Some Fort Morgan Goodies

by Tony Harrington

It has been almost a week since we investigated Fort Morgan.  Evidence review is slow but steady due to the sheer volume of photos, EVP audio and video we collected.

As I look over my personal evidence I am finding one or two things of interest.  I personally have found a lot of “Orb” photos but we know how I feel about orbs based on my “Totally Orbitrary” newsletter article a few months back.  If you haven’t read that opinion piece you can find it here.  I will post the photos of the “orbs” only because some people seem to feel they are genuine manifestations of supernatural energy.  I am aware that my personal belief goes against that of the very group to which I belong.  Still The SPIRIT Seekers keep me around. Whether because they believe that conflicting viewpoints are healthy or because I am just so damn awesome at paranormal investigating, they just won’t get rid of me.

But, I digress. You came here to see what we have found.  Keep in mind, this is from 1/4th of the evidence collected and doesn’t include any EVPs as I have yet to listen to our sessions.

The first bit of evidence I am going to share is video footage filmed after I saw what looked like a dark mass, about four feet tall and hunched over dart down a narrow corridor.  After my heart resumed a normal pace I followed the path the shape took and it led us to a room where we started doing an EVP session.  While conducting this session I kept hearing what sounded like footsteps.  No one else in my group was responding and I thought it was because it was one of them moving about the room.  I even, at one point, pointed the camera at their feet to see if I could catch them moving to tell them to stop it.  They were all pretty much still as we huddled in a corner listening for a response.

The noises continued, faint but present. Finally I had to ask if anyone else was hearing something.  We asked if anything present would make a noise then finally others heard it. It happened twice more and Alan Lowe wandered off to the doorway leading back into the corridor where I originally saw the shadow figure.  While he was looking down the corridor he thought something turned his camcorder off as there was a change in the lighting on the wall like something had turned off his viewfinder. When we got to the camera it was still on and recording.  Perhaps something walked between the wall and the viewfinder cutting the light off monetarily. Still, we were unable to conclusively deduce what we experienced and as a result we simply have to present this as evidence without explanation. (For Now.)

The only other bit of evidence I have come across is a light anomaly. In my experience, this type of anomaly is becoming more frequent.  The first time I encountered a weird shifting light was at a private residence investigation in Cabot, AR. I posted that video evidence on this site.  The second encounter was at the Mayflower investigation, where the television turned on by itself.  During that investigation, a co-investigator and myself both witnessed a moving light form travel up and down the wall before it disappeared.

These are not “Orbs” that I have seen, but appear to be something altogether different. And I am beginning to see them with more frequency. I would be curious to know if anyone else in the field has experienced this kind of phenomena. In the picture below I was trying to take a picture of the far side of the fort where there was an area roped off for construction.  The light is between me and the fort and appears to be approximately six feet off the ground.  When I took this picture the rest of the team was behind me.  There were no reflective surfaces on the fort itself. I am not sure what it is, unlike Mayflower I did not see this light before taking a picture of it. I was trying to see how far into the blackness of night my flash would penetrate. Turns out not that far, but I caught this odd light shape.  It could be natural or an illuminated bug, I will keep an open mind that a natural possibility is more likely than a supernatural one. Still, I am sharing it just because I personally find it interesting.

As promised, here are some “Orb” photos.  I am not an expert on “Orbs” and can’t really tell how you can tell if they are dust or insects caught in the flash of your camera.  I will say that any “orb” captured on film in this investigation is automatically suspect because of the amount of mosquito and other flying insects that were present in abundance.With that said though, those with a keen eye and those who believe in the “Orb” phenomenon just might find something of value in the following pictures.

More information to come about our evidence from Fort Morgan, so stay tuned.


One thought on “Some Fort Morgan Goodies

  1. My take on the pictures provided.
    Pic 1 don’t know
    Pic 2 dust
    Pic 3 dust
    pic 4 usually dust does not show motion and this orb does not have wings or legs but it was taken outside and that usually is a good reason to discard it. I will look closer when I get it.

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