Over the past couple of years a new device has taken the paranormal studies field by storm. The “Franks Box”, or the more commonly accepted “Ghost Box” was created by Frank Sumption in the late 2000’s after he became interested in the collection and analysis of EVP’s, or “Electronic Voice Phenomenon”.

AKA Franks Box
The Ghost Box, is it real or fake?

EVP is the process by which the voices of the dead can be captured on tape or digital audio in response to questions asked by the living. The phenomenon garnered mass attention and subsequent scrutiny with the release of the 2005 Universal Film “White Noise”.

As with any paranormal evidence, EVP’s have often been discounted as scientific proof with the theory that radio frequencies, ambient noise, and the common psychological phenomenon known as pareodalia contribute to what paranormal investigators claim to be the disembodied voices of those who have crossed over into the spirit realm.

The box itself is nothing more than a random frequency scanner. Unlike using the frequency scanner on your car radio, this device does not lock on to a frequency as it passes. It continues to cycle through the frequencies up and down the dial.

The theory is that spirits can manipulate the frequencies and grab random broadcast words and use them to answer your questions. Does it work?

We have used the Franks Box on several investigations, more out of curiosity than to use any responses as a guaranteed proof of a haunting. There is simply no way we can say for certain that the responses we get are nothing more than random words passing through a small window of opportunity before the scanner skips to the next frequency.

One one particular investigation we were using the box and the words “shut up” kept coming across. I asked, “Do you want us to shut up?” and the response was clear.

Franks Box Responds

We asked if there was anyone present who wanted to speak with us and we heard the words “Hey guys” greet us jovially.

A few moments later, one of the investigators asked any spirit present if it knew the names of anyone in our group. One member of our team, John, must have been shocked to hear his name come across the scanner.

Do you know someone’s name?

These three examples were garnered from about 20-minutes worth of recording with the ghost box. Whether or not there is something to the box or if every answer was simply a perfectly timed coincidence, I have no clue.

The jury is still out on the validity of the “Franks Box” but I am sure we will continue to use it just for the fun of seeing what we can capture with it.


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