Spirit Seekers Investigator Report

(Not the official “final” report)

Investigator: Tony Harrington

Investigation #: 10152011

Location: Private Residence De Queen, Arkansas

Date of Investigation: October 15, 2011

Time of Investigation: 20:30 hrs – 01:00 hrs (4.5 hrs total)

Team: Colyn Bowman (Team Lead), Lorne Jones, & Tony Harrington

Evidence Docket:

Total Digital Photos Collected: 80

Total Positive Photos: 0

Total EVP Collected: Approx. 80 Minutes

Total Positive EVP: 2

EVP 1: While conducting the session we ask the spirit to make its presence known by moving something, or showing itself. It is then we hear a knocking and feel a vibration in the room. This is caught on video as well.

EVP 2: In the same session as EVP 1, just moments later we can actually hear a vocal response, sounds like “Hello” or upon closer examination it could be “help” as it has more of a one-syllable sound. This is louder and clearer on the video.

Total Video Collected: 1 Hour

Total Positive Video: 2

Video: Same description as EVP evidence. Camera was running simultaneously and caught what we captured during the EVP session.

In this video, we hear a voice say “hello” or possibly “help”. Only two of the three investigators heard it and it seemed to have come from within the room. Oddly, it seemed to have come from behind the one investigator who did not hear the voice. We initially thought it was the homeowner, but he was asleep on the couch a good distance away from us separated by a closed door.

In this video, the team of investigators gets a response when we ask any spirit present to make itself knows. We asked it to show itself and it very well may have. Or, it was some random knocking, but it happened twice, both while asking for it to make a noise or show itself.

Psychic Evidence: The team psychic on this investigation didn’t pick up the presence of any spirits that may have been present;  couldn’t feel any imprint of things that may pass through the house. They did connect with an older man who had passed and when doing the reading the homeowner felt that the psychic could be connecting with his father. Psychic cut the reading short because of the reaction of the homeowner, a mix of upset, anger, and disbelief. The spirit of the older male was connected to the homeowner though and not the cause of what the family claimed they were experiencing.

Synopsis of Evening:

We arrived in De Queen around 8:30 p.m. and met the family.

We met with the homeowners and explained to them the plan for the evening. We set about immediately obtaining baseline readings for temperature and electromagnetic fields.

Baseline Temps: The house was quite warm with temps ranging from 76 to 79 degrees due to them not running the air, as they did not want the sound interfering with the investigation.

Baseline EMF Readings: The house was well-grounded; there were no abnormal emissions throughout the house aside from the master bedroom where a lights witch, when in the “on” position, sent the EMF readings off the charts. We explained this to the homeowners and let them know the possible side-effects of prolonged exposure to such high-levels of EMF. They indicated that they had felt uneasy in the bedroom and that this most likely explained that.

After we conducted the baseline readings, the family gathered in the kitchen for a psychic/medium reading.  (See evidence docket above)

We then set about taking photographs of the house, this continued throughout the night. The homeowner showed us a photo taken on the iPhone. The picture was of the youngest son and had slight anomalies that gave the appearance of the son having claws or another hand holding his. We tried replicating this using our cameras and cell phones in the same seated position as the child and we were unable to replicate the results.

At this time the wife left with the two children and the man of the house stayed with us. He was quiet for the remainder of the night aside from walking around at one point. Each time he made a noise he admitted it was him, this helped us out greatly.

Homeowner Claims:

 Claim: A shadow figure has come through the daughter’s room window, crosses the bedroom and heads out the door into the hallway where it has entered the son’s room and into his closet.

Our Findings: We did not encounter any shadow figures, but it should be pointed that in the daughter’s room we experienced random bursts of EMF activity that lasted only a short second. This happened twice on two different meters. We were unable to locate a source or get it to happen again.

The daughter’s room did seem most active. It was in the room during a video recorded EVP session that we heard knocking, felt vibrations, and heard a disembodied voice (voice phenomena) say either “hello”, “help” or some short word. The homeowner was asleep on the couch while we were in the bedroom seated on the floor.

Claim: Objects have been thrown across the room.  Homeowner states that an ornate cross flew from the top of a stereo while she was vacuuming.

Our Findings:  I placed a cross on top of the stereo cabinet as well as some lightweight plastic golf balls and asked anything that may be present to move the cross or the balls. I kept the camcorder focused on the cross and balls during an EVP session where I repeatedly asked for it to move one of the items. There was no movement.

Claim: Homeowner claims that a bible fell off the table and the pages were flipped through as if being manipulated.

Our Findings: As with the cross mentioned above, one of the other investigators kept his camcorder focused on a bible and asked anything present to flip the pages. There was no manipulation of the bible’s pages during our investigation/recording session.

Claim: The homeowner claims the lady of the house has been burned, children have been scratched and other signs of physical/bodily manipulation.

Our Findings: We asked anything present to touch, burn, and scratch one of us. No one present reported feeling anything.

The male homeowner made it clear that he has never experienced anything and there are no signs of paranormal activity when he is home. The reports of activity come from his wife and daughter while he is on the road travelling   Activity increases when it is just the wife and kids.


Is the home haunted? Based on our experiences in the home there does appear to be some minimal type of activity, but we could not substantiate some of the more ambitious claims. We experienced voice phenomenon and knocking/vibrations in the room.  Aside from that, our experiences were limited but there was a definite sensation that there was something in the daughter’s room.

I would say that it rates low on the scale, but there very well may be something there.


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