by Tony Harrington

I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to new technology used to detect the presence of paranormal energies.

The Frank’s Box was one that cycles through random frequencies and allegedly allows spirits to manipulate said frequencies so that certain broadcasted words can be used to respond to questions.  We covered the Frank’s Box in a previous article and having seen it in action I can’t say that there is much happening here other than random words that may or may not be relevant to a posed question.

The Ghost Radar is the newest of these gadgets to make their way to the public for mass consumption.  For a few bucks anyone with an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry devices can get an ad free version of the software.  I am not going to bother explaining how it works, as I am not sure it even does.  I have used it in places where no known activity is said to exist and I still get random words spoken and ghostly blips on the radar.  These random words could mean something to someoneone and if you were to listen with a group of friends there is bound to be more relevant “hits”.

The interesting part is that when investigating an allegedly haunted location, the words spoken tend to take on more meaningful logic.

During a recent investigation at Historic Fort Morgan we heard some words spoken that were VERY relevant if the spirit of someone who had been stationed at the previous fort that stood on the spot of Fort Morgan was hanging around with us. Fort Bowyer guarded Mobile Bay prior to the erection of Fort Morgan.  It was taken by the British during the war of 1812. The sad part is that this battle as well as the Battle of New Orleans should never have happened because the Treaty of Ghent had been signed the previous Christmas Eve and the war had officially ended. Because of the difficulty getting communications to these points neither side was aware the war had ended.  Two battles raged after the war had ended and lives were pointlessly lost.

Obviously, U.S. Soldiers who lost the fort in the War of 1812 had very strong feelings about these Europeans.  As evidenced by the responses we got on the ghost radar. Someone Doesn’t Like Europeans

We also had a female investigator present and the application pointed out the fact that she was in a Fort where women were not allowed by saying “Female”.  We assume that’s what it meant, it could have just been a random word.  During another session with the Ghost Radar the word “melted” was spoken which could have been completely random if there had not been a fire at the fort in the enlisted men’s quarters, roughly in the spot where we were sitting.  The main problem I have with this software is that it speaks ALL THE TIME.  Granted, it became much more accurate in a place suspected of having paranormal activity and the words spoken were very relevant to the history of the fort.  Or, they were just random words generated by a silly cellphone application and we inflated the importance of these spoken words so that they fit within the context of our investigation.

The application did not allow the words to respond directly to us, not that we experienced anyway. We would ask questions and there would be words spoken that seemed relevant to our surroundings but did not answer our questions directly. Reviews on the company’s site indicate that others have had moderate success with spirits using the software to directly interact with them, this group however was not so fortunate.

As with any tech, the jury is out on this tool. We will use it a few more times to determine if it provides any value whatsoever.  I am not comfortable using this tool as “evidence” when there is no proof of its scientific value, but it does add an interesting dimension to those slow investigations where you feel like you are simply entertaining yourself.  The name of the application again is Ghost Radar and the maker of the application is Spud Pickles.

To learn more about how this application works simply visit the official site by clicking here.


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