybe being to friends death “grim reaper” it is hard to say . All we can do is continue to keep our eyes and mind open to the events that occur and maybe one day we will find an answer . The world is filled with amazement .

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  32. mary says:

    good grief, I had no idea this was a phenomenon. I was actually haunted for years by one who seemed to wear a red fez.

    • Hello Mary:

      I think this takes the prize for the most unique instance of a BSM encounter.

      As you can see though, based upon our comments section, the types of experiences with the Black Stick Men are wide and varied.

      Thank you for adding your experience to the growing list of personal experiences, and for stopping by our blog.

  33. Ethan says:

    I had a dream last night about me and my dad going to some place out in the woods with a few houses and one main building. My dad said he had to go the main building for some sort of meeting. That building was the only one with its lights on. I wandered around a bit when I came across this house. I put down some textbooks on the front porch(I have exams coming up so I’m guessing that’s why they turned up in my dream). There was a hedge to my left and I remember seeing a tall black stick creature. It stared at me for a few seconds and I stared back, before it ran away. Then I woke up.

    • Sandyi says:

      Thanks for sharing . It seems the lack
      Black stick men show up in an awaken state and dream state . Now if we could just figure out what there purpose is ……

  34. Tracy says:

    When I searched for a “stickman ghost” I really didn’t expect to find anything. Glad to know l’m not alone!
    Yesterday my mother told me that she saw a matchstick man in her room. She was sitting on her bed an said it was standing at the end of her bed and moved very quickly around toward her. She immediately screamed and pulled the covers over her head. She said it was very black and about the height of an average man.
    I’d like to give a brief history on our house. We live in Southern Michigan. Our house was built in the 40’s We have lived there about 14 years. Shortly after moving in we realized we were not alone there. We have had a variety of activity in this time but never a visual sighting…until the day before the stickman showed itself.
    Again my mother was in her room and saw a dark haired women in a white uniform. Again she went right under the covers.
    My husband discussed the sightings with a friend who had one theory. He asked if anyone had passed away recently. My mother lost her sister, who had been a nurse, earlier this year. He thinks she may be the woman who appeared to my mother and speculates that if a new spirit has moved in, it could be conflicting with the original one?
    Has this stickman always been there and is only showing itself now because of a new presence????
    I would love to hear any thoughts you may have. Mine are all over the place!

  35. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hello.I just thought I would share my experience with the black man. I was around the age of nineteen and lived with my grandmother. I had a makeshift room in the basement with a lace curtain as my door. I woke up one night and looked toward my door. As I do this I see a” stick figure” tip toeing across my door way. It was black and very thin but the oddest thing was it looked like he was being very dramatic about it. Lifting his legs very high while staying on his tip toes. I wasn’t frightened and I didn’t think it meant harm. I am now thirty eight and have told my story a few times but haven’t thought much of it till I stumbled across this article. It actually blew my mind! To know that I am not crazy and that other people have experienced the same thing is very comforting. I hope my story can provide the same comfort to someone else.

    • Sandyi says:

      I for one thank everyone that shares there story . Not only does it bring me comfort to know so many others have experienced the stick man , the stories also give me inspiration to continue to research , to question and to maybe one day find the reason the stick men are here .or maybe they have been here as long as we have …..

  36. Sylvia says:

    My 7 year old saw this just the other day. Said they are grey no face and he was running towards my couch and vanished! Makes me wonder😁I’ve been burning sage blessed be❤️

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Sylvia. It actually ties in with an entry I am writing about how kids seem more in tune with the spirit world than we are as adults.

      But, I don’t know what these stick figures are. Are they ghost, aliens, demons, or what?

      As more and more people respond to this post it only seems to add to the mystery.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on our blog.

  37. Javierfigueroa says:

    so i was going to my kitchen to get some tea. so i get my tea and the i go the hallway in my house then there is a tallk black figure with a white face with dreadlocks and it asked me to come with him then i awake in my bed

  38. Carolyn Moore says:

    I was driving out the loop one night and saw two black figures crossing over the two lanes on my side and then going across the median and crossing over the two lanes on the other side. I leaned forward to see if I could figure out what was crossing the highway and then they disappeared into space or into a wooded area. I covered the side of my face with my hand so I couldn’t see if they came back and went home and to bed with my clothes on and covered my head.

  39. Bev says:

    Approximately 6 years ago I saw a black tall stick man ( or figure) in my home standing in a doorway between my kitchen and dining room. I was sitting at a table in our family room off of the kitchen and was the only one of three of us facing the doorway when it appeared. As soon as it realized I saw it it vanished. I wasn’t frightened. I got up and went into our dining room from another room to investigate but of course nothing was there. It was NOT three dimensional, rather exactly the same as a child’s drawing of a stick man. It was NOT wearing any article of clothing and had no facial features at all. Just looked like a drawing that had come to life. ???? My friend from Ohio was visiting and I had just stated to her that it was too bad our deceased fathers hadn’t gotten to really know each other in their lifetime. As soon as I said that I looked up and there was the stick man. He (IT ?) was approximately 6-7 Ft in height and was approximately 20 feet away from me. No sightings by me since.

  40. Dream Catcher says:

    Last night I had a dream I was walking in the woods with my mom and brother. As we got deeper into the woods so did the dark. Shawdows moved all around us. Suddenly I saw in front of me maybe 300 feet a very tall, very skinny, black, featureless stick man. As I spotted it, it started running back into the woods very fast. It was hard to see because it looked just like a skinny stick and it was black. The tall, black stick thing ran off with the sound of crunching leaves and sticks. I woke up and now I’m writing it……..

  41. Annoymo Alyse says:

    Hello there, been doing a lot of research about this so called tall skinny black figure. It was about a few months ago when my daughter and I were in the living room around 1-4pm playing with a puzzle/ learning game. When I noticed something poked their body around the corner. It was at least 6.5-7 ft tall and very skinny. The hands/fingers were at least 10in long. What made me even notice more about this figure was that it almost like a hologram. The eyes were not glowing or red or orange, but the eyes were translucent – they eyes were the only translucent thing on the body.. I could def. see that there was some type of eyes. No other facial features , just eyes…. once I noticed the figure, it stopped looking at my daughter and (turning its head) then looked directly at me as if it forgot that I could see it and then disappeared. Have been doing research and cant find a thing on it….Any suggestions????

  42. Barbara says:

    My brother my friend and i have seen this thing for the past couple of days. Frequently i’ll be walking and see it in the corner of my eye. My BFF had been having dreams and seeing the creature often. Though my brother has come eye to eye with it in school and at our house. The figure tries to run after him and when he turns around and then looks back its gone. I don’t know if this is the creature but in our description its tall, black and fast.

  43. Cody says:

    this happened to me and a friend this weekend I only found this page while looking up what I saw. we were traveling in the mountains threw Idaho on a dirt road. we were pulling in to a gas station when my friend said “what the fuck” then “nevermind” when I pulled up to the pump and got out I took one step out of the car to the pump. and something made a very loud and scary noise from behind the pump like a sort of clicking sound and I saw the trees shake I jumped into my car and took off as fast as I could. later down the road I saw it move quickly at my car from the edge of the road. I just kept driving I didn’t swerve or anything and I kept silent about it tell about 1 hour later I told my friend what I thought I saw and then he explained to me he saw the same thing standing at the pump and it ran off when we were pulling in he assumed it was his eyes playing tricks on him. the weird thing was it killed my cellphone battery messed with my car stereo and made the lights on the pump grow very bright when it was near. when I described to him that what I saw looked like a picture drawn on a whiteboard he teared up cuz that was exactly what he saw.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. When I originally wrote this article I never suspected how many people would respond to it and share their experience.

      While I personly have never seen one, I do not doubt for one second, based upon all the comments I have read, that these things exist. Just what they are remains a mystery.

      Thank you Cody, your contribution is appreciated and will help others validate what they have seen.

  44. Billie says:

    After seeing this video taken in Russia, of a stick-like creature swiftly crawling along a building, I became intrigued because I had a weird feeling about it that I can’t explain. After doing some research I saw many people dismiss the video as a fake, however there’s been loads of sightings (as shown on this page) and with no evidence against/ for the video, it remains a mystery.
    I really wish to know more about this phenomenon and when I came across this page, I thought I should share it with you. (
    Personally I’ve never experienced seeing one of these creatures, but I’ve heard many stories.
    (Even if the video is fake, it doesn’t take away the fact that loads of people have witnessed these beings, which leaves me very curious.)

    • I am not sure of the validity of the video, but I thank you for sharing it. At this point in history, with the advent of always-on cameras and the ability to upload footage instantly, there will always be naysayers. Just as there will always be people perpetrating hoaxes.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your find.

    • Jade says:

      I actually saw the same video and had the exact same feeling! I looked up some more videos of it though most of them seemed fake. Then I looked up “black stick men” on Google and found this lovely website. I’ve been reading the comments since this morning and I’m intrigued. I don’t know why but there’s something about BSM that seems or feels familiar to me.

      • Jade:

        Sorry for the delay in approving your comments. I tend to get backlogged with a full time job and working on several writing projects.

        Thank you for stopping by and for complementing our site. We do our best to keep it updated with new content, though as a one man operation, it does get difficult.

        Please think about what is familar about the BSM and let us know if you remember any encounters as we strive to build a library of encounters from all over the world.

        Thank you again for stopping by. I am about to approve your other comments!

  45. Alicia says:

    when I was cleaning my house I turned around and all of a sudden I saw this long dark stick man!I turned around because I felt like somebody was watching me!and when I saw it it just disappeared.this left me a little bit confused.

  46. yvonne says:

    I had a dream last night, after doing a deep 936 hz pineal gland activation meditation, about a black stick “alien”-like being. limbs literally looked as scrawny as frosty the snowman’s, but just black and was clearly not wood, it almost had a slight shine to it. my dream is a bit fuzzy now, but it felt so real and i remember i asked “him” a question and from his torso he “magically” pulled out a cord-like object, looked similar to an electrical cord but the tip was radiating with a bright type of light, but it was a unique kind of light. He looked a bit creepy but i didnt feel threatened. I have never seen or read about anything like this before, which is why i find this whole experience interesting.

  47. Makenzie says:

    I came to this page because I’m trying to find answers to something I saw last night.
    Four people were with me.
    Three others confirm the exact thing I saw.
    We were in my local park which is very rich in history. There were a few cemeteries and many apartments uprooted from the park in the 1800s.
    It was about 1 am. One of my friends said they saw something tall, thin, and black walking through the trees. It took a few minutes of staring off into the trees, but finally we all saw it. We all described it the same. Tall, black, and very skinny. That is all.

    • If you compare your experience with what others have encountered, you may have just had a first hand experience with the black stick man.

      • Makenzie says:

        That’s what I’m realizing. All four of us described the same thing and all these stories, that’s what gets me. It was real. It happened. And I’m having a hard time believing it. And the area we were in, it has such an overwhelming amount of history of anger and resentment and sadness. The person who first noticed it is someone who isn’t easily shaken. It was the first time I’ve ever seen him truly scared in the four years I’ve known him.
        And the moment my eyes fixed on it, I got the most intense feeling of fear I’ve ever felt.

      • Even though I wrote the article, I have never experienced the phenomenon of seeing one.

        The has never been a documented case of these things harming someone.

        Would you say these things are alien, ghost, ir something altogether different?

      • Makenzie says:

        I’d say it could be some type of spirit that has become something else. From unsolved anger or just from being there so long, maybe it could be a type of creature that absorbs smaller weaker spirits and morphs them into some kind of disfunctional more powerful entity?
        It seemed to just disappear after we all saw it which tells me it’s an energy rather than a physical being.

      • Thank you so much for the information and for sharing your story.

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  49. Paige says:

    i was staying in my brothers room with him his only a year older than me but has really bad paranoia now, i was just sleeping next to him cause we were watching a movie then fell asleep…i had woken up to a male voice come from the corner of the room talking about love or some thing like “You never loved him” or something like that Then i saw a 8 foot tall REALLY thin man standing next to my brother i started freaking out and woke him up, i told him everything i had seen\heard he told me i was seeing and hearing things but i don’t think i was….i kept see this man around him since that day…

  50. Kathy Casey says:

    Last year in late April or early May 2013 I was stepping out my studio door, my studio sits behind my house about 50-60 ft., when I noticed movement. It was dark out and the only lights on came from my back porch to my left and the neighbors backyard. The neighbors light is on a pole behind my building and another building in their yard about 50 ft away. Somewhat back light but not enough to cast a shadow with two buildings in the way. I saw a solid shadow, no features, very tall, along side my husbands 16 ft. tall barn/workshop. It was very thin, about 12-13 ft tall. It moved fast, I could see it’s outline and I noticed an elongated head and very long stick thin arms and fingers. At this time I was facing it as it moved from right to left and kept going across my yard and in between our house and our neighbors. It was taking large steps but was fast, a run even. I was so stunned, I’ve never seen a shadow figure but this is more solid than I thought one would be. There were no facial features that I could see. I processed this thing so fast, like in short hand, what I noticed; this was not a shadow thrown onto the barn, it was upright, moving fast. I felt it was old and alien. This last thought was something I had to reject, it is just too far out of my frame of reference. I’m not frightened easily…but I think twice before I go outside at night now. Since my encounter I have contacted many people. No one seems know anything about what I saw.

  51. bob bobson says:

    When I was thirteen, my parents sent me to an agricultural school in south africa, and I loved it, I loved the freedom of having a massive game reserve as my playground, every weekend, I would go onto the farm by myself and hunt, fish, braai, and just have fun. This was my life for my first seven months there, it was bliss. Then one day, one day that I will never forget, I went down to the bottom of the farm with some friends and swam in the river, it was a nsormal saturday, eventually we noticed that some clouds were rolling in, so we began the two hoir walk back to hostel. We were about half way back and very tired when we all agreed that we felt as if we were being watched, so we turned around, nothing there, so we carried on walking, a few minutes later (now drizzling) we got the feeling again, this time we looked hard at the forrest behind us, we stood there for about a minute, just as we were about to carry oj walking a tall, black, featureless creatire crossed the road about twenty metres behind us, it was like nothing I had ever seen before, the way it walked, itnwas as if it was gliding, and it was extremely fast! None of us spoke, for a second none of us moved, then the fear set in, we ran most of the way back, as we got back to school the sun came out, the next day me and my friends spoke aboug what had happened, we had all seen the same thing, nothing like this has ever happened to me since then

    • Bob,

      Thank you for adding your encounter to our most popular article on our blog.

      Your contribution helps others who have encountered one of these entities know that they are not losing it, that they didn’t imagine it, and that it has happened to quite a handful of people.

      Thank you for the time you took in writing your encounter. We appreciate you and everyone else who commented.

  52. Mina says:

    I see them or him all the time at night right beside me usually i don’t feel frightened they dissipate as soon as you spot them but they leave some messages (as crazy as it sounds! I know!)

  53. Danny says:

    I saw one in broad day light it was so creepy and scary! I thought it was a manican at first then it moved:/

  54. art says:

    I was approx. 10 years old residing in lower ny (west cty).. my friend and I were walking near a location called strongs woods.a wooded area between two streets. it was twilight, summer ..the year was 1964…”we” saw a figure walking; long legs and arms; thin, and as it walked , quickly, you could actually see waves of air around the body and limbs as it moved…now 60 and I still see it in my mind..i know what I saw

    • Art,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I had assumed in my initial writing that this type of “creature” was a new paranormal manifestation of some sort. Several responses have indicated that they indeed go back quite a few decades.

      Very curious indeed, I imagine encountering one of these things was a very frightening experience.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story with us.

  55. chris says:

    i saw these wonderful disk shaped clouds majestically hovering on the very edge of the east side of grey mountain , near cameron arizona. ( near grand canyon). i deicided to take pictures and pulled over beside the road. it was a very bright afternoon. as i was attempting to get the picture, the cloud would not show up in my camera. the cloud was still there… i can see it, but my camera cant. i take pictures anyway. i forget about the pics. a few days pass by and i decide to clean out old photos. i came across the photos i wanted to take of the cloud disk. i examine the photos, strange that, the clouds did not get in the picture…but then i see about 3 stick figures that are seeming walking around right under where the cloud disk would have been. excited i wanted to show my co workers., a whole section of my photo albums were gone as i tried to show my co workers. i have no prevoius knowlege of stick people or anything such. i just decided to look it up.. n found you guys.

    • Chris,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. Sorry it took so long to approve your comment, I have been super busy with work and putting the final touches on a novel I have been writing.

      As you can tell, this article has been very popular and people from all over the world are leaving comments, some dating as far back as the 1960’s which tells me that whatever these things are, they are not as nearly new of a phenomenon as I had originally suspected.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing your story with us and adding to the ever-growing catalog of experiences with these creatures/things…whatever they truly are.

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  57. Bodiccas says:

    Okay here goes … Today I saw a ‘stick man’.
    I was walking in the park with a co-worker and we were about 20 feet from the street walking parallel to it. I saw a ‘stick man’ run across the street from our side, across in front of cars. The whole thing took 2 maybe 3 seconds. I turned to my friend and said “did you see that” and she said “what?” and between saying it and her reply my mind tried very hard to put what I saw into context. After she said “what?” I said “I think I saw a deer … but it wasn’t a deer, I saw a stick man” she looked at me like WTF and I said “not like you draw a stick figure but like a man made from tree branches (?) kind of like a walking stick bug but not and he was running like pumping his arms and legs to get across the street.” In retrospect, it went from a tree area in the park to a tree area at a midrise building. This is a very urban area in northern Virginia and I think the only reason I saw it was because it was in the road where there were no trees. None of the cars or rather drivers reacted to it being there (not that that’s a stretch) and it did happen really fast. There is no way it could have been a costume because a person could never have fit into the shape I saw. Extremely slender not smooth but irregular and branch like, the color of dark tree bark.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and the ever-growing list of people who have repotred seeing these odd entities.

      My apologies for taking so long to approve your post, I was out of town on business and am just now going through the replies.

      Your experience, like most, sounds unnerving and seems as if it leaves you second-guessing yourself.

      I personally have not seen a black stick man, but I do appreciate everyone who has sharing their stories and experiences. Thank you for the time you took in writing your experience out and sharing it with us here at the Spirit Seekers Blog.

  58. Karen says:

    My friend and I seen one when we were 14 yrs old. We are 37 now. And I have never forgotten it. From a distance, it looked to be very tall and wide. About 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Solid black. No features. Glided when moved. And moved extremely quickly. Was standing in front of someone’s house, on their front door step. We stopped and I said, “do you see what I see?” She said yes and I asked her to describe it. (To be sure). And we then ran to our destination and it was there, standing in front of a window. In front of a building. We froze. It glided to the corner of the building and turned the corner and I have never seen anything like it since. It was very late at night (we snuck out), in the middle of winter. I used to reside in an isolated town. I was afraid of it but it never appeared “evil”. Just shocking. Anyone else experience this?

    • Karen:

      Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. I was in Alaska on business the past two weeks and I am just getting around to approving entries.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your story about the time you encountered one of these strange beings. I am not sure just what they are, but the rate at which people continue to find this particular entry and respond to it, leads me to believe that they are real, they exist, and they are here.

      Thank you again for your response and for contributing to the discussion!

  59. Holly says:

    I too have seen these black stick men figures however in my dreams and I sometimes see them, but they seem to be scary, and don’t do anything, but look creepily however when I saw them in the street one time they’re not really there, so I wondered too what they meant.

    • Thank you for your response. Not having personally encountered a “Stick Man”, I am not one to say whether or not they are dreams or hallucinations, or if they are indeed reality.

      The number of responses this article has received in the positive, seems to indicate that they are real, or at least very real to those who have encountered them.

      Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us here at The Spirit Seekers Blog.

  60. justis says:

    I saw a stick person while I was in my car we rode right past him I’m suprised no one seen him but me and my brother.

  61. Don says:

    Hi, my name is Don. many years ago my father took me and my best friend , who was staying over for the weekend, to visit my Grandmother who was having a mental rest in a facility located in Brisbane Australia. I have never forgotten what I saw on this night. i saw a very tall very skinny thing come from the bush and run a distance of about 200 meters in roughly 4- 5 seconds. It was very dark whatever it was and it was light on its feet if it had any, there was very little noise from it running, I remember thinking that it was only a shadow accept for the arm and leg movement that is the same as a human running, it moved so quick and the darkness of it it stood out in an area of shadows. i have never said anything about it as what i saw seemed too strange as my friend and I , Well we thought we had a pretty good knowledge at that time about ghosts & Bigfoot and everything else supernatural..and what I saw isn’t anything we knew about.
    over the years I have asked around if anyone knew anything about a story/legend about such a being – no one knew anything. I saw no facial features, there didn’t seem to even be a head as what above the arms was the same thickness as below them.i have also asked my friend i was with at the time if he remembered anything about it. even he kind of give me a strange look , he has never denied what happened on this night but he has never agreed with my story either, rather saying that he was freaked out enough to not return to that place for a long time.

    My reason for telling this now is my son who is 12 and likes the supernatural stuff much the same way i did(and quietly still do)asks me a lot of questions about are they real. my response to him is that that there are things in this world we stiill know nothing about.

    • Don,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. The rate at which people are sharing their stories about these creatures and their interactions with them, amazes me.

      I personally have not encountered one, I am not sure how I would react if I ever do.

      Your experience is very similar to what others have shared, which leads me to believe that these stick men are real and they have been around a little bit longer than initially thought.

  62. Heidi says:

    I saw one for the first time about 4 years ago but have seen him, or them, frequently in the past year. The first time I was driving at night and went under a bridge and immediately slammed on my brakes because there was suddenly a man in the road. I was terrified and I thought I killed him, but there was no impact. However, driving out from under the bridge and back into the street lights, there was a crack across my whole windshield. I didn’t see him again until 2013. It was about 6 months after buying a house with my then-boyfriend. He was standing in the stairway looking at me. Extremely tall, about 8 feet, dark, long black cloak. Sometimes he has a face and sometimes he is headless. He seems so sad. He just stares at me and when I look at him he turns around and slowly walks or glides away. I’ve seen him at work, in my rearview mirror, at my parents’ house, up north at their cottage, everywhere. Sometimes it’s when I’m in a bad frame of mind and sometimes it’s when I’m on top of the world. He doesn’t seem evil or malevolent; he honestly seems like he needs help passing on or SOMETHING from me. One time it wouldn’t stop, I’d see him multiple times a day for weeks. I pitied him and wanted to help (mind you I had never heard or spoken to anyone about this) but he would not do anything, he’d just keep showing up and I started losing sleep and getting irritated. I mean it was like he was showing up so frequently that it was annoying. I’d have a beer on my back porch and he’d watch me through the kitchen window. I’d have a conversation with someone and he’d stand in the corner. WHAT could he want from me? Then I woke one night instantly awake and fearful. My dog was by the door wimpering, and it looked like a clearish-blue imp, like 2.5 – 3 feet tall with long scraggly hair RUN, I mean JOLT by the doorway and into the spare bedroom. The curtains were moving from how fast it was, and there were no windows open. I could hear his clammy and speedy little footsteps. My dogs would not go in that room after that, and that’s where we kept them when we left for work. I started yelling out of frustration (assuming it was tied in with the tall sad man) WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! I was losing my peace of mind, though the tall man was never frightening, but that imp creature sure was. Nothing happened for a long time after I freaked out like that. I’m posting now because I’m finally researching this because he’s been showing up again this week.

  63. crissy says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading, my kids were walking on a riverbank near our home in ohio with their stepmother, they came home swearing they saw a very tall stick figure near the water, I thought they were just letting their imagination get the best of them, maybe I was wrong.

    • Crissy,

      I am sure you are not alone in assuming seeing one of these things was just in the imagination of the beholder. I would have thought the same thing, never having experienced seeing one myself.

      Thank you for stopping by and for reading our blog…but more importantly, thank you for taking the time to respond and sharing your story.

  64. Holly says:

    I have seen something like this. It was a black slender stick figure and I couldn’t see facial features. The head seemed alien shaped like In the picture, not really human looking. I woke up one night and seen this figure standing beside my bed side with its hand over my chest. Not touching me but hovering its hand over me, at this point I am very scared and I try to move and scream but I was paralyzed and could not move and I could see my boy friend laying beside me and with the screaming he still didn’t wake up. I felt helpless…then all of a sudden once it knew I was awake I felt the release from being paralyzed and the figure disappeared out of no where. I’m not sure what this thing was but from the shape of the head and how slender and tall it was I feel like it was a type of alien.

  65. I have a 54 year-old woman, and I just saw this figure last night in my house. I was on the internet trying to describe what I saw. I live in the country, in an area that is near a river and was housed for 10,000 years by Pamunkey Indian tribe. A Civil War battle was also fought near us, and tobacco slavery was evident. I’ve seen/heard multiple things in my home, and have photographic proof of drawings in our driveway (which are apparently sacred geometry? At least that’s what one woman told me), wings on my BMW windshield which I sent to a scientist friend at Uconn who couldn’t disprove them, and a water mark on my door that appeared after I went back into the house and consisted of water (all of this in the last 3 months).

    Anyway, I woke up early this morning because my husband was already awake and in the kitchen. I saw, near our bed, a black “stick figure” character – probably 6.5 or 7 feet tall, bending at its waist. The bending caused a sharp angle. I didn’t see any features, but noticed something that looked like knobs on its skull? It was looking at our dog, his face was just inches away from the dog who was on our bed. The dog didn’t react.

    The closet light was on, and it was approximately 6:30 a.m. I shut my eyes for a minute or so, and when i reopened he was gone. I did notice that he was blocking some of the closet light when he was bending over. He was not transparent. I’ve seen a few things at the house, but this one felt weird. Let me know if you have any additional info for me. I’d be happy to share my pictures with you of the other stuff. I’m just looking for answers. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing your story Donna. I don’t doubt it was a creepy thing to experience. As it stands, we are still unsure just what this type of manifestation is.

      It does not appear to be a ghost, perhaps some other type of paranormal event altogether.

      We will continue to allow others to share their stories here so that we can review all the evidence and try to determine just what these creatures/things/people are.

  66. Gudrun says:

    Let’s just put my crazy full on the table: I’m not sure of the time, but I sat bolt upright just as the sky was getting light. I looked out my window, which has no curtains, cos that’s how I roll. The window looks out to basically, woods. Aside from around the house, I live on 34 acres of untouched land. I often look out that window. Anyways, I sit upright, and see one tree, a tree I’m particularly drawn to staring at in my waking hours, and see a black stick figure. It is scrambling up the tree. I remember one of my first fleeting thoughts was: Wow, is that my cat, Free? Free is a plump black feral that I have taken care of since he was a kitten, but I realize quick enough that there is no roundness to the shape. Eventually, actually, all this takes place quite quickly, this stick figure I see, stops. Almost disappears, I guess. The shape that I saw could, If you will, quickly blend into a barren tree. I remember being…, huh?? Not scared, but perplexed. I laid back down and guess drifted off to semi-sleep, cos naturally, on my own, I’d wake up shortly. There ya have it. Make fun if you must, but I’ve seen enough in my lifetime, to not throw up the mental blocks, or assumptions that what I saw wasn’t just what it was.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your story.

      I can assure you, as a paranormal investigator who has experienced some weird things, I do not think you are crazy, and I am sure the many others who have shared a very similar story here wouldn’t find you crazy either.

      This particular entry is consistently the most popular on our blog and has received the most comments. You are not alone in your experience.

      I just wish we could determine what these black stick figures are, where they come from, and why now they are suddenly appearing with alarming frequency.

      Thank you again for stopping by and for sharing your experience.

  67. Midwest Squatch says:

    I was driving home tonight, December 21, 2015, and it was really foggy. I was on the usual road i take home, all dark outside. a tall, thin character, possibly 12 feet high, ran across the road, through my lights, ignoring me. it seemed as if it was etherial, as my brights went right through it.

    • Midwest Squatch says:

      Correction, i mean December 2014. i am tired, it seems.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is very similar to the many experiences gathered on this article.

      I wish I could tell you what you saw, but just like all the other people encountering these strange creatures, I am at a loss.

      Hopefully we can figure it out. I may reach out to others in the near future to try and meet with as many people as possible who have witnessed a black stick figure creature and see if we can’t find one.

      In the meantime, we simply have to rely on the stories from people like you.

      Thank you again for the time you took in reading the article and providing your voice to the mix.

  68. Alex says:

    About 2-3 years ago me and my friend decided to go for a run up the lane in our village, and on either side of the lane are fields. While we were running we saw a shadow at the top of one field. At first we thought it was just someone messing about but it looked to tall and slender to be human and it started to mimic us but it over-reacted our actions and seemed to move in slow motion. Being normal people, we got scared and started to run back down the lane, but the figure started to run with us taking quick, long strides. Also the same friend recently saw a similar figure but near the village hall at about 11:45pm and she said that it dropped to the floor and disappeared but when she started to walk away the village hall door flung open and a light flashed on then back off again.

    • Alex:

      Sorry for the delay in approving your post. Holidays and all that kept me away from the site.

      Thank you though for sharing your story, it sounds like a pretty harrowing experience. I am constantly surprised at the number of responses this article has generated, it seems that there is indeed something or somethings out there resembling tall stick figures.

      I will eventually spend a greater amount of time researching and documenting the phenomenon and perhaps writing a book about it, so I appreciate not only your response and you sharing your encounter, but the responses of everyone who has contributed their personal experiences so far.

      Tony Harrington
      SpiritSeekers Blog

  69. nilnil1 says:

    I knew a kid years ago that saw one at night. He told me he saw one walking down the street and into the woods at night. Creepy. The kid was psychic and he saw a lot of creepy things in his life. I never had seen a black stick figure in my life. I seen shadow people to black eye adults. People I knew seen ogres, shadow people and the grim reaper. Creepy.

  70. Jordan says:

    its crazy because I’ve seen one and when I saw it, it was sooo out there I didn’t believe my eyes. Until i read these accounts tonight I finally believe what I had seen. It was very late at night (2a.m.) I was probably 21 or 22 at the time, I stayed up pretty late with a couple of friends drinking.. I didn’t drink enough to where I was stumbling, I got a heavy buzz then drank water because I had to drive home. . I was hanging out in front of a friends house when I looked down the street and saw a pole next to the street light.. it was black and it moved, when it moved i realized the black pole I was looking at was connected to a body, it was a LEG THIS THING WAS AT LEAST 20 – 27 ft tall as I looked up i saw a stick body and it proceeded to walk on the roof of the house it was next to and disappeared because of the angle I was seeing it I only saw it for about 6 – 7 seconds, it made no sound it was just floating along like it had something to do. IDK how to describe it but it looked like it had intent… if that makes any sense… Like it was doing something…. it blew my mind, I literally thought I was hallucinating but after reading this I’m sure of what I saw… Its really weird I haven’t read and Giant stick man accounts… cuz this thing was massive… it was walking on top of the neighborhood houses… I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it, this experience changed my life… Glad to read I’m not the only one that has seen it. I live In Phoenix, Arizona.

  71. chad says:

    A guy I work with a good christian man swears that he has seen this on 3 occaions here in western nc.

  72. Brian says:

    I saw one of these a few months ago. I just finished working four double shifts (16 hour days) in a row, so it’s safe to say I was tired. I walked in the front door, took off my watch and saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was down the hallway in my bedroom, it was black, about six to six and a half feet tall, and extremely thin. It almost looked like sticks from a tree, it had no facial features, and appeared to glide to the right when I saw it. I immediately drew my weapon (I am a police officer) and shouted ” Get the f@$k on the ground” multiple times. I cleared every room in the hallway between my location and my bedroom and when I got to my bedroom there was nothing there. It was about 12:30 or so at night. I know what I saw, as a police officer I am trained to be an expert witness. It made no noise at all and seemed to glide more than walk. I didn’t tell anyone for a while until I researched this topic online. I am glad to see other people have seen this as well, I thought I was going nuts. I have not seen it since, thank God. Very few things scare me, but this thing scared he crap out of me.

    • art says:

      trust me; i know they are real and i know what i saw when i was young..i have been a police officer for 35 years and still active…your description is spot on…i also saw waves of what i call air around this being when it walked; its arms also moved….can still see it in my mind to this day and i am now 61

  73. Timothy Gauntt says:

    It just happened to me. I just made multiple multi hour contacts with this so called stick men. This is the honest to god truth and I have a witness who lives with me who didn’t see it but saw all and every reaction of mine. My better half can vouch. We both are normal people.

  74. eric rollins says:

    Saw a very strange creature run across our path late at night that looked just like the picture in your article. The strange part is I think it ran across our path on purpose because we where the only ones on the road. It could have waited or ran across after we drove past. No one but us was on the road. Very freaky and both me n my girlfried both seen the same thing. Weirdest part was it was stick thin and glided more that ran and moved across the road very fast but it like bent in the middle and we never saw it moves its legs or arms. It was like a kangaroo but it didnt bounce it moved in a straight line. It was like a walking stick in sect but was tan in color and moved like nothing we have ever seen. So crazy

  75. Lusanda Cele says:

    I was sharing my experiences with this so-called stick figure with my mom and thought I should look it up.

    I cannot remember when exactly I first saw it but I’ve seen it twice! First time it, it was at my dad’s house; it was coupled with sleep paralysis so you can imagine how terrified I was. It was dancing in front of me, provoking me as if to say “you can’t do anything to me” and the freakiest part is that it was wearing my sleepwear that I usually wear, but wasn’t wearing that particular night.

    The second time it happened was at my mom’s house, where I live.I was in bed (seems like it only appears in my sleep) and when I turned, this demonic looking stick figure was in a sqautting position, on top of the continental which was next to me, as if it was about to jump on me.

    I haven’t seen it since then, I pray (Psalm 91) almost every night trusting that God will protect me from such unpleasant visitors. It is comforting to know I’m not alone or ‘crazy’.

  76. tyler says:

    I saw a black stickman while my cousin and i were out in the woods, I’m going to tell the moments leading up to the event first. My Cousin and I decided to go outside of his house where some woods are and explore a little, we waited til it was dark before we went. When we went out there we kept having this feeling of dread and decided to back we repeated the process with 3 attempts. Our third and last time out was when things got interesting. First our flaslight kept turning off by itself, then we would hear sounds. On our way back to the house we saw something go behind a woodshed, thinking it was my cousins dog (we brought our dogs along) I told him we need to go get his dog, I turn over to my cousin an instant later and see his dog with him, yhats when I really started to freak out we ran a couple yards back to the house when suddenly I saw a tall black thing limping-ish to the far side of the rode down the street, as soon as it realized we saw it, it swiftly ran off. Afterward when we were back in the house my cousin looked out the eindow and shined his flashlight out the window, we heard the dog growl and the flashlight turned of by itself.

  77. melissa says:

    Hi my name is Melissa and I moved to south souix last year I have one of these tall figures in my house it’s been here since I was pregnant with my son I have more then this one tall black figure in my house but when I see it I feel I big load of weight on top of my cheat its pure black tall skinny looks like a person but with no features of a human bit I also see ghost and figures like these since I was a little girl.

  78. Momof4 says:

    I found this story after searching for tall black figure. Earlier this evening my 16 year old son was driving home from work. I was in the passenger seat. I got a message on my phone and looked down for just a minute to see who it was from. When we get to bottom of hill we were driving down he says “did you see that?” I ask what as I hadn’t seen anything. He tells me a very tall (9 to 10 foot tall) very skinny black figure jumped over the guardrail and floated/glided very quickly across the road and up the hillside on the other side. He said it took him a minute to even say anything to me because he was scared speechless. He says it was too tall and skinny to be a real person. We turned around at my insistence and drove back through but saw nothing. We live in southwestern Pennsylvania in a fairly rural area. Where we saw him was a cow pasture on one side and a row of houses on the other. He ran up the hill towards the houses according to my son. We do believe in the supernatural and watch lots of ghost hunter shows but have never heard of anything like this.

    • Thank you for sharing your story with us. Sorry for the delay in getting it posted. Hopefully your story, like the others listed here, will help others come forward who have experienced this phenomenon.

  79. Gillian says:

    My nephew got pushed by one of these figures in the forest and it ran away fast you wouldnt believe that until you saw the look on his face . Explain that

    • Gillian:

      Thank you for contributing your story. I am not sure I can explain him being pushed by one of these things, I don’t even know what they are, I am sure most people have their own theories. Until I encounter one personally I can only continue to live vicariously through those who have experienced an encounter, no matter how scary it was.

      Thank you for sharing!

  80. Sarah says:

    I believe this May be what my daughter saw. People are saying that because she is young it was just a nightmare but the terror in her screams suggest to me otherwise. She insists it was real also. It was a very eerie incident.

    • Sarah:

      I know that must have been horrifying for a young child, and equally terrifying for you to have to hear the screams of your child. Hopefully, aside from being scary, these things are not malicious. Most of the encounters described here, save for one or two, imply that the stick people are curious at best, but not malicious or mean any ill intent.

      Thank you for contributing.

  81. Dylan says:

    My friends and I went to the baseball by his house. When we got there they told me about a memorial in the woods that was half buried. We walk through and crossed a really old bridge, when we got there a friend of mine picked up a rock near the memorial, I thought it wasn’t a big deal. So I took them to place that I knew down a path and ended in a campsite sorta. When we got there we stayed for a little bit. I turned around and saw a tall black figure with long arms and no head. I told them that we need to go that I saw something and they you’re crazy and I thought they were right the next day I was riding my skate board and behind my mom’s car I saw it again I went by the car and it was gone.

    • Dylan:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am not sure if what you encountered was connected tot he burial site or just a coincidence. No one here at Spirit Seekers has encountered one of these entities so we rely on information shared by others, like yourself.

      Your description seems similar to other encounters documented here, with the exception of the one you witnessed not having a head. That is a different twist.

      I wish I had answers for you, until we can further determine just what it is people are seeing at a more frequent rate as of late, we will just have to rely on eyewitness accounts and do our best to determine what they are and what they want…and how long they have been here.

      Thank you for sharing!

      • TheodenN says:

        Actually, I saw a very similar black figure that had no head too.
        But it wasn’t abnormally tall or skinny. It had the proportions of a adult male human. It was pure black without any features, absolutely motionless and had no head.
        I saw a wood colored stickman also which I have already written in detail here in previous post.
        But I think the second figure I saw was more like a shadow person without a head. It was motionless but the stick figure I saw made some rapid arm movements. And both of them made no sound.

      • TheodenN, thank you. I have not encountered any stick men before so all i have to go on are the experiences that people like you and our other contributors provide.

        I am not sure how I would react to anything that didn’t have a head, so I will just say that you probably handled it better than I would have.

  82. Jade says:

    Ever since I saw a video of a BSM climbing down a building on youtube, I was intrigued. I decided to look it up and found this page. I’ve read through almost all the comments and experiences, and thought perhaps this is a real thing, instead of some fake make believe thing to scare people.
    The strange thing is, these things you call Black Stick Men remind me of an Aboriginal legend in Australia. The Aborigines called them Mimis, people of the rock, and they were described as being tall, incredibly thin, and having elongated bodies. “Human-like stick people”. They say that because they were so thin, it was dangerous for them to be exposed to strong wind, and so they spent most of their time in rock crevices (or alleyways perhaps?). It was said that they taught the Aborigines to hunt, cook and how to use fire, as well as teaching them how to paint. They usually came out of their crevices around or before dawn, to get the land ready for the new day. They weren’t evil but rather mischievous, playful, curious and shy. They do not mean to do harm, however, they can be dangerous when approached the wrong way.
    I feel that Black Stick Men and the Aboriginal Mimis are either connected, or practically the same.
    I have to admit, I’ve never actually saw one myself (honestly, I don’t think I want to). But I am very curious about these creatures.
    I hope someone will post a new experience soon as I’d like to know more.

    • Jade:

      thank you so much for sharing your story about the Aboriginal Mimis. I had not heard of them before and perhaps there is indeed some connection. I appreciate the time you took to look over the site and share this information with us.

      Check back often, this is one of the most popular stories on the site and it generates feedback several times a month.

      Thanks again!

    • Dena says:

      I hope they are not dangerous, but they always scare me because its when im in bed that they come. I posted my story below.

      • Jade says:

        I don’t know for sure if they’re dangerous or not. All of what I’ve tried to read up on them are mostly speculations, but there doesn’t seem to be any incident of them hurting anyone. I think it’s best just to not bother them.

  83. Dena says:

    The first time I saw them was several years ago in my sisters bedroom, she had also seen something similar. There were 2 of them, one tall one and one shorter one. I looked about 3 different times trying to make sure I was awake and seeing what I was seeing. Then the little one, as if gliding went across the floor in front of the bed and disappeared into the wall. When I looked back the big one did the same thing. The second time I saw one was about 2 months ago in our house. I was sleeping,my Fiance Tim next to me, it was standing right next to the bed on my side, again I looked several times making sure I wasn’t seeing shit. No it was there, frightened me so much that I grabbed Tim’s arm. When I looked back it was gone. The last time I saw one was after that and getting closer! It was on the bed, appeared to be on all fours on tims side coming up kinda over me. That one freaked me out! It disappeared quicker.

  84. Skylasmommy says:

    I have lived in the same home all my life, and my family has been the only ones to live in the home since it was built in 1954 in Oklahoma. Ever since I can remember I have known that something else has lived in that house with me. Mainly the shadow man. Everyone who has lived in that house has seen the same thing. And it’s almost like he’s apart of the family with us as in no one will freak out or even sometimes state that we just seen him. Every time I have seen him hes either going back and forth from rooms in the hallway or he’s peaking his head in the door. And every time it seems someone looks over at him he moves really fast like he’s spying or trying to hide. My daughters father recently moved into the house and after a few months he started saying how he thinks the house is haunted cause he sees black things looking in the room at him. And of course he described the tall, Linky man with no face and doesn’t like being noticed. All I could say was I told you so. Usually when I tell someone they are skeptical about it but the ones that have actually stayed there for a period of time have began to notice him. He doesn’t show himself to everyone but if your the only one in a room you can see his tall figure leaning in the door frame with his narrow head then when you look he’s gone. What he wants I don’t know. I’ve never heard him speak but you know when he’s there. You can feel him next to you but when you start to acknowledge him he’s already gone.

  85. Maria L says:

    Just before I was on the phone w a close friend of mine and as I sat in my living on the phone at the corner of my right eye I saw a tall stick figure like a wooden stick figure hovering over about 4 feet away only with the corner of my eye did I see it as I looked to it nothing appeared. However once I looked away and stared in front of me it appeared! I didn’t freak out bc I strange that I saw it as opposed to what I saw. What is the meaning behind it? Any ideas?????

  86. Maria says:

    just befor as I was sitting chatting with my friend on the phone in my living room I saw on the corner of my eye a tall wooden like stick figure when I looked to see it wasn’t there but when I looked str8 in front of me it was there again only at the corner of my eye and it was tall maybe 5 feet I find it kind of strange that I saw it as opposed to wat it looked like… Any idea on what it means?????

  87. tony says:

    yes and no i was hiking in the mountains with my best friend when we noticed 3 of them following us we got this weird feeling and turned around and that is when we seen them .there was no foot sound but they moved fast from behind us to beside in about 10 to 20 of my steps still kinda keeping there distance but on the approach . i was scared shitliss so i picked up this massive stick ( more like a small tree LOL) and smashed on the ground and threatened if they came and closer i would knock them out . we then took off and that is the last i seen of that but they fit the description perfectly. i dont know what they wanted but i was not willing to find out i might have wondered and more open to what they wanted if it was not dusk the sun was just starting to set . it was still full light ought so there was no mistaking it . im glad i had some one with me because it was some scary stuff how fast they caught up to us . there were 3 of them and …..? we thought they were aliens or something they were tall like taller than me and im foot i did not get any closer than 15 20 feet but i could not make out any face on them and no sound for moving so fast and that in not normal for the mountains in the fall . this blog is a little late i just found it . this happened to me about a year ago. do the aliens or spirits pick people out because this is not my only paranormal thing that has happened to me just the only one with them in it.

    • tony says:

      i looked up the you tube so called black stick man, jade said up above . i thought it was stupid i would never believe that . the 3 i seen look nothing like that and i dont remember them walking ( there was no up and down moment with them that i can remember )but they do move very fast (they also made no sound when moving and there is a lot of sticks bushes and stuff in the mountains) . they were behind me like a good way behind me to pretty close to the side like diagonally in front of me . they were not traveling but coming at me and my buddy they passed us and turned around and starting approaching us again before i even noticed they moved from behind us .

      sorry to post so much but i wont forget this and it gives me mad chills thinking about this .

      • No need to apologize.

        I am not sure that anyone has actually caught these things on video. There ARE videos out there, but most look like they were created with computer software as an after-effect in a video.

        Your description seems on par with what most people report. Especially the eerie silence that accompanies their movements.

  88. tony says:

    if there is any expert i can talk to to learn more on this matter i would love to talk to them not about the one i just posted but about others this one was just weird . but there are some others that are just …… to much . i have had a lot of them some scare the hell out of me and other are well dont bother or even make me think much about it because they are cool or did not mess with me .

    • Tony,

      I am not sure if there is an expert in the field of the Stick men phenomenon. It is a relatively new, or I should say, newly documented phenomenon. The actual stick-creatures may have been around a lot longer.

      It seems that people are just now talking about them.

      The general consensus is that they do not intend to harm, they have been around for a long time, and though frightening to encounter (I can’t imagine) there isn’t really a recorded history of them causing anyone physical harm.

      If I can find any resources with whom you could speak I will pass that information on to you.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us!

      • Sandyi says:

        In reply to your question if anyone can help …… Is it reguardjng encounters
        Are you referring to other alien encounters or spirits ?
        As Tony mentioned there does not seem to be any hard evidence about the black stick men , in doing my own research they seem to have been around for a long time but it seems that over the past 10 years or so they have become quite popular . If it is spirits you are referring to I would be happy to talk with you I have been studying and communicating with the spirt world ,for well over 30 years professionally
        It is a part of my life and famalies .
        Send me am email If you wish .
        This of course is not a sales pitch
        I give free services to help people understand The spirit world .

      • Thank you for offering your help Sandyi!

  89. paranormal respect says:

    I think im experiencing a stick man right this very moment walking in my halway i saw it in my window refction as i played video games i looked at it for around 10-15 before i hid my hed under the covers. I have felt a precesence for quite some time and cold spots in my apertment but not enough to call it a haunting in my opinion. It has now past 20 mins since i saw this stick man and its still really cold i havent had the courage to look up from my covers yet. Scared shitless. 15 since i saw manage gain courage to look up again and realises it was a shadow of a tree…… still it doesnt the cold spots that comes and go but i still feel stupid

    • No need to feel foolish. No one on this site will judge you. Take a look at all the other people who have shared their experiences.

      Though terrifying, you can rest assured that there has never been a case of one of these things being malicious or causing anyone harm.

      I wish I had answers for you. There is just no real resource out there to which I can point you. I would be very interested in hearing more though about your experience.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your encounter with us. It is helping build a database of encounters that others can learn from.

  90. Sarah says:

    I live in the Forest of Dean in the UK and was walking my dog through the woods the other day, a remote place which is full of ancient iron working caves called Devils Chapel. it was raining and quite heavy atmosphere. We had just reached a part where the path narrows and suddenly I saw this figure standing in the path by a tree, it was solid black, like a silhouette, it’s arms were as if hands were resting on hips, could also see shape of top hat. It looked just like a Lowry figure, or a chunky child’s drawing. It felt like a warning not to go any further (we didn’t, opting for running very fast back the way we had come!). I would have put it down to imagination had my dog not gone running up to it with her tail wagging and head up looking towards where it’s face should have been but it had disappeared and then she was sniffing around the tree where it had been stood. There have been many stories from neighbours in my street about similar sightings in their homes, we all seem to have individual stories but they all link up with the descriptions. I lived in this street around thirty years ago (the houses are Victorian but the whole area around here is steeped in history, Romans and pre-Roman), and there were strange things happening at the house I lived in then, a malevolent atmosphere and apparently things kicked off when my ex partner had new girlfriend with young daughter moved in, they ended up having the place exorcised. All was forgotten until I moved back to the street seven years ago. I happened to be chatting to neighbour a while back and she talked about the ‘visitor’ and on asking other neighbours, each one had a story to tell! All their descriptions were the same as the figure I saw in the woods the other day. glad I’ve just sold my house… Oh, and just to add, a friend told me about an article that was in the Mirror newspaper about a recent rash of these sightings in Staffordshire I think….

    • I absolutely love it when we get stories from outside of the US. It validates that these things are truly everywhere.

      When I wrote this article several years ago, I never imagined how many people it would reach and I am so grateful that people keep coming here and sharing their stories.

      One day I would love to reach out to everyone who contributed and actually write a book about the phenomenon. Should that day come I hope I have the opportunity to reach out to you so you can expand upon your encounter.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

      • Sarah says:

        You’re welcome! Thanks for providing the facility for us to be able to share our stories!
        There is so much in this world that we don’t understand, we know of three dimensions, well, time is another one, but whose to say that there aren’t many more out there… I’m sure there are.

      • There are so many fascinating possibilities out there. From the scientific to the metaphysical…it is hard to wrap one’s mind around everything that encompasses our world, both the seen and the unseen.

        I wish we had answers for everything, but it sure is fun to speculate and search!

  91. Derrick says:

    I was just laying on the floor in my motherinlaws house and noticed a tall black skinny being. As soon as I noticed it,it ran quickly into the other room. I’m very frightened and so is my wife!!! Please help us… Thank you❤

    • Derrick:

      I wish I could offer you some help, unfortunately, I am not sure what to tell you.

      As you can read here, there are lots of individuals who have encountered the very thing you did. Whatever these things are, they are definitely frightening, but as far as I can tell, they do not seem to cause any harm to the people who see them.

      If this is the first time you experienced it, there is the possibility that you won’t encounter it again. The general consensus is that these things are just passing through.

      Ask your mother-in-law if she has ever seen anything odd in her house. See if she has witnessed something like this.

      If this is something you end up seeing again, try reaching out to a local paranormal investigation team. If you are not sure whom you should contact, let me know what city and state you are in and I will see what local groups are in your area who can research.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor in Chief-Spirit Seekers Blog

  92. Joshua says:

    My mom lives out in a country area, and about a year ago, me (16) my cousin (21) and my brother (19) decided to go for a walk around midnight. We knew that there were cyotes in the area so we didn’t want to go to far up any roads cause we didn’t want to have the woods adjacent to the road so we stopped at a Y in the road that was kinda near a house. The house was giving of enough light to barely see up the beginning of the left path. And for a good 2 or 3 seconds I was looking at the left path and I saw 4 or 5 long black legs walking across the beginning of the path. The legs alone were 7 or 8 feet tall and that was all I could see of them. At first I figured my eyes were just playing tricks on me because I was feeling kinda tired, but when we got back to the house I said something to my cousin about and he was like “wait, you saw that too?”

    • Joshua:

      Thank you for sharing your encounter with us. As you can tell, from the many responses on this entry, you are not alone.

      As more and more people provide feedback, we are better able to understand what happens during an encounter and also let people know they are not alone.

      Thank you for contributing.

  93. Paul says:

    I’ve never seen one while conscious….I had actually never heard anyone else mention these things before. To my knowledge, I’m the only individual I personally know that has had any ‘experience’ with them.

    I’m in my mid-twenties and for about 8 years, I’ve had dreams about these ‘stick men.’ It’s very strange, the dreams happen sporadically, a few days at a time, then they subside for weeks, months, sometimes close to a year. They’re not spurred by scary movies or any external stimuli as far as I can tell, and not every dream is the same. They don’t mirror any situations I remember experiencing. However, in some rare instances (which I’ll explain below) the location is wherever I fell asleep. For example, the dream’s setting would be at my parents house, or my girlfriend’s. The only recurring characteristic about the dreams are the presence of these ‘stick men.’

    These are the only dreams that consistently wake me. I usually wake up yelling. Sometimes I’m screaming words, sometimes it’s just a yell….and it’s always been just one of these ‘stick man’ things. Up until almost 3 weeks ago, I had a dream with two of them in it.

    In a large portion of my dreams, I don’t know where I am, I’m wandering for a bit and somehow, it locates and approaches me. (I’m rarely with anyone else in the dreams, only a hand full of times in the almost decade I’ve been experiencing this) I feel frozen by it’s eyeless gaze, unable to speak or move, and upon its approach I try to call out for help but nothing comes out…that yell for help would manifest audibly as I came to consciousness. Only in dreams within the last year have I been able to break the frightening stillness that overtakes my body and escape its presence. (also, I didn’t get away in every dream, but I put up more of a struggle and gained more confidence each time) After a few dreams of evading the ‘stick man’ I think it could sense my resiliency, I’ve even considered confronting it. The point which I felt most bold-a few weeks ago-the ‘stick men’ hit me with a curve ball. There were two of them and I was stunned. They caught me, I woke up yelling.

    I always wake up when I’m taken. As I said, I’m usually pretty audible at the time of my capture. I don’t know what their intent is, but I definitely feel like they’re ill intentioned creatures.

    The dreams where I’m not the primary target, which have been very few, I always walk up on it. In my dream state, I wake from where I am, (parent’s house, girlfriend’s, my apartment etc.) and I’m drawn to a particular location on premises. I ALWAYS find it rummaging through stuff. Mundane things, like cabinets with pots and pans, random drawers, entertainment centers. Whatever can be rummaged through, but the instant it realizes I’ve walked up on it, it would either approach me or leave, and end of dream.

    I have yet to have a dream where I’ve found it rummaging and have been able to move after I’m discovered; simply because I haven’t had one like that since I’ve broken the spell of fear that used to leave me paralyzed.

    The dreams haven’t really been disruptive to my conscious life, I can usually get back to sleep pretty quickly. I’m not afraid to sleep, but I am a little concerned due to the fact the I’ve been able to confront it recently, and the ‘stick men’ have responded by sending more. It makes me think it’s something other than just ‘in my head.’ The ‘stick men’ intelligently responded my retaliation so I’ve finally decided it was time to see if anyone else had experience with this and if so, do they know what’s the deal with these things?

    • Hi Paul:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am not sure how a dream encounter differs from real world encounters.

      In your subconscious encounters it would apppear these manifestations are malicious and intend harm, this is a turn from what others who have encountered them in the conscious realm report.

      Actually, your encounters are very reminiscent of sleep paralysis. I wrote an article about the phenomenon for this blog. You can search for “Old hag Syndrome” and it should bring you to the article.

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing with everyone your experience with these black stick figures.

  94. kayla says:

    I have, although there was no road. It was my room. I was very restless, don’t know why. I had kept looking at my curtains in my room and then this black 8-9 foot tall figured appeared.I couldn’t move, I was scared. I tried to speak to wake my dogs up but I couldn’t. It had massive long hands which were kind of waving over me. I stared into a faceless black being, then went into a transe. I don’t know for how long I was in it. But when I came out it I ran for my light switch. This was no dream. This was no ghost. I have had encounters with ghost this is not the same. Then like a flashback came to me, I saw myself screaming in pain but I don’t remember goi g thro pain. I do not have proof of this but I am dead serious. It was real.

    • That sounds absolutely horrifying and I am sorry you had such an encounter.

      I am honored that you stopped by and shared your encounter with us.

      There is almost no explanation for these encounters, and there is even less information out there about this phenomenon.

      Most people confuse it with the fictional “Slender Man” or write it off as fiction.

      I am no expert on the subject, I have never personally encountered one, but because of people like you who are willing to share your experiences, we are learning more about these things.

      Thank you again for stopping by and adding to our database of recorded encounters.

  95. River says:

    I can’t recall what year it was, but it had to have been at least 10 years ago… This wasn’t a waking life, conscious sighting, either. I had to have been dreaming. What I saw was this solid black, featureless “stick man” perched in a tree in the back yard, except there was no tree like that in our back yard. The hands and feet of this thing had blade-like shapes. There were no phalanges at all, just flat wedges. After reading the stories here, it seems to coincide with the recurring theme of these things “gliding” across the ground rather than walking. I never thought I would actually come across a page dedicated to such a creature, because I was sure that this was just a weird dream. Perhaps I was on an astral plane? I do have a lot of strange dreams with strange creatures and otherworldly humanoids, and I’ve also dreamt of being on spaceships and other planets. I have them since I was a kid, and I’m 34 today, still having them. It’s fascinating.

    • River:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your personal encounter with one of these Black Stick Men.

      I am glad that you were able to find our blog, specifically this post and that you were kind enough to contribute to our ever-growing list of personal encounters.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, The Spirit Seekers Blog

  96. Joe says:

    I was hanging out with my buddy past midnight. He’s a graveyard shift security guard. He says to see them 2-3 times a week. We have two working theories. First, they are very aware of smart phones. So they may be in our realm and monitoring us. He recent sightings could be something to do with all the wireless radiation nowadays is causing their cloaking device to glitch making them visible to us. Secondly, like CB radios, you can get bleed from other channels. For some reason our two realms are passing so close we can see each other. Who knows. We are researching the phenomenon. They don’t like dogs or cameras and don’t become visible around either.

  97. John says:

    I am a late night person (also a smoker) and tend to go outside to have a smoke every hour or so. We have some green shurbbery planted close to the windows as you exit the house. My dad and I have noticed some sort of footprints in the shrubs not knowing where they came from. Around 3 weeks ago, I was having one of my late night smokes and saw a grey alien with big black eyes standing in the shrubs. It looked at me for a second or two, and then it made a strange sound and vanished. Well either a couple of days later or a week went by when I saw one of these black stick figures inside our home. I was walking down the stairs and saw it glide across the floor towards the bathroom. It was around 7-8 feet tall and completely black. I did not follow it into the bathroom because I have no idea if they are good or bad. I prayed to God before I went to sleep that if these beings are evil, to send them away and if not, let them do whatever it is they are doing. Needless to say, I haven’t seen anything since.

    • John:

      Thank you for sharing your story. The more people share their encounters, the more questions I end up with.

      Could the stick figure entity be related to a grey man visit? Are they aliens or ghosts? Are they dangerous or just moving about?

      Having never experienced this phenomenon myself, I leave it up to those who share their stories to fill in the blanks.

      Thank you fro stopping by and for sharing your encounter with us.

  98. Shania says:

    Omg this is so crazy.. I can say I honestly had my doubt’s about this but now I can say I might actually be a believer. My boyfriend told me a couple days ago that he saw a black stick figure while driving home from work last week and I didn’t believe him 100% because I’d never heard anything about like the creature or being he described but after reading through this article and everyone’s comments I actually believe he saw something that night and that it was one of these stick figure beings.

    • Shania:

      thank you for contributing to our collective of personal encounters with these figures. As one who has never seen a figure, I rely solely on what everyone here shares.

      I never imagined, when writing this article, that it would generate such a huge response. I honesty thought it was a hoax, or perhaps had some logical explanation such as fatigue or tricks of light.

      The more stories I hear, the less certain I am that this phenomenon can be easily explained away.

      So, like you, I am a skeptic who feels that there might be some validity to what people are experiencing related to the “Black Stick Man” phenomenon.

  99. Kris says:

    Dear Moderator (I may have already posted this account right after it happened last weekend, I can’t recall if I actually sent it, I was still so shaken by the experience; in any event, if I did, could you disregard that one and the one I sent earlier this evening and include this edited version below). Thanks so much!

    Hi there:

    I definitely saw one on Sunday September 20, 2015 between 1:30 and 1:45 am. I live in an old school that has been converted into condos. The school itself has quite a history of being haunted. In the early 20th century a train crashed on the tracks that sit above the school and apparently a number of injured passengers were brought into the school and there were a few deaths. People for years have given accounts of a black-eyed girl. Also, a janitor in the 90s apparently made a deal with his coworkers that whoever died first would come back and haunt the school. People have also reported sightings of him along with doors shutting, lights turning on and off, footsteps, typical ghost activity. I have lived in the school for a year now. I have experienced two incidents now where doors have shut and lights have turned off and I have not been able to determine a logical explanation. It’s not to say there isn’t one, but I haven’t found one. I preface the stickman encounter below with this information because it may or may not be related. The building is also surrounded by thick and very old forest. There now runs a long driveway to the right of the building that is lit dimly at night. I often sit at night on the old front stone steps at street level and smoke. The are situated about 20 feet to the left of the driveway and the forest. So on Sunday morning, while doing that, movement caught my peripheral vision on the right side, along the dimly lit long driveway. I turned my head slightly in time to see an enormously tall black stick figure with long arms, legs and torso and a round head, move very quickly forward along the edging of the driveway, as if on a conveyor belt. The atmosphere took on a sort of dead-weight feel to it. I don’t think it knew I was there and it seemed to be moving with a purpose, I could feel such a strong presence from it. And it was definitely 2-dimensional. It seemed larger than life and moved on such a strange time-continuum, like nothing I have ever experienced before. I might add that I am a pretty normal person, do not believe in paranormal activity and have never experienced it before that I am aware of. It just moved forward so quickly and once it was out of the light, it was gone. I was really scared and sat silently for a few moments, then backed up the few stone steps and quietly slipped into the building. I had never even heard of such a thing and was so surprised when I went online and found so many similar descriptions. My best guess is that it is from another dimension or it is an alien (although I am so skeptical of all of these ideas). With that said though, I have been considering a lot what Stephen Hawking said recently about how it is more than likely that we are not the only beings hanging about in the galaxy…

    I really hope that the doors and lights stay put around here and that was my first and last experience with the giant black stickman / person…

    • Kris:

      Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. By contributing you are helping build a database of accounts that others, just as you did, may discover and read to help them come to terms with what they encountered.

      I personally have not encountered any of these “things” but the experiences, aside from a scant few, are almost nearly identical and my curiosity is piqued.

      The best accounts, in my opinion, come from those who are your everyday people who just happened to experience something otherworldly.

      The sincerity of your account adds validity to your encounter.

      I wish I had answers as to what people are experiencing. Until we can figure it out, I am glad that we have people so willing to share their encounters.

      Thank you Kris, and thank you to everyone who has shared their encounters so far.

      For those just stumbling across this entry who have experienced an encounter with a “Black Stick Man” and are feeling confused or alone, please share your experiences with us. As you can see, you are not alone.

  100. Kris says:

    Thanks so much for your reply to my encounter. I also wanted to add that the old school and the sighting took place in Canada.

  101. michael says:

    I was riding my 2013 honda ranger around my house and i saw something black looking at me it was crouching i though it was in my head when i drove around and looked back it was running away my dad dint even belive me

  102. Xavier Spruiell says:

    I mean they been around forever honestly …try talking to them yes they whisper but you can still understand they been here since the beginning they were drawn on walls by our ancestors for people to know they exsist they won’t help but they admire our way of life and despise it at almost the same time ..truelly y’all shouldn’t be afraid nor should you be interested but admire them as they do us because remember at the beginning they helped us develop civilizations just saying ……. If u really want truth look me up and I will show you the way to comprehendtion because barely few people are awarded with their understanding

    • I’m sorry. But, I don’t personally understand how you can say people shouldn’t be interested in these things, but then turn around and say we should admire them. You have to have an interest in something to give it your admiration.

      I also would not encourage anyone to reach out to you, this being the internet and all.

      Lastly, I seriously doubt there is one person out there who knows the truth. You might THINK you do, and that is fine, but one person saying they have all the answers while the rest of civilization is ignorant…that is just too far of a stretch outside of logic for me.

      I am not attacking or making fun of you, I just think this may not be the forum for you to reach out to people and encourage them to contact you…just s I would strongly discourage anyone from reaching out and contacting you. The world is a crazy place…and you never know what you are in for by extending or accepting such an invitation.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  103. Jennie R says:

    This happened to me about 20 years ago in the mountains near the Hunter Valley north of Sydney, Australia. I’ve never told anyone about it, it was too strange. I was with a bunch of women who asked me if I would like to see an aboriginal sacred site. We were waiting for the moon to rise. I went of into the bush alone (to go to the toilet) and realised I was surrounded by tall, thin figures, far taller than human beings, with round heads. I wasn’t embarrassed, i didn’t feel threatened, they were just there. I went back to the group. When the moon was well up, the leader of the group took us to the sacred site, which was an ancient carving done in a huge, flat rock. It was of a tall, thin figure with a round head. I wanted to say, “But I just saw lots of those,” but I couldn’t. I came across your site because I just watched a video on YouTube of similar figures, filmed in California, and was trying to find out more. Please note, I was awake, I hadn’t had any alcohol to drink, nor had I been smoking anything.

    • Jennie:

      Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry it took so long to approve, I have been out of my home state for a few weeks with limited internet access.

      I am getting caught up now and wanted to thank you for sharing your encounter with the “Black Stick Men”. It is folks like you and the rest of the rest of the commenters who make it possible for others to find this site and discover that they are not alone in their encounters.

  104. Gia says:

    He will not leave, stuck in a series of doorways, like a corner. Three individuals have seen him, and he is either demon or alien. Opens doors, moves heavy objects, and has whispered into my ear. I will not enter my home without my cross around my neck. I don’t know what to do

  105. mitchell says:

    Hi guys. I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ. I have also experienced this recently. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what is going on. I saw it twice last month. The first time I saw it, it was just standing there staring at me as if it was observing me. The second time I saw it was two nights after the first night but this time it was pacing between my brothers bed and mine. I began screaming my parents came to see what had happen I was a bit shaken up. I told my parents what really occurred the next day. My brother over heard me talking to them and said I should just ignore it and it would go away I said how can I ignore it when this man keeps watching me incase he wants to harm me. When I said that my brother looked at me shocked I asked him what happen he said was it a tall man so tall that you can only see his legs and not his face. I got a terrible shiver down my spine because I realised I wasnt crazy, I had never describe the figure to anyone. He told me he saw it on many occasions before but he usually ignores it.

  106. mitchell says:

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help me. I too have experienced something similar to what you have mentioned. Was about a month or so back. I woke up screaming to find a man at the foot of my bed staring at me it seemed as if he was observing me. At first I thought nothing of it but then two days later it happen again but this time he was not just staring but pacing back and forth between my brother’s and my bed. I must admit I was quiet scared and I screamed for my parents when they put the lights on it was gone. the next morning I explained to my parents my experiences my brother is younger than me so I spoke to them when he went to bath. As he walked into the room he said i should not worry cos i was probably dreaming i told him i know what i saw and i would not ignore it cos this man looks like he wants to harm me. My brother looked at me shocked he said was it a tall man so tall that you can only see his legs and not his face. My jaw dropped because I realized i was not craze he said saw it before but he just ignores it. I am a christian and I believe in Jesus but I also know there are other things that exist that are evil. What does it want from me? Help someone

    • Mitchell:

      Sorry for the long delay in approving your responses to this blog entry. I was under the weather, battling a nasty sinus infection.

      I am not 100% sure what these beings are or why some people encounter them while others don’t.

      There has not been a documented case of any of these things harming someone, as far as I can tell. So whatever they are, while scary to encounter, don’t seem to be interested in harming us.

      Please be careful when asking people on the comments sections to help you, unfortunately, paranormal blogs seem to attract people of questionable ethics.

      I am not saying that everyone who has replied thus far is disingenuous, but there are a few (small though they be) out there who leave a lot to be desired.

      Do not provide any personal information to any individual who may contact you.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story with us.

  107. Sandyi says:

    First , Tony I am sorry you have been feeling bad , I hope you are getting better !
    I agree with Tony as far as be careful putting information out , some people are not here to help but to cause chaos . Always be cautious ,
    This site , Tony’s is very informative and I have not ever had s bad experience with anyone but being cautious is always good .
    I have not heard of anyone being harmed by these particular beings they seem to be just observing . I have experienced then as well several times over the years , it can be scary , but don’t let fear overcome you . When I do see them they seem to leave immediately . If I could suggest write down all you can remember , documentation will maybe help us all one day figure out who they are and what they want . Have a blessed day Sandyi

    • Hi Sandyi!

      I am on the mend. Been battling a bad sinus infection but I think it is finally clearing up.

      I agree 100% about keeping a log/journal about the encounters. The data may prove beneficial by uncovering things you didn’t initally see. Like, “are the encounters happening around the same time”, or “Are these things showing up during certain weather patterns”…

      The key to any good paranormal/supernatural investigation is to document everything you can as soon as it happens while the memory is fresh.

      Sandyi is right, there has not been a documented case of these things harming anyone. Their presence, I am sure, can be terrifying and unexpected. That is normal.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  108. Damon says:

    My little sister just described to me that a few days ago she was walking to school with my little brother one early morning. He was a little far behind, but my little sister decided she would cross the road. When looking bith ways before crossing she noticed a tall dark skinny figure crossing the road. She said there were no cars and it was pretty quiet. She turned and ran for my brother but the figure was gone when he looked. She also said that it had long fingers or somthing if that has anything to do with it. Weird stuff like this has been happening to us since we lived in our old house in Emit, so I tend to trust her with these things.

    • I hope this encounter didn’t scare her! I am not sure how I would handle running into one of the things, even though the reports from almost everyone contributing to these comments indicate that the figures are harmless.

      Thank you again for stopping by and contributing to our article!

  109. Damon says:

    This post was on my birthday. Why does that scare me?

  110. Rin says:

    I’ve only ever encountered these, whatever they actually are, on one occasion, 11 years ago now. It was early morning, it hadn’t been light for very long outside, and I was getting ready in my room. I was knelt down in front of my wardrobe, and I didn’t have a door on my room at the time, just one of those bead curtains you can find. From where I was knelt, I could see the doorway to the room out of the corner of my right eye. I honestly don’t know if it had been standing there watching me for an extended period of time and I just hadn’t noticed it, but as soon as I did notice, it darted from out of my view and down the stairs which were just outside of my doorway, in just a matter of seconds. It was a completely black thin stick man, no eyes or any other facial features. I noticed it didn’t run or anything like that, it’s legs didn’t seem to actually move, I can’t really explain it. But I don’t remember feeling any disturbing feelings from it or the encounter, it just shocked me, and up until recently I’ve put it down to my imagination. But after I happened to stumble across mentions of these phenomena, I’m having second thoughts about whether it was actually my imagination or not.

    • Rin:

      Thank you for sharing your story. It is now a part of the collective and hopefully will encourage others to come forward with their encounters.

      I know it can seem weird for people to admit these things and talk about their encounters, but we appreciate you and everyone else who shared their stories.

  111. Matt says:

    I encountered one of these on a lonely beach in South Carolina one night in August 2015 – full moon, yet hidden by various storm fronts moving through – at around 9:30 PM. I was doing some surf fishing for Whiting at Folly Beach and for several minutes I had been watching a tall (10 ft. tall), slender waving shape about 200 yards down the beach. I thought it was some piling in the surf, but after watching for several minutes, I saw it was moving. Towards me. It took several more minutes before it was close enough to recognize as a semi-human form: long arms, unusually thin, and black. It seemed to float along the beach with its arms waving like a sapling in a song wind. I began to panic and quickly packed up my gear, but to my relief (sort of) it simply walked by. It appeared to be wearing light colored cut-off shorts, if anything, but the rest was all black. As it passed, it took on more human proportions and at that point I took my eyes off of it to continue packing. I looked back and saw a person (?) about 50 yards up the beach where the creature would have been by now – looking on the ground with a flashlight. No time to ask questions, though. I was getting the hell out of there. Funny thing is, a week prior I had a dream about a tall, thin humanoid silhouette standing near the water at a location near Charleston.

  112. William says:

    just now saw one that’s why I looked this up. it was brown very thick n fuzzy, no details just outline. it caught my attention inside my living room while cleaning at night and walked toward the door when I looked up, then just disappeared. at its disappearance there was a “jerkiness” in the environment, as if waking from a dream, but I was not asleep.

  113. Jennifer says:

    My four friends and I went to Corona Del Mar on my birthday last year and it was about 1 in the morning when we were laying down on a blanket looking out at the ocean when we saw something in the distance. It was not a person but an object black figure with very long legs and arms, also very thin and tall but had no face to it. It was dancing alongside the ocean and when we realized what we were seeing we all got so freaked out. I wispered to my friend, ” dude I’m so scared wtf is that lets get out of here! “. And she told us to wait until it was gone so we can head up the startes. We seen it go into a cave near us and we grabbed our stuff and started to go up the stairs. Then we realized it was behind us and my friend at the top of the stairs started running so we all started running and I looked back and it was right behind us. We ran faster and climbed the rocks to get I the other side of the road as we looked back we saw it near the cliff stairing back at the ocean. All four of us had seen it clearly.

    • Jennifer:

      Thank you for adding your story to the collective, it sounds like a harrowing experience and I am glad everyone made it through the ordeal okay.

      While a scary experience, there is no current documented reports of these things actually harming anyone. I know that doesn’t make what you encountered any less terrifying.

      Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your experience. Each addition to our collection makes it easier for others to come forward with their encounter.

      Tony Harrington
      Spirit Seekers, Inc Editor-in-Chief

  114. Jennifer Johnson says:

    My x old man started doing meth ,to me and my friend across the stress said when you look in his eyes he was not there ,not the same person at all. The next few nights my friend told me there was a tall black man / silhouette that kept walking past her as she turns to look the third time my x was sitting in a chair starring out in space with a blank /black eyes to no soul ,for about 2 hours ……….

  115. Cody wonacott says:

    I have seen 1 up in the mountains in idaho. Earlier that night we were stopped to wait as police and a tow truck pulled a car out of the river that had somehow drivin off the cliff. 2 of the 3 people died. It was a dirt road and it was cliff and river on one side mountain on the other there was no getting around them. Anyways by the time they were done it had gotten dark and we kept driving down the road we ran into a random gas station and i was turning into the parking lot when my headlights hit it. It was just standing there not doing anything at all, its arms were so long they almost touched the ground it had no hands or feet i could see and when my light hit it it got on all fours and crawled like a spider knees bending backwards extremely fast into the trees. I was stunned, i stopped my car and just sat there i opened the door after a few seconds and started to get out when i heard a metalic buzzing noise get really loud i jumped back in my car and drove off. There was no radio signal but when i restarted my car my radio was on and making really weird noises like static and whispering that i couldnt make out. I was so scared me and my friend drove all the way back into town without getting out again.

  116. Henry Martinez says:

    When I was a child between the ages of 4-11, I’ve always caught at the corner at my eye of these really tall, long, lean, stick men peering over the the door frame looking at me in my room and once I notice them and look at their direction, they immediately go away. I’ve only seen them directly at night when they would walk the hallway late at night. They never did anything to me or even talked. I still remember what they look like. Very simple to draw them out, but very creepy and it always gave me chills when I was a kid. Haven’t seen them since.

  117. jaber says:

    I dreamed of a tall creature last night black long legs I dream I had when I was a kid in my old trailer we had.I’m starting to think if it really did happen and I didn’t Rememer till now but I was washing dishes in my kitchen and was waiting for my sister to come home well minutes later I saw what seemed to be car lights shining through my door window I had a metel door with a long upward window. From my angle u could see outside but no where cars park right hand side but thought the glass I could see the lights about 3 seconds later a black tall creature long legs must have about 12 14 feet tall he walked quickly to word my dog which was a chain he grabbed my dog and pickEd him up without any struggle he his left hand and grabbed him and he started to bite my dog or trying to eat him I don’t know if he dropped my dog and left or what happened after its a blank after thanks for listing the is a strange entity which resides on this earth if anyone else has the same experience please share I don’t know if this a calling of some sort if u see once you will see it again I hope not it’s bad I see flying objects pass through are city due to area 51 is not to far for where I live thanks again

  118. TB says:

    I have woken up before seeing one of these black stick men, startled at knowing I could see it and ran, I thought it was my husband but he was fast asleep next to me when I turned over. Im not sure what to think of this..but Im a light sleeper and when I wake up even a little bit, I’m actually awake enough to know what is going on.

    • TB:

      Thank you for sharing your encounter. If you have perused the comments you will notice that there are quite a number of people who have experienced encounters with the BSM during states of coming out of or going into somnolence.

      What you experienced seems to be “normal” with regard to documented sightings.

      I am not sure if these types of sightings are true experiences, or our minds playing tricks on us as we transition from asleep to awake and vice versa. It seems odd that so many people see the same thing though.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience with us!

      • Bev says:

        my sighting was in my home early evening with lights on and husband and friend at our table where we were all talking so I was wide awake. As others have said, it seemed startled that I could see it. I got up to go get a closer look and it was just GONE !

  119. Charlotte Haynes says:

    So there really is no explanation to these humanoids? Do you have any theory to what they are?

    Maybe they are beings in another dimensional plane, only visible from specific angles and magnifications? That could contribute to the idea about the ‘stick man’ in the comments who traveled downstairs in a bungalow; there could’ve been another axes to travel in that dimension even though the person who was still wasn’t aware of that as they were seeing in the fourth dimension.

    Or maybe they are in a different time dimension? Their life could be so fast/slow that we are unaware of their existence until we both move in perfect synergy? Like the comments above; The person who was is the car was moving at a high velocity, maybe the speed their movements were synchronized thus allowing them to see each other.

    I’m 15, don’t take any of this as gospel, I just like to question things.

    • Charlotte:

      Asking questions is nothing to be ashamed of. Heck, if you don’t ask questions you may never get answers.

      To date, there is no real understanding of what the Black Stick Men are. There are theories, but they are wide and varied.

      Some think they are aliens. Others feel that they are the first incarnation of humans. Some believe they are an interdimensional species, perhaps from a different timeline, while others think they are demonic of ghosts.

      It depends on the experience the individual has.

      What we do know, simply from the litany of responses, is that while scary to encounter, the beings do not seem to intend to harm anyone. They are not aggressive per se, more curious about us.

      There have been reports of them “charging” at people, but those reported instances are rare and possibly a misunderstanding.

      Your theory is an excellent one. As with any theory, it remains just that until we are able to prove it.

      Still, this is a great idea.

      I have personally never encountered one, so I don’t have any input and can’t explain in concise terms what happens or what is experienced during an encounter. It is why I am glad this article has received so many responses.

      Thank you for stopping by and replying!

  120. art says:

    ok; I posted this once before a couple years back.. I am now 62 yrs old and still working in law enforcement.. back in the 1960’s I was walking with a buddy near a location we called strongs woods..we lived in a town in mid Westchester cty ny. this was a small wooded lot in a residential neighborhood.. it was in the summertime and approx. 730 to 800pm. we looked down the embankment to these woods and saw a figure approx. 6′ to 7′ tall. extremely thin.. you could almost see through it.. it walked in long strides and as the arms moved, I swear you could see waves of air moving with the arms motions.. needless to say that we took off running to my friends house around the corner..our fathers came out and checked the area.. they must have seen the terror in our faces and demeanor… look, I can still see this thing in my mind

    • Hi Art,

      Thank you for sharing your encounter with us. It is interesting that this is considered a relatively modern phenomenon, yet you encountered one during the 60’s.

      I wonder how long these things have truly been around.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us.

  121. Leanne says:

    I have been in touch with the paranormal since being very young, and recently been told by a medium that I also have this gift aswell and she explained that I should let it be, so I have.
    But I would have never thought I would see something like this, it was different to the other things I see, I keep seeing a tall black shadow looking at me through the window, I have seen it many times but I thought it might have been my peripheral vision playing tricks.
    I recently got a dog and again the tall dark shadow appeared in the day time and it confirmed for me that it is there and I was seeing something as the dog saw it too and was barking at it and on edge. I glanced at it and it really quickly ran to the side of my window. When I looked out on to my front garden there was nothing there. My husband witnessed how me and the dog reacted. This entity made me feel really scared and after getting a really good glimps of this I can not shake it off and can feel it’s presence near. The fact that it is watching me scares me the most as it’s for unexplained reasons.

    • Well, no one likes being watched, but add to the fact that you are being watched by something not entirely human and you have an entirely good darn reason to feel scared.

      I wish we knew more about what these figures are and where they come from. The amount or replies this article has gotten is mind-blowing. It continues to garner attention as more and more people come forward every day.

      There is no “expert” in the field who can say for sure what these things are, but to those who encounter them, the experience is etched into their memories forever.

      I know it takes a lot to come forward and talk about these things, so I appreciate you and everyone else who has done so.

      Thank you for adding your encounter to the collective.

  122. vanessa says:

    2 days ago, my daughter who is 4, mentioned she was terrified as she saw a tall dark shadowy stick figure sprinting quickly between our front door and another room. She had snuck out of bed, past bed time, to her hiding place behind the dining table- and was startled to see the sight of this stick person moving quickly back and forth. She also mentioned later on that she saw it again in her room. The nanny (live in) also mentioned she saw something in her room, accompanied by light, than seemed to speed out the window. I have no idea what is going on- I only came across this because I googled “dark stick figure”. I am now terrified to see that so many other people have seen the same thing as my daughter.

    • Vanessa,

      Just as you have reported, so too have many others reported on their encounters with the “Black Stick Man”

      I have seen your follow up post which I will approve and respond to separately.

      As for what your daughter encountered, much (almost everything) about these “beings” is unknown. Where they come from, what they are, why they visit, etc…no one can say for certain.

      There are some people who have responded who seem to think they have the answers, but I doubt the validity of their explanations.

      As I have said repeatedly, the general consensus is that these beings are not dangerous, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying to encounter. Not having experienced them personally, I can only go by what others have shared.

      Thank you for contributing, hopefully one day we will have an answer.

      -Tony Harrington
      Editor-in-Chief “Spirit Seekers Blog”

  123. vanessa says:

    I posted here because I am genuinely concerned for my 4 year old, who was terrified by one of these things this week. Has anyone else noticed that half the stories posted are written by the same person? Different user name each time, different stories, but same sentence structure, spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc… I have now read almost all the postings on this page and it is so clear to see which are written by the same person. I find that so unfair, if someone has logged on here to have some fun- as I/and others/ are here with genuine concern over real experiences and do not appreciate that

    • Vanessa:

      I have looked at the IP addresses of the individuals who have replied to this blog entry and it does not appear to have any duplicates, aside from a few who responded to my replies to comments.

      There are a few regulars as well who post frequently.

      But all the posts sharing stories have unique IP addresses. That doesn’t mean they didn’t log on elsewhere and post, sadly I have no control over that.

      -Tony Harrington
      Editor-in-Chief “Spirit Seekers Blog”

      • Sandyi says:

        I have been researching the Black stick phenomenon for quite a while and have been reading Tony’s posts and feedback to the many stories , I have not come accross the same person always posting a similar story . Not saying it could not be true but I tend to believe that the people in here are genuine in sharing their stories .
        The accounts are very similar and the stories go back many many years . I keep a file of all of the black stick man stories since I started reading these post . A couple of years now .
        I am grateful that Tony has this site for people to come to and share their bizarre yet similar experiences . Maybe one day we will have an answer .

  124. Sarah says:

    I have just read the last post and I can guarantee that this is only the second time I have posted here… And that having kept up to date with the other posts they all seem pretty genuine to me…while it’s really frightening when it happens, and I can understand that even more so with a child, it is important to just try and relax about it! my own personal view on what I saw, what I’ve experienced since, and reports of similar sightings: I believe it to be some sort of overlapping of time or dimensions… Another time / space. I do believe that at certain times we are more susceptible to things, and I think it’s important to be aware of this…..if you feel or see something, just stay strong, tell them that they’re in the wrong place and ask them to go away nicely and they will…..

    • I also want to add, that as you all may have noticed, I have to approve each comment before it shows up. It helps prevent spam messages from being posted, and you would be shocked by how many advertisers or malicious posters want to leave comments here.

      During the review of each post I check to make sure the replies are legit. Sometimes it takes a few days for me to approve due to work/home obligations, but I try do get validation and approval done in a timely mannner.

      Everyone who posts here or on other entries on this blog, is a part of a community that I wanted to build. A place where people can talk about things that they have encountered or things that intrigue them.

      A huge thanks goes out to everyone who is a part of it. I appreciate it!

  125. Susan E. says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    It might seem to you that most of the posts may be “written by the same person” only because their experiences are amazingly similar indicating, I believe, that it has become a universal phenomenon. I understand your fear for your child and nanny’s experiences of the BSM’s, but I also think you have to respect that we all may feel the same way, hence the repetition of our words explaining the visitations, and our own concerns.

    This blog has been helpful and informative. It gives a forum to many of us who have experiences and questions of these Stick Men. I feel it is important towards allaying the fears we have of these “creatures,” since nowhere else have people been talking about this phenomenon. (So thank you, Tony for allowing us to speak!)

    -Susan E.

  126. Matt says:

    If Black Stick Men were a form of hallucination – or even ghosts – we would have been reading about them from ancient times. The Hadron Collider seems to be the only major disturbance between dimensions that is man-made, and it started operations around the time that black stick men started being reported.

    From regarding Black Stick Man phenomenon reportage:

    “Their appearances have been documented on message forums and websites since 2008….”

    From wikipedia entry on CERN, regarding the Large Hadron Collider (LHC):

    “The initial particle beams were injected into the LHC August 2008. The first attempt to circulate a beam through the entire LHC was at 8:28 GMT on 10 September 2008, but the system failed because of a faulty magnet connection, and it was stopped for repairs on 19 September 2008.”

    Interesting coincidence, perhaps, but I’m just a layman. Does someone know any more about this angle?

    • It’s an interesting theory, I will give you that, but some reports state that encounters took place back in the 1960s, while cave drawings exist of early people interacting with tall lanky figures.

      The collider is a wild card. I don’t discount the theory, it is a very interesting one, but I think more research needs to be conducted.

  127. Matt says:


    I’m working on a map to see if these sightings fall on magnetic lay-lines, at certain latitudes, longitudes, and anything else I can think of. Please, posters, get as specific as you can with times, dates and locations. Thanks!

  128. zette. lee says:

    wheew!! good to know I’m not alone on this one. I saw one last night. I was sleeping then something woke me up and I felt wide awake suddenly. then I saw it outside my room, it was dark but I saw it quite clearly (my eyes had adjusted) I thought I was imagining it I saw it walk outside the room like he was just chilling, like he was dancing to a cool song while walking, kinda reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio strutting. it was thin and lanky and tall almost as high as the ceiling and I thought I saw fingers from his hands, his head looks small compared to his body. I was trying to comfort myself by thinking it was just my brother. after he disappeared from my view, I heard the door outside open and close but not the gate. I thought it was strange if it was my brother why would he go outside the house but not outside the gate? specially at this time of the night and it was all quiet outside so he can’t be fixing something. after a few minutes of thinking I got asleep and dreamt about it. It wasn’t scary dreams or something, but it was quite awesome, it says that those stickmans are phoenixes and they’ll do anything you want them to do and you don’t have to worry about them.. hahaha kinda wish it was true tho😀

  129. Sean Maier says:

    I Encountered something like this while I was camping in the mountains near Frances lake, in southern Canada. Very tall, Dark (absents of light) no external limbs (fingers ears …) fast moving. Paralyzing empty stare, left almost as fast as it came. Also it came the night after as well; the second time it left it walked right through a tree as if it was not even there.
    I have camped there several times before and never felt or seen anything like this before,
    this was in August 2014. When I think back to this my spine gets cold and eyes water.

  130. kaysmom says:

    I’m kind of freaked out now. Two nights ago, my daughter (who is 3 1/2) awoke at 4am. She was completely wide awake and came into my room, arms full of stuffed animals, ready to play. Of course I said it’s still time for sleeping and we went back to her bed. After laying there for a few minutes and chatting, she looked at the door (which was half way open), pointed and grunted. I asked “what”, not understanding her gesture. She said in a very low, quiet, scared voice “walking stick”. I looked and saw nothing. “It’s what”, I asked again (it made no sense so I thought I was misunderstanding what she was saying). “It’s the walking stick” she said again more frightened now. And now I was getting a bit uneasy because she was clearly seeing something. She asked me to close the door, which I did, but this did not put her at ease. I asked “is it like the stick insect in your book”? She answered no, and asked me to make sure the door was closed tightly. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and to just close her eyes until I get back. When I returned, she was sitting up in bed and eagerly asked, “the walking stick didn’t get you”? “No, I didn’t see anything”, I said. She gathered her stuffies around her but was missing one. “I think the walking stick got koala”, she said in a panic. I quickly located it to calm her down. After some time, we finally fell back asleep together without incident. I avoided the topic the following day because I hoped she’d forget all about it. At bedtime however, as she was trying to fall asleep, she said she hoped she didn’t see the walking stick again. I changed the direction of the conversation toward cheerful things, and that seemed to work. This morning she awoke and said she was happy she didn’t see the walking stick again. I asked her what it looked like and she said it was a stick with legs, no arms and no head. I asked her to draw it for me and she eagerly drew a rectangle, coloured it in black and added 2 legs. I tried to make light of it and we drew walking carrots and walking ice cream cones. She demonstrated how it walked, which was abrupt and slightly reclined. My dad called an hour later to tell me my grandmother passed away early this morning. My daughter has “seen” a “man with a white T-shirt” a couple times before this in the middle of the night, but this walking stick thing is more disturbing to me, especially with the timing of my grandmother’s death. I wonder if this was an omen of sorts… And I’m shocked that there seems to be others who have seen similar figures. I only expected to find that maybe there was some symbolism related to a child seeing a stick object – I didn’t think there were others who claim to have seen the same kind of figures as well. Totally freaky and not liking this at all.

    • Susan E. says:

      You’re doing the right thing by listening to her and taking her experiences seriously. Children’s fears and visions can be dismissed so easily by grown-ups. The best thing she can get from you is assurance that she’s listened to and not in danger. I don’t think these stick men mean harm; they are curious, but they are not as strong as we are spiritually, mentally and physically, especially in our own environment.

      • kaysmom says:

        Thanks for that – I’m trying hard not to show my own fear and discomfort, but it’s difficult. She saw it again tonight while she was washing her hands in the bathroom. She covered her stuffed animal’s eyes, and when I asked why she was doing that, she pointed behind us. When I questioned what she was pointing at, she said “walking stick” again. But that was it – she didn’t seem too upset that it was there again, so I just tried to act as normal as she was, as if it didn’t bother me at all. Nothing could be further from the truth – I do not feel comfortable at all now, day or night. It’s really unsettling…

  131. Anne says:

    My son encounters what is described here while walking home one night a few weeks back… He came home scared out of his brain. He was so frightened he ducked into a house looking for shelter but it followed him. He said he saw it across the opposite side of the road approx 20 meters from him it stopped stared at him he turned to walk and as he did he looked over his shoulder and it was right behind him reaching out with extremely long arms and grabbed him on the shoulder. At which point he sought shelter. It stood outside the strangers house waiting for him. He said when it touched him it spoke! Unusually deep voice almost metallic in sound it knew him by name said it was going to follow him and wanted to know where he lived. He ran from the strangers house and it followed. It was almost hit by a taxi the driver yelled out what was that screeched to a halt. My son kept running he lost it as he entered our street. He came home shaking uncontrollably recounting the story. He drew a picture … He said it was black all over no face deep voice made no sound when walking long neck and arms very thin and scary as hell

  132. reaperX says:

    My brother and I seen a stick figure at the location lafayette, GA 30728 34.706026,-85.287833 it was a solid black stick figure, I told my grandma to go back so I could take a picture but she did’;t believe me. I wish I got a picture because I would’ve had proof to show everyone.

    • Thanks for sharing and mucho thanks for providing the location with grid coordinates!

      I think everyone who has seen one of these things wishes they had gotten a picture.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

      • Sandyi says:

        Ahh ! Yes a picture would have been a nice piece of evidence . But most in this site do not need you to prove your worth we all have had some kind of experience and maybe it is hard for the average person to believe what you have seen . Trust me when I say that you are among friends and people who believe you , who have experienced a similar event . With our stories and experience it is hopeful that one day we will be able to make sense of this Black stick man phenomenon . And maybe even have evidence !!!!! Just know that you are not alone !

  133. L-A says:

    Hi, I am 53 years old. I distinctly remember seeing the stick man twice in my life. Once when I was around two years old and once a few years later. Strangely, it was never mentioned until a few years ago when I was having a reminiscent conversation with my 30 year old daughter. When I told her what I saw when I was a child she said “Oh my God Mum! I saw it too several times as a child” Bizarre! The other odd thing is that for some strange reason, Ivery been thinking about it lately and this evening saw an image that was identical to him. That’s what made me research if anyone else had ever experienced a vision of him.

  134. Alison Smith says:

    My son when he was 12 was in our yard late evening putting his bike away. It was dark but lamp lit, he saw close to him two very large very long black ribbons floated down the back alley they seemed to be travelling purposfully.
    He was shaken and shocked and is scared to be outside in the dark to this day. His description was so vivid I believe he saw something supernatural.

  135. R says:

    Last night I fell a sleep on my couch woke up and saw one walking through the kitchen down the hall. I just went back to sleep I only felt slightly startled bc it looked so strange. Doing research now, I’m curious. I’m guessing some kind of other dimensional thing moving through our dimension, we can’t visually comprehend anything outside of the 3rd dimension. Wasn’t ghostly at all to me.

  136. eric says:

    what struck me was the mention of being tired at the time of the encounter which makes me think vampiric. Could we be seeing the physical manifestation of a psychic vampire?

    • I am not sure if that is the case. More likely, the Stick Man phenomenon could be a manifestation of a form of sleep paralysis, or possibly a micro dream which can occur when the brain quickly enters dream stage sleep while we are “awake”.

      I would be curious to know if individuals experiencing these encounters were in serious stages of sleep deprivation, perhaps due to sickness, stress, or anything else that would have caused them to be sleepy but either trying to stay awake or being kept awake while the brain was fighting to sleep.

      • Sandyi says:

        With my experiences which were twice ,
        No it was not from sleep deprivation .
        In fact with the one incident my Labrador was with me . His reaction was very odd we were on our porch around 2:30 -3:00 am and we both saw this stick man moving across our yard or gliding I should say my dog made a whimper but did not bark we were both in amazement . But we were wide awake !

      • Thank you Sandyi!

        I can always count on you to provide answers to questions posed here.

        You are the yin to my yang!


      • Sandyi says:

        Hi Tony ,
        I wanted to just say how great this site is .
        When you posted the page about Dead letters
        I responded with my email to help anyone this was quite sometime ago in 2015 . I had not gotten any emails
        But for the last 5 weeks I have had 4 different people reach out to me from this site . I was pleasantly pleased but yet surprised that after so much time had passed that all at once people were contacting me . I have been back and forth with each of them and have been told they are very happy for my helping them . And as I said and promised my service when coming from this site has all been free . I love helping people and if it brings a some peace then I know it is good .
        Because of your time and effort with this site you have helped many people and have also given peace of mind that they are not alone in what ever
        ” Natural” or “Super natural ” event has occurred .
        It is nice to know there is a place that people can come and have no judgement . Just open mindness and various possibilities of what the occurrence could be !!!!
        Bravo Tony !!! 😊

      • You just made me grin ear to ear! My main goal when starting this blog was just what you described. A safe haven for people to share their stories without judgement and possibly discover answers. Be it supernatural or otherwise.

        I am grateful that you have stumbled on this site and become part of the family here.

        If you ever want to write articles and become one of the admins just let me know. After so many years, I have run out of steam in my writing output.

        I am glad you are able to help out our readers! It is much appreciated.


      • Sandyi Offermann says:

        Hi Tony , I am not sure if this will get to you .with just a reply to email . I was trying to send you email more private with questions . I would love to help out with articles and administrative . I am honored that you asked me . How does it work with articles ? And administrative ? Tell me what you are looking for and I can let you know what I can do and how much time I can dedicate . Thanks again . Sandyi 😀

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Sandyi,

        Feel free to message me at harri3601@gmail. com and I will send you details.

        There’s no obligations really, you can just write what you want when you want.

        There are simple guidelines that I will explain at greater length tomorrow.

        As far as administrator duties, I will just give you access to the site and you can approve comments and contribute to articles, etc, I will show you how if you are interested.

        No pressure at all.

      • Sandyi says:

        Hi Tony
        I tried to send email to the one you provided but it say “server unable to accept” so I just end to this again .
        Thank you for sending me an email .
        When you get the chance please send me the guidelines and what ever information I need to know .
        I look forward to contributing in any way I can !
        Have a great night !
        I was going to sign with a yin/yang sign
        Mmm no emoji for it ….. Yet ! Lol
        Sandyi 😊
        Maybe you can send email to me from your email .
        Thanks again

  137. Matt says:

    I’ve got a crude map going of the posters here who reported specific locations. Does anyone know anything about magnetic ley lines, though? I get a bunch of different maps that don’t look alike when I search on Google. If you could post a link to a credible map (big!) for me to overlay on mine, I’d appreciate it.

  138. mark a ybarra says:

    my wife encountered one this morning in martindale tx.she was scared to tell us at first.but I believe she saw something.tall black and she felt no fear.

  139. Stephanie Buck says:

    Something happened tonight..
    I live in an area surrounded by woods and from where I sleep there are no cars passing that can play light tricks on my eyes.
    The window to the left of my bed is at a level where if someone of a normal height walked outside I would just barely see the top of their head and it would look like a large shape passing my window so I know it wasn’t a person… Or people. On to what happened.. D: it really freaked me out.
    So I’m laying in bed and there are some yard lights outside. I have blinds closed on all windows but towards the bottom of the set of blinds on the window left to my bed, the blinds are slightly raised up so when I’m laying down I can see light passing through. Its about half an inch gap.
    My boyfriend was laying next to me and all of the lights were off. I was wide awake and my boyfriend and I were talking randomly and I was staring at the gap of light while we were talking. Suddenly 2 stick like shadows moved very swiftly one right after the other at the same speed. My window was cracked open about 4 inches and there were no sounds at all. I jumped up immediately saying “what the f*ck was that?!” And peeked out the bottom of the blinds .. I didn’t see anyone out there and its a fenced yard, if someone were in the yard I would have heard the gate open and close especially with the window open. Also the fence is about 6 ft tall.
    I was freaking out explaining to my boyfriend what I just saw and I was too scared to try and close the window and lock it so he did it for me.
    We continued to peek out of the blinds around the middle of the window for a few seconds and kept seeing nothing. My boyfriend laid back down and a couple mins later I went to look one more time out of the bottom of the window that I had just looked out of the first time about 3 minutes before.. The glass was suddenly completely fogged up… I couldn’t see anything outside at all. It scared me so badly that I jumped back and hit my head on the wall, I started crying immediately, not because I hit my head, but because I was so scared.
    I have never been that scared in my entire life. The glass was completely clear and the fact that when I went to look one last time and the glass was so fogged I couldn’t see out.. Was what really freaked me out the most. We hadn’t even been near the window for a couple minutes so it wasn’t our breath.

    That’s when I started looking online to see what these things could have been, and this forum sounds exactly the same as what I saw tonight.

    They were very swift in movement, one followed right after the other and they kept the same distance apart. They looked like poles moving in the dark, at least what I could see of them. And they had to be very tall because this window is high above the ground and usually I can only see people’s heads pass the window if I’m standing and I was laying down.

    Scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I have never cried from being so scared before..

    • Sandyi says:

      That is a very scary experience !
      I don’t know if this will comfort you but so far in all the stories shared I have not heard of any harm coming from these black stick men . I have experienced it twice , The not knowing of what these Mysterious creatures are is scary and fear sets in . But they do not seem to be harmful .
      Thank you for sharing your story .

  140. Taishi says:

    I was walking my dog in November of 2014 around 8 or 9pm. My dog looks up and than I looked where she was looking, I saw a 7 to 9 foot white figure creeping behind a tree. Once it saw me look at it it took a step behind the tree as it took a step back behind the tree snapping a branch on the floor from what I assume. I hesitated at first and the dog seemed like there no problem so the dog and I walked by the area I saw it at. The dog had no interest and I called to it but nothing moved. Waited and looked up wards of the tree and down wards to see if had ran away. I was too scared to go to where I saw it standing. I promise my self I will approtch what ever it was next time. Since this event I carry a flash light and a knife when I go outside. I have not seen it since.

    I want to know what it was

  141. Shawn Hoppert says:

    I believe I saw one recently while driving at night to work. The sight didn’t just scare me, it shook me. Just thinking about it again make me shake and shiver. The description is near spot on to the description given in this article. I could only see up just pay its knees as it walked across the road in front of me in 3 brisk paces. I spent the rest of the night after a brief investigation with my father (who thought I hit something based on my reaction) trying to convince myself it was something what. After taking to a few trusted individuals, I’m convinced of what I saw. Something, I never saw coming.

    • Shawn,

      Thank you for sharing your encounter with us. You are in good company with the other folks who have encountered these beings.

      I have not personally encountered a BSM, but I am imagine how scary it would be to encounter something that shouldn’t exist.

      Feel free to stick around Andy interact with other users. We get responses from all over from all different kinds of people.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

      -Tony Harrington
      Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

  142. Kyron says:

    Ive gotten chased by one of these omg the one on the left it was chasing us out of the mountain its like it dident want us there or something it was strange it happen about 4 years ago we told people and they dident believe us but i finally found this and its true i swear

  143. EcoRose says:

    Last year I saw a black and a white stick man, and I chased them up the stairs thinking they were actual intruders. They disappeared by the time I reached the top of the stairs. They ran from me, up the stairs, as if they were caught. I reckoned I was imagining them from being exhausted. I then talked to a friend about it, as it turns out she had a similar experience with these two figures as a teenager in the 1990’s. I hadn’t known of them before this, but read about them after hearing her story. However, there was a teenager using my roof to hang out at that time, and he stopped after I caught him. The window was closed so it wasn’t him, but I think the stick figures may have been attached to him, not me, because he was a teen, my friend was a teen, and every stick man story I’ve heard since have happened to teens and young adults. My paranormal activity ceased after he stopped coming around, and after I healed from injuries and exhaustion.

    • Susan E. says:

      Hello EcoRose,
      Just to let you know I have posted about stick men I have seen and I am not a teen. I’ll be 65 years old this year, and I’m NOT young, senile or even crazy. It’s possible that since most people (and here I may be over-generalizing, as you have) are younger, meaning that mid-to-older citizens are not online as much or don’t wish to record these experiences.

      • Sandy says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience ,
        I will have to agree with the other reader this occurrence does not only happen to young adults and teens . I am way past my young adult age as well ,and I have experienced them .

  144. John Dirckx says:

    Ok I thought I saw a cops car and I jumped a wall into a freshly cut field of hay it was very dry very quiet too quiet no and then the wind start picking up real fast then I felt this un easy feeling in my gut like something really bad was about to happen to me. And heard foot steps crunch crunch crunch and I looked around and I didn’t see no one then I saw this shadow like person but it looked so weird and odd it had no face no eyes no mouth just a real thin face and longer then normal and his arms was so long down past his Nees almost touching his feet and then I felt so scared then and then one starting walking. Then running and then another one showed up right in front of him like a partal opened and bam then he starting running at me and I ran and jumped the wall was scared shit less

    • John:

      Thank you for sharing your encounter with one of these “creatures”. I still don’t know what noun to use to identify them.

      I have never encountered one personally, but I love hearing from people who have. I am not sure how I would handle encountering something so weird and unknown.

      A lot of people who have shared their stories share almost identical details.

      Thank you for stopping by, and I hope this experience has taught you not to run away from cops! ( Just kidding)

      • Sandyi says:

        Wow ! This sounded like a wild night !
        And scary … I have Not heard anyone being physically harmed by a stick man more just scared of not knowing .
        None the less your experience was a scare .
        Maybe it is safer to run toward the cops next time .😀 Lol
        I am glad you were able to share your story thank you .

  145. Mohamed says:

    I have read alot of replies here and most stories are quite terrifying. I know this was open for quite a while now. But I have seen this video that was rather famous on social media. Which was about a dark figured stick men that can extend both his arms / legs to climb a building. It has been seen by a person and he shot a video of it. Not sure if it is real tho. Still can’t prove it.

    • Hi Mohamed:

      Yes, this entry has been around for a few years now, but it is as popular as ever as more and more people seem to encounter these things.

      I did see the video of which you speak a couple years ago. While creepy, it does sort of have a “faked”vibe about it.

      Hopefully one of these days we will get definitive proof of the existence of the paranormal, or someone can disprove it altogether once and for all.

      Until then, we are all in this grey area.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on this topic.

      Tony Harrington
      The Spirits Seekers Blog

      • Mohamed says:

        True I have read more about the video and alot of people has considered it as fake. Still not a 100% proof. Guess the only thing we can do now is wait for something big to happen… .

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