We as paranormal investigators have developed an idea that we like to present as fact. We believe that the human body contains a soul, a spirit or a ghost that is released at the time of the body’s death. This is somewhat well founded in religious beliefs but as we all know religious belief is based on faith not fact. The energy released at the time of death is called many things. A person can call it a ghost, a soul, a spirit or Uncle Fred. Whatever they choose to call it doesn’t change the fact that it is the portion of our physical body that makes us all unique.

As stated previously religion is based on faith. Scientists like to believe that science is based on fact. By definition science is based on theory and theorems. Theory and theorems are based on observations, speculations, guesswork and assumptions all based on facts. Scientists have seen the cells that comprise our bodies’ replicate themselves by splitting. That is a fact of nature, so the scientist then assumes, guesses and speculates that a single cell split repeatedly until it flopped out of the water onto the ground, grew legs and started walking. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, the birth of man; as science sees it. I see lots of flaws in this way of thinking so obviously science is not perfect.

Paranormal Investigators, particularly our team, has been fortunate enough to gather facts from our investigations. We have gathered pictures of full-bodied apparitions, not one but eight. We even have at least one unexplainable Orb but I have seen more than that. We have gathered electro magnetic phenomenon, electronic voice phenomenon and radical fluctuations in room temperature. By themselves they mean very little but put together and they give us enough fact to speculate, guess or assume that ghost do exist. By definition isn’t that good sound scientific research?

If we are to base our ghost hunting existence on scientific laboratory experiments then we may as well give up because we are dealing with entities that scientists say do not exist. Ghosts do not perform on command and they do not schedule rendezvous with their human counterparts. Our factual findings are sporadic at best. They can’t be duplicated on command. Our labs are creepy old buildings that are not climatically controlled. It is not what the scientific community would respect as a lab but it is OUR lab. It is all we have and we have produced indisputable facts demonstrating GHOST DO EXIST. Ultimately, that is why we do what we do. To prove that ghosts do exist.

Definitions :

Science – A body of knowledge and theory on the nature and operation of natural phenomena and of the universe and all things in it, in which facts are organized into a systematic and meaningful pattern developed as a result of experiments, observations and insight.

Theory – an idea or ideas that explain a group of facts or phenomena; hypothesis that has been proved by observation, experimentations or reasoning. An assumption or guess based on evidence.

Theorem – A theory that has been proven or can be proved from certain assumptions and definitions. Taken from a Latin word, theorema, meaning proposition to be proved or a Greek word, theorema, meaning principle or speculation.

Spirit – moral or spiritual part of man believed to separate from the body at death. A supernatural disembodied being often thought to haunt the living; a specter; a ghost.?


About SPIRIT Seekers
Spirit Seekers is a Paranormal Research Team located in Arkansas, dedicated to investigating and documenting the spirit world around us. Our Team is committed to the research, documentation, education, and investigation of ghostly phenomena recorded through EVP, digital, film and video photography. Spirit Seekers consists of professional people who believe there is far more to the world around us than meets the eye. We believe that our spirits enter into another plane of existence upon physical death. For any number of reasons, some have elected to stay here or have been anchored here, unable to move on. We, as a whole, desire the knowledge and understanding of life after death. One of our main goals is to assist those who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon. We will look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted. We do not charge a fee for our services. Please feel free to contact us if you need our assistance.

2 Responses to WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO by Alan Lowe

  1. “Whatever they choose to call it doesn’t change the fact that it is the portion of our physical body that makes us all unique.”

    Except, and I’m sorry, there’s no evidence it exists.

    “That is a fact of nature, so the scientist then assumes, guesses and speculates that a single cell split repeatedly until it flopped out of the water onto the ground, grew legs and started walking.”

    That would be accurate if you left out the decades of investigation, experimentation and studies involved. And if you realized that ‘grew legs and started walking’ encompasses millions of years of very gradual change.

    “By definition isn’t that good sound scientific research? ”

    No. No, it’s not.

    • Always good to have a counterpoint to our posts.

      The author of the article above did not imply that “evolution”, a theory in itself, (though I personally believe in evolution versus creationism) happened overnight. The omission of this information did not imply the contrary.

      However, the omitting of the steps we take when reviewing evidence did us a disservice as evidenced by your response to:

      “By definition isn’t that good sound scientific research? ”

      In dealing with scientific theory, paranormal investigation is rather sound(contrary to popular belief). We are not talking about what you see on television. We take into consideration every possible natural explanation for an alleged “paranormal” event.

      We attempt to duplicate/replicate findings. If we can replicate the event then we have to discount it as evidence.

      Even in some of the videos we have posted here we openly admit that while we have attempted to debunk the evidence, there may still be an alternate explanation rather than saying something is haunted. We subscribe to the Occam’s Razor theory as well.

      We believe in pareiodalia and the brain attempting to make sense out of chaos. We engage photography experts to review photographic evidence, if an anomaly can be recreated then it is discounted as evidence.

      Science will never accept the paranormal, because like religion, an analytical mind refuses to grasp the possibility that something unexplainable exists. That is one of the reasons that I personally joined a group. I am a self-professed atheist who is a skeptic when it comes to the world of ghosts and spirits. Having seen the level of control groups exude when reviewing evidence is astounding. That is not to say that every group out there holds to these standards.

      Thank you again for stopping by and providing your counterpoint, it is truly appreciated.

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